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Top 30 Best Science Fiction Films of 2019: Part 1


After we have discussed in detail the list of the best films of 2019 as a whole, it is time to sort out the top rated films by genre. Let's start with the most demanded and expensive genre - the fantasy genre. We will not expand on each masterpiece in detail, we will limit ourselves to only a short but original description.

1. Avengers Endgame (USA) 7.61

In last year's "War of Infinity" the villain Thanos managed to pile on everyone. Having collected all the cherished stones, he inserted them into a glove and snapped his fingers, as a result of which half of all the thinking creatures of the universe scattered in the wind.

Since then, 6 years have passed, and the Avengers have gathered again in order to return everything to normal, that is, to take revenge on Thanos and return 50% of the population from the other world (or where they are at the moment).

The physical nature of the processes of creating material protoplasm from nothing was described and explained to us, but all those who disappeared in the previous part safely materialized from nothing in the "Final".

Long life, happiness and every success.

2. Spider-Man: Far From Home (USA) 7.30

The next film in our top of the best 2019 sci-fi movies also comes from theMarvel Universe. The spider-man, who returned to the "Final" from the other world, was not allowed to grieve for a long time. Fury prowls in search of Parker to grab him by the slippery spider bottom and direct him in the right direction. But Parker does not make contact, intending to dump the leader of the gang of "Avengers", who, overnight, suddenly, all disappeared somewhere, far away.

But the "task" overtakes him by itself. It's a small world! Beck managed to set up his fight with the Water elemental in the very place where Parker would be resting. Otherwise, there are no more crowded and significant places on the planet.

In any case, Fury still goes out to the spider, brings him to Beck (aka Mysterio), after which another mess to save the world begins.

Enjoy your holiday, Spiderman!

3. Alita: Battle Angel (USA) 07.07

The next film of our top best science fiction films of 2019 will tell about the future of our mortal planet and a kind of decline of human civilization. Here, digging in the junkyard, you can find more than just bike parts. Some people manage to dig up fully capable and functional combat cyborgs.

Dr. Ido just came across one of these. Or, more precisely, one, since it turned out to be a female "individual". After a little shamming, he gave her the name of his deceased daughter - Alita - and let her go for a walk in the big world.

Alita took a walk, met someone, hung tryndyuley on some, regained her memory, took part in local sports competitions and climbed to the upper town of Zalem to hang tryndyuley on the residents there.

It is not entirely clear why the fighting cyborgs of the future differ in gender, because they have no genitals. But this, apparently, is not our business. Our business is to stare at the screen, hawala special effects and, puffing into two holes, absorb popcorn in handfuls through the third.

What we actually did.

4. Captain Marvel (USA, Australia) 6.56

The next best fantasy film in 2019 was, again, Marvel's Captain Marvel, pardon the pun. She tells about the hard life that she fell on the shoulders of the once dugout Carol Danvers.

Before becoming a fighter of an elite unit of aliens, she was a simple pilot. It's just that she, like other earthly superheroes, was lucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, as a result of which she fell into the clutches of aliens who cleared her memory of unnecessary earthly memories, endowed her with superpowers and made her a local special forces. >

But Carol, in the end (God, how unpredictable it is!) ends up on Earth, regains her memory, cuts into what was a pawn in the game of the powerful of that world, and, removing the limiter from her arsenal of superpowers, so gives everyone light a cigarette that they immediately gave up this bad habit.

Hmm. Smoking is harmful to health. But when did that stop who? There will be a new day, there will be new smokers. Thanos, for example. Another "Tobakosos".

5. Robot Child (Australia) 6.53

Things went even worse in this fantastic 2019 film than in the world of Alita. The film tells about a post-apocalyptic world in which the rebellious Artificial Intelligence sent the entire human population of the planet straight to the forefathers.

But somewhere in some bunker, some cunning processor has stored a huge number of human embryos. And, having become skilled (in his opinion) in pediatrics and pedagogy, he decided to restart human civilization, starting small. He decides to raise and raise one single embryo. If he gets a worthy representative of the human race, then the process can be put on stream.

And now, somewhere underground, a robot is raising a man (here - a girl). Feeds, drinks, teaches, educates. My daughter grows up smart, obedient and almost never asking stupid, unnecessary and uncomfortable questions. But only until an outside adult woman enters the bunker outside.

It was then that everything at the local processor went up and down. What, after all, these people are unpredictable, chaotic, irrational and, frankly, stupid. And, especially, when they represent a previous unsuccessful experiment, from which, it seems, it was long and successfully managed to get rid of.

6. Pokemon. Detective Pikachu (USA, Japan) 6.52

Another picture of our top best films of 2019 is more fantasy than fantastic. But since the creators in the information about the film indicate the genre of "fantasy", let's not contradict.

In this universe, people live side by side with Pokemon - pocket monsters that are almost as intelligent as humans. We will not go into lengthy rantings about these creatures, let's just say that we will be talking about the city of Ryme City, where Pokemon and humans have the same rights.

And it is in this city that our main characters meet - Tim, the son of the recently disappeared private investigator Harry Goodman, and the Pokemon Pikachu, the partner of the recently disappeared private investigator Harry Goodman.

Together they will solve the mystery of purple smoke, which temporarily turns any Pokemon into evil monsters, and find Goodman Sr. himself, whom everyone around has long been buried.

