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Top 100 Best Alien Movies: Part 1


We will not litter the top of the best films about aliens with tapes from franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien (Prometheus both - there), Doctor Who, Men in Black , Riddick ”,“ Transformers ”,“ Babylon-5 ”, etc. We will also not include in it films related to the MCU. There have already been more than twenty of them (not counting TV series), and we have our top dedicated to them.

In this material - only loners. Some became the "pioneers" of the series, some - the "finalizers", but they do not have full-length sequels. There are a couple of "Cocoon" type exceptions, but that's all.

The top is based on the movie search rating, which is indicated immediately after the year of release of the picture in the title.

Now that we've figured out the nuances, let's start.

1. Interstellar (2014) 8.59

As such, there are no aliens in the film. But without them there would be no film. Such is the pun.

They are present in the tape, but they are invisibly present, live in a black hole (although it is debatable, they can be everywhere and always) and help the main character, who was superbly played by Matthew McConaughey, with the mission.

The film has many nuances that are in no way related to the physics of our universe. And therefore it falls under the genre of "science" fiction with difficulty. But it looks great.

2. The Fifth Element (1997) 8.08

In the near future, the Earth will be in danger and only the fifth element will be able to help humanity survive - a perfect being in the person of a young Mila Jovovich. Not without the help of the hero Bruce Willis, of course.


Luc Besson did not set out to make a sci-fi film. Rather, it is a superbly staged cosmo-opera, a fairy tale for adults, not only raising the mood, but also making you feel great confidence in the general “human man”.

After all, even in the future, it turns out, there are still such brave and selfless guys, patriots among us, who are ready to protect our world (and not only) from the danger threatening it at the cost of their own lives

3. Solaris (1972) 8.02

A film from the times of the USSR, which does not make it worse or better than it really is. Based on the novel of the same name by Stanislav Lem.


Aliens, in the usual sense of the word, are not here either. An alien and intelligent entity here is (according to the assumptions of some cunning) the ocean of the planet, which, due to its incompetence in human psychology, from time to time drives the researchers crazy.

Never mind the year of issue. Special effects are not the main thing here.

4. Planet Ka-Pax (2001) 8.01

Our top best films about aliens continues with a story about a dude who, for no reason at all, began to deceive everyone about the fact that he is an alien from another planet.


The now disgraced Kevin Spacey played here just fine. We don’t know how he is with his sexual harassment, but the actor from him is the highest class.

This is the case when a movie about aliens was filmed without any special effects. But the psyche tingles and makes you feel better about any drama of pure water.

5. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1986) 7.97

There are no aliens here either. But there is their mysterious technology, artifacts that interfere with evolution and keep track of earthlings.

A long time ago, one such artifact - scientists call it "Monolith" - gave impetus to the development of great apes and dumped from the Earth to the Moon. Now the huge "Monolith", akin to that found on the Moon, was found hanging near Jupiter, where the Discovery spacecraft is sent.

And all would be fine, but only the onboard computer on it went crazy and began to "eliminate" the crew members one by one ..

6. Contact (1997) 7.96

Again, a film about aliens, but without the participation of aliens. Although, rather, it would be more correct to put it - with their behind-the-scenes participation.


From the depths of space, a signal comes to the earth, with encrypted blueprints of technology capable of instantly moving a living creature in space for a long distance.

With a little effort, the earthlings reproduced such an installation. And now the world is faced with a dilemma: who, in fact, will go to a meeting with aliens? And how dangerous will this journey be for a person?

And useful for humanity ...

7. Kin-Dza-Dza! (1986) 7.94

USSR again. And again, the film is not particularly bright with special effects, but, at the same time, very interesting.


A dude from another world asked for help from ordinary passers-by, because he forgot the code of our planet. A couple of completely unfamiliar people responded to the calls of the madman - Uncle Vova is a foreman and Gedevan is a simple student.

Thinking that the dude is just fooling them, Uncle Vova pokes his finger at an object that looks like a TV remote control, as a result of which he and the student find themselves on another planet.

And the way home will be long, thorny and very funny.

8. Avatar (2009) 7.94

Only the unborn does not know about this film. The tape about the most revered traitor until recently occupied the first line in the box office, until it was displaced from the first place by the final "Avengers".

Jake Sully travels to distant Pandora to participate in the Avatar program instead of his deceased twin brother, a scientist. After "replanting" in a grown body similar to the locals, he falls in love with the local girl Naytari and starts a war against the Earthlings, who are pumping out the valuable mineral anobtanium from the ground of Pandora and destroying sacred and vital local places.

