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Jackie Chan vs. Bullet

Image Work on the film " Five against a bullet " began six years ago, and only now the project has been able to get off the ground. According to the website The Tracking Board , this became possible thanks to Jackie Chan , who agreed to play the main role in the film.

In 2010, Columbia Pictures and Di Bonaventura Pictures were involved in the film, and Bruce Willis was planning to take part in the filming. However, later the actor, as well as the leadership of Columbia , refused to work on the project. Nevertheless, it is still directed by Joe Carnahan ("Smokin 'Aces") - the filmmaker continues to edit the script of the tape, written by Alex Litvak ("The Musketeers").

In the center of events of the upcoming film will be a candidate for the post of mayor of Mexico City, who lost his father due to the fault of a drug cartel, as well as a team of bodyguards protecting the politician.According to preliminary information, Jackie Chan will just play one of these guards.

Earlier it was reported that the company Suretone , currently developing the project, sees the potential for starting a new franchise, which will tell about a team of bodyguards performing various tasks.


The winner of the honorary " Oscar ", 62-year-old Jackie Chan continues to actively act in films - the premiere of the comedy action movie "Railway Tigers" is scheduled for the end of this year, and now the actor is busy on the set the site of the film "Bleeding Steel". In addition, Chan has taken part in the work on the sequel to Viy, in which the cartographer Jonathan Green will travel to China.

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