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Features of the new Battlefield game revealed


Recently, Electronic Arts representatives have shared long-awaited information about the new part of the Battlefield. According to the release, the shooter will become public around October 2018. There will be a novelty called "Battlefield: Bad Company 3". It will logically continue the legendary series of games.

The developers did not disclose specific details about the new tactical and strategic shooter. But some insiders still managed to get information about the setting and additional content.

Epic battles will again unfold in Europe. However, this time players will be transported to the battlefields of World War II. Additional content will be significantly expanded. It will still be paid. To get access to special add-ons, you will have to buy a Season Pass. But there is some good news. The functionality will be updated much more often. The developers promise to continue to avoid significant breaks between releases.

The single player campaign in Battlefield: Bad Company 3 has reintroduced several separate stories. Their main feature is their logical relationship with each other. Although in the story campaign, players will be able to contemplate only a small time period of the Second World War. But in multiplayer, they will have access to battles related to different military periods.

Also, insiders learned that the Swedish branch of EA DICE is working on the new product. They are currently creating the debut trailer for the shooter.

If you've played Battlefield: Bad Company 2, then you will get a mean man's tear from this mix.

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Author: Jake Pinkman