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Alien Movies: Top 20 Best Franchises. Part 1


In this article, we're going to talk about "motion picture loops" - franchises that didn't make it to our main top of the best films about aliens. Only single films were presented in the top, in which the action begins and ends without any sequels. Stories that unfold over the course of a series of films will also be presented.

A little explanation

For obvious reasons, tapes from the Marvel universe and other "long-playing stories" did not make it to the main top, since Marvel's films alone would take almost a quarter of the entire top hundred, while some, also deserving attention , films would not have gotten into it at all. Therefore, we decided to simply devote our top to such franchises.

The franchises in the top are ranked based on the rating of the top movie belonging to a particular series. The KinoPoisk rating is indicated immediately after the year of release of the best film.

1. Star Wars Universe

Best Movie: Star Wars Episode 6 - Return of the Jedi (1983) 8.15

Human nature is the same everywhere. Even in a galaxy far, far away. And if we consider that the history of this very "Far, Far" galaxy was written by people from our mortal world, then even more so. Just like in our country, some try to survive at the expense of others, everyone wants to be richer and cooler than the other, while some are just trying to survive, finding themselves between the millstones of corporations, unions, orders and other social, commercial and military associations.


It is told in these films both about aliens and about people, but, basically, it is about the human race. At least the main characters in this franchise, which consists of 9 feature films, spin-offs of the main saga and animated series, are people. Although they are in a distant, distant galaxy only one of many humanoid and not very intelligent creatures trying to somehow get along with each other.

And while some are trying to take care of the empire, others, nevertheless, want to return everything to republican rule. Among the supporters of the Republic and include the main protagonists, such as Luke Skywalker and friends, the Jedi Order and other, both human and not so, intelligent races.

It is not entirely clear what the empire did not suit the rebels. In it, everyone walks on line, everything is in order, everyone is busy with their own affairs. If you want to stir up something, you can do it under imperial rule. And you can develop your own commercial activities, and so on. Whatever one may say, Senator Pallatin (aka the dark lord Sidious) came to power, albeit by intrigue, but in a completely legal way. Why do some worlds need republican rule? What is the catch for the rebels to live in a co-operative with a complete lack of normal command and clearly defined goals?

In general, apparently, we need to think bigger. It doesn't work for us. We are not from that universe. Not enough data. And, yes, here at least row aliens with a shovel.

Here is a list of Star Wars feature films by time of release:

  • May 1977 - Episode IV: A New Hope;
  • May 1980 - Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back;
  • May 1983 - Episode VI: Return of the Jedi;
  • May 1999 - Episode I: The Phantom Menace;
  • May 2002 - Episode II: Attack of the Clones;
  • May 2005 - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith;
  • December, 2015 - The Force Awakens;
  • December 2017 - The Last Jedi;
  • December, 2019 - Skywalker. Sunrise.

A couple of spin-offs were also filmed, the so-called "Star Wars: Tales": "Rogue One" and "Han Solo" and the project "Madalorets" was launched, the first season of which starts on November 12 on the Disney streaming service. The series has already been renewed for a second season, the first will consist of 8 episodes.

Also to the spin-off of "Star Wars" can be attributed a couple of films about the Ewoks - alien intelligent creatures from the planet Endor, or rather, from one of its satellites - "Sacred Moon". Ewoks are creatures that are as furry as Chewbacca, but much smaller in size. Film titles: “Caravan of daredevils. Ewok Adventures "and" Ewoks. Battle of Endor.

The continuation of the main saga, or rather, a three-part story from an earlier period in the life and development of the "Distant Galaxy", is scheduled to be released in 2022, 2024 and 2026, respectively.

2. Universe of "Aliens" and "Prometheus"

Best Film: Alien (1979) 8.06

It is from this universe that the well-known pilot comes from - Lieutenant Ripley, the famous killer of "Aliens" №1. And although it is customary to call all aliens indiscriminately "strangers" behind the cordon, when this word is mentioned in everyone's head, first of all, a xenomorph emerges from this very universe.


So, our top best films about aliens continues the story told in "Prometheus" and "Testament", and after - in 4 films of the original franchise. Initially, at the dawn of life, some gray and sullen bastard from the Mal'kak race (they are the Creators, Jockeys, Engineers, and Builders) drank rubbish that decomposed living tissues into DNA molecules and dived with a broken leg from the waterfall to the river. It was the molecules of his body that gave the planet an incentive for the development of fauna (and maybe flora, they did not explain it there).

