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Moving from Windows PC to Mac: If Mac OS Is Not Enough


For Mac computers, there are analogues for almost every common Windows program. If you need to install specific software that does not have cross-platform capabilities or does not exist in the version for mac OS, you can use the Boot Camp utility. It's a free download manager that lets you install Microsoft's operating system in parallel on your Mac.

Windows will be installed in a separate partition on your hard drive, and the choice of operating system will be available when the computer boots. This utility will be appreciated by gamers - Apple computers are noticeably lagging behind in support of popular computer games. Press and hold Option (Alt) while booting your Mac to display options for operating system selection.

Website developers, web designers, or other IT professionals may need to have multiple operating systems on a computer at the same time. To work on a mac in Linux, Chrome OS, Android or Windows, specific software solutions for virtualization, for example, Parralels Desktop, will help.

Mac OS made it easy

The Apple operating system originates from UNIX systems. For this reason, it shares many details with Linux versions, is completely user friendly and easy to use. We can say that from the point of view of the user, Windows is inferior to it in this component. Experience with Windows will help anyone find in mac OS their familiar " Explorer " - (Finder), Control Panel - System Preferences, Office document suite - iWork, Notepad - TextEdit and many, many other analogues.

System Preferences - Windows Control Panel

The System Preferences application is designed to accomplish the same tasks as the Control Panel in Windows. Here you can configure access to the local network and the Internet, set the sound, keyboard and mouse settings, connect a printer or scanner, set a power saving mode, and much more.

Safety first

Firewall in mac OS is activated in the menu “ Settings ” > “ Security and safety ”. Here you should select the “ Firewall ” tab and click the corresponding button to enable it. From the moment you click, the operating system firewall will begin to block unauthorized incoming connections. There is no outbound connection control, but it can be added by installing a third-party utility, for example, Little Snitch.

Time Travel with Time Machine

Unlike the gadgets invented by science fiction writers, Time Machine in mac OS allows you to travel only one way - back. It is a powerful utility for creating backups. When you connect an external drive to your Mac, the system will prompt you to use it to write backed up files. Copying is performed hourly in automatic mode. The recording will be performed as long as there is enough free space on the disk. When you run out of space for recording, older files will be deleted and replaced with newer versions.


If you get serious about the process of changing the main operating system, then mac OS will be an excellent replacement for Windows. Many applications work the same way, with menus and settings in similar locations. Perhaps, after working with mac OS for a while, the user will be surprised at how it was possible to remain committed to Windows for so long

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