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What to see from the movies: The Lost Bullet (2020)


Today we would like to recommend to everyone who cannot decide on the choice of film for the evening, the action-packed film "Lost Bullet" (2020) by the novice French director Guillaume Pierre. This is his debut full-length work, but it came out quite well for the first time. Much better than half of the "action-style garbage" that is poured out on our mortal heads on the Internet every day.

There will be some complaints, of course, but overall the film came out well. The center pursuit at the end was especially spectacular.

Description of the movie "Bullet Lost" (2020)

The picture was shot in the spirit of the famous French four-season TV series "Raid" (2009-2016), if anyone has not watched, we strongly recommend it. The multi-part tape turned out to be so good that ours even decided to stir up the domestic adaptation of the same name.

And in the role of the main villain-lawless here, by the way, one of the main characters of the mentioned series, Nicolas Duvochel, also starred. The venal and reckless cop left him - excellent.

Let's check out the trailer for The Lost Bullet (2020) right away. It's in French with English subtitles, but there's still plenty to see.

And now let's get down to describing the Lost Bullet movie. The film will focus on a jack-of-all-trades named Lino, who can "tune" an ordinary sedan with his own hands so that it breaks through concrete walls of impressive thickness at speed without any problems, while still being on the move.

Why bother picking store locks? It will be much faster if you drive into it through the wall, take the cash register, give the back one and blame it on all four. A little later, all that remains is to sweep the wheelbarrow, and it's done.

The only thing not taken into account by our "master felt-tip pen" is that the pieces of iron used to strengthen the front part are so heavy that it will not be as easy to slow down an overclocked car as it seems. So the protagonist of the movie "The Lost Bullet" struck several walls instead of one at once, having taken off on his "auto-ram" from the back of the building, crashing into the cars parked on the side of the road.


The car, of course, after such a "workload" refused to start. To top it off, as it happens in such cases, the seat belt buckle is jammed. Lino advises his partner, a green guy named Quentin, to dump, which he does, after which the police arrive, who successfully "master felt-tip" and accepts.

Lino was given two years. But Police Commissioner Charas became interested in his skills, so he only spent the night in the slammer a couple of months later. The rest of the time he spent in the fleet of the police station, converting ordinary police cars into real rams, capable of knocking unwanted offenders and criminals off the highway one or two.

Start mixing

Once Charas came to the garage with good news. He knocked out Lino, with whom he managed to become friends, on parole. Lino was still shocked by such joyful news and did not even notice that the commissioner had pinned him to work with him. During a recent chase, the guys of Detective Areska tied up bad guys who had a very interesting gadget in their car, which Charas wanted to inquire about in one of the local garages. Or rather, Lino went to "cope", because he knew everyone here as flaky.

In the garage, Lino, to his delight, finds Quentin. But Quentin behaves tightly, and two thugs, coming out of nowhere, advise Lino to get out of here in a quick pick-up. It has already come to a fight, but Charas is found behind the backs of the bad guys, and the situation is again under control.


Detective Areski appears with his partner. Charas is about to pick up young Quentin from the garage for questioning. Areski says, they say, we'll figure it out ourselves. But Charas categorically puts the boy in the back seat of his car, and he gets behind the wheel. Lino is in the front passenger seat.

And then everything went up and down. Suddenly it turns out that detective Areski and these two from the garage are accomplices, and they stir up dark affairs on the side. Quentin's boy shouldn't be put into the clutches of Charas, because he will immediately split, and then all the bad cops will be fucked at once.


Here, either pan, or disappeared. Areska has no choice. He raises the pistol and, just as Charas is about to set off, shoots him through the windshield, punching through the seat and through the Commissioner's chest. Quentin yells heart-rendingly to Lino: “Run!”, Which he grabs Charas's pistol from the dashboard and does.

Expectedly, Areski and his partner turned everything as if Lino had sewed the commissar, who immediately dumped, which is why a roundup is immediately announced on him, and he is taken. But he escapes from the police station. Later, in the garage, he tries to talk to Charas' girlfriend, also a police officer, Julia. The conversation fails, but Lino notices one significant thing: the car in which the commissioner's body was burned turns out to be not his. The stupid henchmen of the corrupt detective Areska were greedy and kept the commissar's car for themselves, and he was burned in the left wheelbarrow.

Now Lino has a hope to excuse herself and prove her innocence. If he finds the car in which the commissioner was actually killed, he will prove that it was Aresca who shot Chares, because the bullet that passed through from the barrel of Areska got stuck somewhere in the speedometer of the car's dashboard.


A lot of interesting things will begin next, which you will learn about from direct viewing.

Pros and cons of The Lost Bullet

Lino's escape from the police station strained so that this topic cannot be ignored. He alone managed to cope with ten policemen. He, one might say, "went through the line", laying down everyone who just turned up to him. Hence the question: why, in fact, are such incompetent idiots generally taken to the French police? How do they protect law and order in the city, if they were all killed in bulk at the peak of adrenaline by some single auto mechanic?


We will not cover all our claims, otherwise, firstly, the superficial description of the movie "Lost Bullet" (2020) will turn into an in-depth spoiler, and secondly, there are much more pluses than minuses here.

Yes, there is a slight "far-fetched" effect in order to fit into the script. But, for the debut work, The Lost Bullet still looks great.


We really liked the film. The picture is so chained to the screen. Who decided to follow our advice, here is the link where you can ...

Watch the movie "The Lost Bullet" (2020) online for free and without registration

The rest and those who do not have enough one masterpiece for the evening can look here . There is still a lot of interesting things, and everything is laid out here inside and out. We wish you happy viewing and, as usual, more films and TV series on the Internet, from which you would not feel sleepy.

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