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Donnie Yen will fight Jackie Chan

Image Although the official announcement of the fourth film about the martial artist Ip Man took place back in October 2016, the management of the Pegasus Motion Pictures film company managed to keep its plot and cast a secret from viewers. Donnie Yen came to the rescue of fans of the film series, who revealed several secrets of the quadricvel to the Chinese portal Sina.

The performer of the role of the title character of the franchise admitted that his partners on the set were British actor and stuntman Scott Adkins, Taiwanese-American singer and showman Vaness Wu, as well as legendary Jackie Chan.

According to Yen, in the new film, Ip Man will travel to the United States to help his famous student Bruce Lee win the respect of the Chinese diaspora. The main decoration of the picture promises to be a fight between the hero Donnie and the crime boss from Chinatown, in whose image Jackie Chan will appear.


It should be noted that the official representatives of the Pegasus Motion Pictures studio are in no hurry to confirm Chan's participation in the project. The date of the premiere of the tape tentatively titled "The Great Master" has not yet been announced.

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Author: Jake Pinkman