For whom - a traitor, and for whom - a hero. Decide for yourself. The film, as it turned out, is the first of five. But while the rest of the "Avatars" are removed, we will consider him a loner.

9. Edge of the Future (2014) 7.94

Another movie from our list of the best alien movies that needs no advertising. And, by the way, it is a kind of action version of Groundhog Day. In ourTop Time Loop Filmsit takes an honorable second place.

A little gray bunny coward, he is a rear rat with the rank of major - William Cage (Tom Cruise) was demoted and left to die on the front line, where bloody battles with alien cyborg creatures are taking place.

Having accidentally killed one such sophisticated robotic entity, William gains the gift after his death to return to the previous day and relive it over and over again. Which, as you understand, will give the earthlings a chance to defeat the enemy.

But it's not that simple. The enemy also has creatures with similar abilities. So, it is still unknown who will take it.

10. Something (1982) 7.89

American scientists were poking around in the ice of Antarctica, poking around, and poking around. They dug out into the light of day such a creature that you can neither say in a fairy tale nor describe with a pen. They couldn't even come up with a name for it. That is why the film is called super capaciously: "Something".


And really, what to call an alien entity that has the ability to mutate before our eyes, killing members of the research group, and secretly making an escape ship? That's right, to call it “Something”!

Be sure, it will be not only interesting, but also scary. The special effects are quite on the level. Carpenter did not knit brooms even in 1982!

11. Abyss (1989) 7.86

Cameron always drove towards the ocean depths. And, in fact, the idea of diving to the bottom of the Mariana Trench originated in him during the filming of "The Abyss".


The team of submariners serving the deep sea platform, specializing in scientific research and geological surveys, was slightly unlucky. Not far from their location, a nuclear submarine of the US Air Force, on board of which there are advanced classified developments, crashed. What kind of plan these developments are is not important. The main thing is that in order to prevent them from falling into the hands of the enemy, a group of specialists is sent to the crash site, whose task is to smash this submarine with a nuclear explosion.

And the submariners serving the deep-sea research station are forced to help them. But only until they understand the purpose of the warrior's mission.

And then the aliens, lurking at an inaccessible depth, come into action ...

12. Alien (1982) 7.78

Spielberg is also not a special "broom". Therefore, his "Alien" looks great to this day. In addition, in 2002 he went through a kind of "remaster", during which some ancient and artsy puppet special effects were replaced with computer graphics.


The film tells about an alien intelligent creature lost on earth, who is found in his barn by the boy Elliot (very young Henry Thomas), and about whom his younger sister (even younger Drew Barrymore) and his comrades will also find out.

Well, about saving this creature from the special services by the forces of Elliot and his peers. The ending is fatally tearful. It will be wet!

13. District 9 (2009) 7.76

Continuing the list of the best films about aliens, the story of the unenviable fate of an MNU employee who accidentally mutated into a "shellfish".

No, not a clam, in the literal sense. The locals called the newcomers shellfish. And aliens have appeared here a long time ago. They, as it turned out later, ran out of fuel and their vessel hovered over the capital of South Africa.

They behaved very badly (to put it mildly), which is why the local population insisted on their resettlement, which coincided with the dramatic departure from the planet Earth of Christopher Robin.

Not clear? Watch the movie and you will understand.

14. My Enemy (1985) 7.69

The case when a couple of pilots of the opposing sides found themselves on an uninhabited planet one on one.


But the conflict did not go anywhere, and continued even far from the native squadrons of the space fleets. An earthling and an alien, one on one. Whose will it take?

Is there a possibility that friendship will win this time?

15. Batteries not included (1987) 7.67

The residents of the old house to be demolished are lucky. They are threatened to be literally evicted into the street, having been foisted in some pennies as compensation. And this is where the most aliens come to their aid.


These are funny little space ships that understand everything, but do not speak (just like dogs).

It was they who harnessed themselves to the locals, giving the mafia the most resistance.

16. Moscow-Cassiopeia (1973) 7.64

Cassiopeia is the constellation in which the star is located, to the system of which the crew, consisting of minors, is sent. They have to fly there in 27 years, so they will have to grow up on the way there, and grow old on the way back.


But an absurd accident in the person of one of the "free riders" made the ship move at a speed exceeding the speed of light (Ha! It also smells like not quite our universe with not quite our laws of physics!). As a result, boys and girls arrive at their destination without ever growing up.

But that's not the point. The main thing is to get rid of the legs now, since the planet is inhabited by robots, who are struggling to remake people of their own kind who have come to them without asking.