And here we, humans, have grown to the present state, came across caves in which we have drawn idiotic maps, and went to the indicated star address in search of the gods. The gods turned out to be bullies on their minds who were going (for some reason) to destroy the population of the Earth with the help of biological weapons (or whatever they had in barrels in the "warehouse"). Like, they decided to reject the "Earth" project.

But the Prometheus crew did not let them do this. Moreover, in the next part, the crazy biorobot David visited the Mal'kaks themselves and poured the poison prepared for earthlings directly onto their mortal heads. Just to see what happens.

And it became the birth of a xenomorph, which did not give rest to earthlings in the next (or, to be more precise, in the previous) four parts of the main franchise about "Aliens". As well as in all kinds of spin-offs to her.

In particular, some of them feature peculiar humanoids "Predators", about which we'll talk a little later. And in some, it turns out, strangers visited our Earth long before the birth of themselves (if you believe the story invented by Ridley Scott).

Here is a list of all the Alien feature films in order of their release. Main line:

  • May 1979 - Alien;
  • July 1986 - Aliens;
  • May 1992 - Alien 3;
  • November 1997 - Alien 4: Resurrection.

Next are a couple of prequels to the main story, started by Ridley Scott in 2012: "Prometheus" and "Alien: Covenant." The famous director threatened in 2015 that he would direct a couple more films before the story takes us back to the events of the original 1979 Alien. In the summer of 2019, he confirmed that preparations for filming this story are already on the ointment. But there is no movement yet. Even the casting was not done.

Apparently, the failure with "Covenant" cooled Ridley Scott's ardor noticeably. The film hit the budget, but that's all.

Also, a xenomorph from the main series of films appears in films about "Predators". These include "Alien vs. Predator" (2004) and "Alien vs. Predator: Requiem" (2007).

The scripts in them are idiotic and completely unrelated to the main storyline, and therefore if someone does not waste time on them, he will gain more than lose.

3. Doctor Who Universe

Best Film: Doctor's Day (2013) 8.03

Who was the first to call the doctor "Doctor"? An interesting question. But it's not about him today. It's about the universe in which this "Doctor" lives. And he lives in one of the parallel worlds, in which the course of history on Earth has developed almost the same as in ours.


The Doctor himself by name (or - surname?) "Who" is a humanoid, a representative of the Time Lords race, from the destroyed planet Gallifrey, an almost immortal humanoid. Why "almost"? Because each of the "Gallifreians" is supposed to go through 13 of their reincarnations, and ours, about which the story is being told in a multi-season series, diluted with feature films, went just the thirteenth.

The phrase about the "destroyed" planet Gallifrey also sounds very strange. If we consider that a doctor can live at once in all times, playfully jumping from one to another, then his planet, in theory, has not been completely destroyed. He can return to her whenever he wants, and, at any of the time intervals of its existence, but ...

Also, along with the doctor himself, races of aliens live in the universe, constantly plotting intrigues against each other, the doctor himself, and us - Earthlings. These are far-off people with plungers instead of weapons, cybermen with human brains but no memories of the past, statues of Weeping Angels, from which it is better not to turn away, etc. At times, spokes in the wheels of Doctor Who dares to insert his fellow countryman, the Master with a turned cuckoo.

And, of course, one should not discount the fact that at some point, the Doctor may even bump into himself, as he rushes around in time with the chaos of a cornered fly.

At different times, various people, mainly white girls, were companions in his adventures and travels. Recently, with the advent of the era of tolerance on Earth, among his companions more and more men and blacks come across, when before he was accompanied only by white girlfriends. Now he even carries couples in love with him. And he himself, in his last incarnation, experienced a metamorphosis into a woman.

His adventures, for the most part, are of the same type, but they diverge around the world with a bang. Since everything has been done soundly, on a high budget and with love. So take a look as far as you can.

Full-length projects based on Doctor Who can be considered:

  • May 1996 - Doctor Who;
  • November 2013 - Doctor's Day;
  • August 2014 - Doctor Who: Deep Breath;
  • December 2017 - Doctor Who: Twice in Time;
  • October 2018 - Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell to Earth;
  • January 2019 - Doctor Who: The Solution.

Just like the Christmas specials, they can be watched even by those who haven't followed the main series. Everything is clear anyway.

4. Universe of Men in Black

Best Film: Men in Black (1997) 7.97

Next on our list of the best films about aliens are four films about the secret organization MIB (in our opinion, the abbreviation would be MIB, that is, "People in Black"), which monitors the illegal migration and activities of alien intelligent beings on Earth .


