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First Assessments of Battlefield 5 - Battlefield 1 Enhanced


The sequel to the legendary DICE shooter series - Battlefield 5 - has caused strong indignation among the gaming community from the very first trailer. As if this was not enough, the developers decided to add fuel to the fire with phrases like “If you don’t like our game, don’t buy”, controversial innovations in multiplayer and postponing the release of some of the game content to a later date. The shooter was predicted to be a great failure, but Western critics, who have already spent dozens of hours in the game, wrote the first reviews of Battlefield 5 and unanimously confirm that DICE did not disappoint its fans again.

The PC version of Battlefield 5 currently has only 9 ratings on the Metacritic Review Aggregator. Therefore, it is rather difficult to judge the final quality of the project, since the total estimate of 86 percent can change, both positively and negatively. But at the same time, critics confirm the opinion that the shooter turned out to be definitely better than Battlefield 1, and among the main advantages of the project are impressive graphics, excellent sound, a well-developed storyline and "addictive" multiplayer with an emphasis on team play.

Battlefield 5 Highlights:

Hobby Consolas - 91

Battlefield V is an impressive shooter in both gameplay and technical terms. The only thing upsetting is the small amount of content in the release version, but in the near future the developers promise to add new maps, weapons and game modes for free.

GamingTrend - 90

After spending a huge amount of time playing the game, I still can't believe how much content I still have to explore in Battlefield 5. Including dozens of collectibles in a single-player campaign, countless daily multiplayer missions and numerous updates in the " The course of the war. " Battlefield 5 is easily becoming not only the best shooter of the season, but also the best game in the series.

JeuxActu - 85

Battlefield 5 is a great sequel, while not a breakthrough, but it dramatically improves every aspect of Battlefield 1, including solo campaigns with open locations and updated multiplayer that emphasizes a completely new squad system.

CGMagazine - 80

Despite some controversial statements and actions of the developers before the release of the game, I still have faith in DICE, which in the face of Battlefield 5 released an excellent shooter and, as it turned out, still listened to the many wishes of the players.

Battlefield 5 will launch worldwide on November 20 this year, but if you are an Origin Access Premier subscriber, you can get access to the full game on November 9.

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