17. Independence Day (1996) 7.62

Global attack by alien invaders on Earth. Above every capital of the most developed countries, plates hang, ready to open fire from all-destructive "weapons".

Nothing can break through their protection. Their solitary fighters exhibit miracles of agility and firepower. But there is a clever hacker among the people who is able to make a rustle in the enemy's computer network.

Now I would like to find a pilot, and a boat to get to their space base. And all - in openwork!

18. Cabbage soup (1981) 7.62

Next in our top alien films is a French comedy starring Louis de Funes. His character was very fond of cabbage soup.


And, what a coincidence, cabbage soup was also adored by the alien, on whom this brew had an effect akin to a narcotic one. And how let this stranger visit him every single day and every other day for a plate of soup.

From now on, the life of local villagers and, in particular, of a drinking companion, will never be the same.

19. Flight of the Navigator (1986) 7.57

Who among us in childhood did not dream of riding a real alien flying saucer! But only the hero of the film, twelve-year-old David, was lucky to do this.


But having decided to ride, he did not even suspect that during his "ride" on Earth, a whole eight years would pass!

20. Mortal Kombat (1995) 7.56

This time the aliens will be shown, but they will be more fighters, not astronauts. Although the desire to seize the "Earthly kingdom" has not disappeared anywhere. Rather, the opposite is true.

Some supreme gods allow the following alignment of affairs in our universe. If sentient beings of one planet cannot win in hand-to-hand combat the representatives of another planet, then their world can be plundered and absorbed by the world of victors, and the population - exterminated or turned into slaves (at the discretion of the conquerors).

The Earthlings have resisted successfully so far. But a new, final tournament is coming. So, nothing is clear yet.

21. Stargate (1994) 7.55

The film that served as the start for three long-running TV series: Stargate Squad SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe.


In 1928, the oldest artifact was found in Egypt, which turned out to be a miracle of extraterrestrial technology, capable of opening gates to places located hundreds and thousands of light years away.

But in order to go to another planet, you must first type a combination of several characters. One of the scientists of our time (or, to be more precise, the time of the universe where events are unfolding) - Daniel Jackson succeeds, and the detachment, as it turned out, is sent to the planet Stocking, inhabited by people over whom a deity rules, which turned out to be not a deity , but a simple parasite that has invaded the body of one of the local youths.

The technological power of the beast ship's combat equipment is amazing. But the Earthlings always have a nuclear warhead ready for such cases!

22. Starship Troopers (1997) 7.54

In the near future, the Earth will be dragged into a war with intelligent insects that are not inferior and even larger than humans. Well, at the expense of insect agility and speed, it is not necessary to speak at all.

But people are not a mistake either. Among them are such experts in their field that beetles tremble with fear at the time. The battles, of course, are bloody. Many soldiers will die. But the hope that the insects will come crashing anyway does not die in the souls of the fighters.

Especially when one of their leaders is pulled out of a dark cave into the white light, whose minds were read by homebrew telepaths.

23. Alien Apocalypse (2005) 7.53

Few people know that having played a lot in "Evil Dead", Bruce Campbell began to make fun of "Alien Apocalypse".


He and his team returned from a deep space flight 40 years after launch from Earth and found that their home planet was under the rule of some green insect-like creatures. Well, how can we win back Mother Earth from the alien invaders!

Funny in places. But whoever has a banter won't get it.

24. The X-Files: Fight for the Future (1998) 7.52

The first feature film based on the popular and to this day TV series "The X-Files", which Chris Carter wanted to safely and loudly complete the project after the fifth season.


But the people rebelled so that the team had to renew the series every year until the 9th season. But that later. In the meantime, the valiant Agent Mulder needs to straighten up and get Scali's beloved agent out of the alien ship.

The only case when the project ambiguously showed an alien ship in all its glory, without any half-hints and half-truths. But the aliens themselves were hidden from human eyes.

Although, the incident with the monster in the cave at the beginning of the movie ...

25. Dark City (1998) 7.35

Aliens pulled their strength and built an earthly city in space. And they inhabited it with unsuspecting people who live and do not know where, in fact, they are.


But some people still have questions. And they quickly deal with such restless ones. And erasure of memory is the least that can threaten them. And why aliens all this fuss, you will learn from the film itself.

And very interesting and peculiar!

26. Faculty (1998) 7.30

In the continuation of our top of the best films about aliens, another alien invasion. And this time, the alien creatures decided to launch an attack from a local college, one by one settling into students and teachers.