In this universe, aliens on Earth have long appeared. Disguising themselves as ordinary citizens, they live among people, doing the most ordinary things and leading the most ordinary way of life. Who sings songs, who acts in films, who sells drugs and other rubbish, and who just twists nuts at a factory or sells at a kiosk.

But, as well as among people, among the aliens there are also dark souls who, for one reason or another, want to either enslave the universe, or simply annoy everyone more. It is these people in black that they track, and then escort them out of our planet. In total, the franchise has 4 films, the last of which was released quite recently:

  • July 1997 - Men in Black;
  • July 2002 - Men in Black 2;
  • September 2012 - Men in Black 3;
  • June 2019 - Men in Black: International

There was also an animated series, but we'll talk about cartoons some other time.

5. Avengers Universe

Best Film: Iron Man (2008) 7.89

In this universe, everything is more complicated than in any other. Here on Earth, since recently, alien invaders are constantly falling. And one, and in general, decided to kill 50% of living creatures from the light. Moreover, not only on Mother Earth itself, but also in the entire infinite universe there.


And how lucky the earthlings are that attacks have gone only in our time, when mankind has Iron Man, Hulk, the First Avenger and the rest of the set of superheroes, without which everyone would have simply come to grief several times in a row.

No one on our planet can oppose anything to aliens. The army with its atomic warheads is not listed here at all. All people are just a gray mass, which they talk about only when the plot needs to be complicated by the fact that one of the "permissible damage" has grown in his anger to begin to take revenge on the avengers themselves. It sounds idiotic, but such a precedent really took place after the showdown in Sokovia. And not only.

In general, a film for the gray mass is about how this gray mass amicably hides behind the shoulders of single heroes, in order to then bill them, lawsuits and start lawsuits against them. Everything is as usual.

Meanwhile, the shot is very realistic and interesting. The plots of almost all films (with the exception of "Ants and Wasps" and "Panthers") are quite good for themselves. Everything looks with interest, not only because of the awesome and expensive special effects, but also because the stories are more thought out and less naive than, say, in the same tapes from the universeDC, which we'll talk about in the next part of our top.

This franchise about aliens (and not only) already has 23 released feature films. How much more is being prepared? We will not enumerate here the entire list of films in the Marvel universe, we haveour own materialdedicated to them, which lists all the tapes, short films and series, and also indicates in what order all this stuff should be watched.

So, welcome. In the meantime, we are moving to the next franchise.

6. Khishnikov Universe

Best Film: Predator (1987) 7.87

Next on the list in our review of the best films about aliens is again the universe of "Aliens" and "Prometheus", which is also the universe of "Predators". Otherwise, how to explain that these two antagonists often intersect in it? The fact that one or the other can gallop across parallel worlds is not mentioned in the films. Hence the conclusion.


But the action in the Predator films is developing mainly in our time. And it all starts with a story that happened in 1987, in which a detachment of American commandos ran into an alien “miracle Yudo”.

And although the winner of the Predator Iron Arnie managed to survive from the film, other actors were filmed in subsequent films and these were completely different stories. The complete list of films about alien hunters - Predators is as follows:

  • June 1987 - Predator;
  • November 1990 - Predator 2;
  • July 2010 - Predators;
  • September 2018 - Predator.

We have already mentioned a couple of films about the Xenomorph hunting of Predators from the Alien franchise.

After 20th Century Fox was bought by The Walt Disney Company, the future of the planet of the Predators hung on a big question mark turned upside down. And although John Davis was going to shoot a couple more sequels of the 2018 film, now brave alien hunters, apparently, will have to sit on their planet without their usual hobby.

7. Star Trek Universe

Best Film: Star Trek (2009) 7.75

And in this franchise about aliens there is a lot of space. Almost all the actions of the films take place in the depths of the galaxy, on spaceships (mainly on the Enterprise). Only the first five minutes at the beginning and the last five minutes at the end walk on Earth. And even then, not always.


It is worth making a reservation that it is advisable to prepare for watching films and watch all the series filmed by Star Trek. Well, or at least the original series from the late 70s. All the main characters of this series take part in feature films for 7 films inclusive. Further, for 10 films in films about aliens and the star team of the Enterprise, the cast from "The Next Generation" is removed. The last three films are a reboot of the old franchise, but, at the same time, made in such a way that you will not undermine. For this, Leonard Nimoy himself was specially invited, who played Spock in the original series and the first game tapes that followed.

