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Moving from Windows PC to Mac? Easy!


Many users looking to swap their Windows PCs for an Apple computer are constrained by the perceived difficulties of migrating from Microsoft to mac OS. In fact, the process can be done painlessly by following the simple tips below.

Windows Backup

Creating a backup or full image of your Windos system will help protect yourself from unexpected problems. Backing up data, in any case, is quite a useful action - ransomware, blockers and other ransomware viruses can easily deny access to important files at any time. It is desirable that a copy of the system be created on an external storage medium.

To ensure full compatibility of data with the file system of mac OS, formatting an external drive to FAT32 format will help. The fact is that mac OS works with data on NTFS disks in read-only mode. In this case, it will be impossible to edit or delete files. This problem can be solved by installing a special driver, which costs a certain amount of money.

Transferring data from Windows PC to Mac

The operating system of each Mac includes a special utility that can copy absolutely any data:

  • email accounts;
  • desktop background image;
  • documents;
  • audio and video content;
  • address book;
  • browser bookmarks.

This is the Migration Assistant, which you will also need to install on your Windows computer. After that, computers should be connected to a shared local network. The utility is free and available for download on the official Apple website.

Free applications!

Microsoft gives its operating system users more freedom to install applications than Apple does to Mac owners. By default, mac OS does not allow installation of third-party applications. For "freedom-loving" Windows users, this restriction can be removed by checking the box next to "Any sources" in the item "Allow the use of programs downloaded from", which is located at: "Settings" > "Security protection" > "General".

Installing software

The vast majority of mac OS software is installed by dragging and dropping the .app file into the Applications folder. App files are directly in the program images. The images have DMG extensions, are downloaded from the AppStore (or third-party sources, as mentioned above) and mounted by double-clicking in the Finder app - Similar to Windows Explorer.

Please note that installing "heavy" software packages like Photoshop, AutoCad or Microsoft Office will not differ much in duration from installing these programs on Windows.

Uninstalling an unneeded program is also easy: the required .app file is located in the Applications folder via the Finder. Clicking on the file with the right mouse button will bring up a context menu in which you should select "Delete to trash". Of course, this does not completely clean up the system. For it, you should use special utilities, for example, CleanMyMac. The operation of the program will not raise questions or misunderstandings among experienced Windows users - for the operating system from Microsoft there are many utilities with similar functions (clearing settings, additional elements and entries).

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