But not all students are easy prey. A group of motley students becomes aware that all the people around them are no longer human at all. And a handful of students have a weapon against the creatures: monsters do not tolerate drugs, which was sold by one of the members of the "rebel team".

But the queen of monsters, as it turned out, and this does not frighten ...

27. Through hardships to the stars (1980) 7.30

And again the Soviet Union enters the scene with its fantastic masterpiece of the early 80s. This time, Soviet cosmonauts, researchers and sewers will have to save the planet Dessa from destruction.


The Dessians have dirtied her to such an extent that only artificially grown people like the one they found on an abandoned laboratory ship can live on it without spacesuits.

And everything would be fine, but only the powerful of the world are not very willing to cooperate.

28. Mission Serenity (2005) 7.23

A worthy conclusion to the series "Firefly", which premiered a couple of years after the end of the first and, as it turned out, the last season.

And despite the fact that the film turned out to be quite bearable, it was able to collect at the world box office only as much as was spent on its shooting, on which the adventures of Malcolm "Mel" Reynolds and his team ended safely.

Fans and those who have watched the series will come. The rest of the film will seem somewhat unfinished.

29. Close Encounters of the Third Degree (1977) 7.23

Scientists have long suspected that we are not alone in the universe, and here's the proof. Very strange things are starting to happen in the world. Either ships and planes that disappeared a long time ago appear out of nowhere, then electrical appliances fail, then UFOs start flying overhead


One of these flew over the car of local electrician Roy Neri, after which he began to behave inappropriately. And he is not alone. People from all over the country are starting to pull up to the place of alleged contact with aliens, which the special services will clearly not be happy about.

The climax will be interesting. Worth seeing. And despite the antiquity and the film, the special effects are quite bearable.

30. Gender: The Secret Material (2011) 7.21

Paul is, most likely, the same alien, whose saucer was dragged "for experiments" into area 51. Well, he was at the same time. Only he, unlike his saucer, managed to escape.


Paul slows down a ride in which two dumb sci-fi fans drive across the country to ComicCon and asks them to help him get out of the chase of the special agents.

Well, what a question, sit down, ara, let's go!

31. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1955) 7.21

The first film, the most successful on the topic of "body snatchers". Alien creatures create one hundred percent copies instead of ordinary people, and at such a rate there will soon be no real people on Earth.


Copies behave inappropriately, frightening relatives and friends. Where the real people are is unknown. A local doctor from a small Californian town takes on a difficult investigation.

After all, more and more people around in fact turn out to be not who they seem.

32. Oblivion (2013) 7.20

Another film about aliens without the participation of the aliens themselves, which in thetop films with the participation of Tom Cruisetakes 19th place. But here again their technology is present - drones, which supposedly serve stations programmed to extract resources for ships intended to transfer to another planet of the Earth's population, who survived in an all-out war against alien invaders.

One specialist who provides "technical support" for these drones suddenly suspects that he was simply brainwashed and sent to work for the enemy. Is it possible that everything he does is not done at all for the benefit of human civilization, the remnants of which, as he later learns, are here on Earth and drag out a miserable existence.

What is the purpose of the aliens, if they are already almost done with humanity?

33. Man from the Star (1984) 7.19

The feelings of people are very distant to aliens. And one such, in order to feel everything on himself, flies to Earth. He especially wants to know what earthly love is.


And he not only finds out. He knows her. He's so into a local girl named Jenny that he won't want to fly away.

Only if the rest of the aliens will allow him to stay, that is the question. It's hard to believe in this. Otherwise, there would be no intrigue.

34. Strangers Among Us (1988) 7.19

Another creation by John Carpenter on our list of alien films.


The man found glasses that protect not only the eyes from the sun. Through them it is clear that we are not surrounded by people just like us, but by creatures who pretend to be ordinary people. So what will a man do about this if he is a man?

Of course, he will put together a team of like-minded people and give the alien creatures the tenth!

35. Space Flight (1935) 7.18

The pre-war creation of Soviet filmmakers, one of the scriptwriters of which was Konstantin Tsiolkovsky himself.


The feed tells about the fantastic journey of people to the moon. Tsiolkovsky foresaw everything to such an extent that it becomes already creepy.

One thing only disappoints in the film - naive spacesuits and an unrealistically simple rocket. Everything else still looks pretty decent.


For now, that's it. In the next installment, look forward to thirty-five more awesome alien films. This will happen in a week, so there will be plenty of time to get acquainted with the material. In the meantime, all the best to you and, as always, more worthwhile films and TV series!

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