Here is the entire list of films in the Star Trek universe:

December 1979 - Star Trek: The Movie;

June 1982 - Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan;

June 1984 - Star Trek III: The Search for Spock;

November 1986 - Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home;

June 1989 - Star Trek V: The Last Frontier;

December 1991 - Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Land;

November 1994 - Star Trek: Generations;

November 1996 - Star Trek: First Contact;

December 1998 - Star Trek: Rebellion;

December 2002 - Star Trek: Retribution;

April 2009 - Star Trek;

May 2013 - Star Trek: Retribution;

July 2016 - Star Trek: Infinity.

We will talk about how and what to watch in chronological order, including serials, in a separate article, specially dedicated to this. In the meantime, let's round off on this and smoothly move to the next universe.

By the way, Patrick Stewart, the well-known captain of the Enterprise Picard, will return to us next year on Star Trek: Picard. Currently, 10 episodes of the project are being shot with might and main, the start of which is scheduled for January 23. Let's wait with the greatest impatience.

8. Universe of the Planet of the Apes (60s - 70s franchise)

Best Film: Planet of the Apes (1968) 7.71

So it is not clear whether these intelligent monkeys are aliens or not, but everything speaks about this. They are from another planet Earth, the one that will only "be" in 2000 years. But how do astronauts from our Earth get to it? Riddle.


The astronauts who arrived on the mysterious planet from the present Earth were very puzzled by the fact that monkeys are now intelligent on it, and people ... Although intelligent, they are now considered second-class creatures. The surviving captain, fortunate enough to escape from the clutches of the monkey flayers, stumbles upon evidence that this planet was in fact the Earth from which his ship started. How do you travel back to that Earth now?

As it turned out later, only three people will be able to escape from the Earth of the future to the Earth of the present. And even then - to monkeys.

The full list of films from the old franchise is as follows:

  • February 1968 - Planet of the Apes;
  • May 1970 - Under the Planet of the Apes;
  • May 1971 - Flight from the Planet of the Apes;
  • June 1972 - Conquest of the Planet of the Apes;
  • June 1973 - Battle for the Planet of the Apes.

And don't look that the films are old. They look quite at the level even now. So, enjoy your viewing!

9. Universe of Riddick

Best Film: "Black Hole" (1999) 7.58

Alien (futurian) half-blind criminal Richard B. Riddick successfully escaped from the ship that was delivering him as a dangerous criminal to one of the galactic prisons in the first film called "Black Hole". Why is it successful? Because later his personality was overgrown with the whole universe. Moreover, very interesting.


All the adventures of Riddick fit into three full-length films, the mentioned "Black Hole", "The Chronicles of Riddick" (2004) and "Riddick" (2013). He - he loves to drink, he is not very well done, but very cool. And given the fact that Vin Diesel plays him in all three films, it would be a mistake to skip these films.

Take a look at at least the first movie, and then we'll see.

10. Transformers Universe

Best Film: Transformers (2007) 7.55

Completing the top ten films about aliens bloated into franchises is a multi-episode about robots, more precisely, Autobots - transformers, mechanical creatures capable of taking the form of various kinds of technical devices. In this case, more and more means of transportation.


As in the Avengers universe - with the stones of infinity, and in the DC universe - with cubes, in the current universe, heroes also rush with their powerful artifacts as with a written sack. And people constantly get in the way under their feet. Still, after all, they flew to our planet to direct them to showdowns.

Although, if they are so correct and conscientious, they could sort things out somewhere on a lifeless planet. But, the writers decided, without a threat to human lives it would not be interesting. Therefore, it will be our way. Let's open a couple of cities, it's okay. Little people are cinematic, are they going to diminish, or what?

No sooner said than done. Moreover, as many as 6 pictures have already been made. Let's list them in order of their output:

  • April 2007 - Transformers;
  • June 2009 - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen;
  • June 2011 - Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon;
  • June 2014 - Transformers: Age of Extinction;
  • June 2017 - Transformers: The Last Knight;
  • December 2018 - Bumblebee.

Slowly but surely, the franchise is sliding down the rating. And now the 7th tape has been put in the box for an indefinite period. And rightly so. The films can not boast of anything new, except as another massacre of metal machines, which has already bored me. Well, since nothing new is expected ...

Done right.


Let's bow at this for now. Wait for the continuation of our next top of the best films about aliens in a week, but for now, all the best to you and, as usual, more good films and worthwhile TV series!

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