And, yes, Pikachu can speak in this movie. Moreover, in the voice of Deadpool himself - Ryan Reynolds. But we certainly won't hear it while dubbing it. Or, welcome to the fabulous world of subtitles!

7. To the stars (USA, China, Brazil) 6.47

This tape of our top of the best science fiction films of 2019 is almost the most unscientific of all. And the contradictions with logic and common sense in this masterpiece are a dime a dozen. All of it is a sheer misunderstanding and contradiction.

The mission of the main character, Roy McBride, is to go to Neptune and disable the installation of the crazy daddy - Clifford McBride. The installation is a source of some kind of radiation, the nature of which has remained behind the scenes.

It casually hinted at antimatter, but it looks very funny.

This radiation disables electronics and creates anomalous disturbances not only on Earth, but also on other planets of the solar system, which causes catastrophes and destruction - one more global than the other. NASA goes to Roy and asks him to go to Mars in order to ask daddy to stop fiddling around with the tricky space communications there.

To avoid panic, Roy is taken incognito to the moon, where his team is attacked by local pirates (naive nonsense), from where a ship with another Martian mission starts to Mars. On Mars, Roy is unhappy that he is being led by the nose and used as bait and by hook or by crook makes his way to the ship to Neptune, which he was not taken to.

In general, it's funny, but not funny. Is it really impossible to take some worthwhile serious science fiction novel and spend money on its adaptation? No, we have to invent some third-rate mediocre nonsense ourselves.

8. Glass (USA, China) 6.43

The next masterpiece, included in the top thirty science fiction films of 2019, is a direct sequel to the films "Invincible" (2000) and "Split" (2017). The start was good. Continuation - also bearable. And the finale, as is often the case, let us down.

Glass is a black man played by Samuel L. Jackson. Like the invulnerable David Dunn (Bruce Willis) and multiple personality disorder, with the undefeated Horde Beast Kevin Crumb in his arsenal, he is endowed with superpowers. He is the most fragile man in the world. His bones can break even from the fact that he is too sharp and too much gas. But, along with this, he is very smart, resourceful and resourceful.

In an effort to reveal to people the truth that there are really people with supernormal abilities among them, he is ready to arrange a fight between the Beast and the invulnerable David Dunn and stream it on YouTube. It turns out that he is naive, crooked and unconvincing. But you can take a look.

9. Light of My Life (USA) 6.37

The next fantastic film of our top is very similar in its script to John Hillcoat's "The Road" with Viggo Mortensen in the title role. Only if in that case the end of the world was a consequence of global climatic changes, then civilization was crippled by an unknown virus, which at once killed all women in the world.

In that case, the father defended his son from the cannibals. In this - the father protects his daughter from anxious bumpkins and pedophiles, into whom all the remaining male population of the planet has turned at once. Yes, my daughter was immune to the virus. Whether she is the only one in the whole world - the father does not know. He only knows that he needs to protect his daughter from all kinds of freaks with all his might.

He passes her off as a kid, tries not to go into cities and villages, spends the night in a tent in the forest, but, of course, trouble must eventually overtake them. How will they get out of it? Well worth a look.

10. In the Shadow of the Moon (USA) 6.26

Another sci-fi movie from Netflix is about time travel that has already set the teeth on edge. The originality of this version lies in the fact that you can travel here only in one direction - to the past. And the very process of transferring an object in time directly depends on the location of the Moon and Earth. Once every 9 years, our planet and its satellite hover relative to the Sun so that the gravitational equilibrium, which is created for a short time, makes it possible to push a physical body to a point in time that is 9 years away from the present.

It sounds a little incomprehensible and delusional, but in the film everything is played out and chewed quite decently. Of course, at first you have to break your head. But by the end of the tape, everything will fall into place. The plot is slightly naive and ridiculous, but not enough to be disposed of without the right to a single viewing.

It turns out that among us there have long been adherents of a certain sect, which in the future will arrange an apocalyptic mess on Earth. But not everyone is ready to come to terms with the fate prepared for them. Some cunning from the future are training agents who, jumping in time, will kill unsuspecting evil fanatics who have no idea what they will become. And, of course, there are police officers whose vocation will be to catch such "jumping" agents throughout their lives.

At least in the reality of this film, one such agent and one such policeman certainly exist.

11. Outpost (USA) 6.25

A couple of stupid aliens are sent to Earth in order to prepare her for the upcoming capture. Why stupid? Because for 200 thousand years they have not been able to cope with their task. The next, now a domestic, fantastic film of 2019, is designed to teach us to approach the selection of applicants for the position of paratroopers-invaders with greater responsibility, on whose actions the fate of our native civilization will depend.

These two "non-gods", who were instructed to breed humanity on Earth, which was supposed to squeeze out the previous advanced race from the planet, quarreled for 200 thousand years, after which one of them decided to sacrifice his relatives for the sake of saving a handful of Earthlings, and the second screwed up altogether, not seeing the betrayal right under his nose. You can read more about everything we think about this masterpiece in the separateSuperspoiler.

It's a pity that so much money was spent on filming something stupid. After all, filmed really at the level. And the actors played well, and the scope is felt. Only one thing is not felt - the presence of mind in the heads of the writers.

12. Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise (US) 6.25

Finally, the fans have waited for the film that concludes the next trilogy of the Star Wars franchise. And for some reason no one was particularly surprised that nothing new was shown to us in it.

This is the case when for the continuation we were given a rehash of one of the old episodes, to be precise - the sixth. Yes, there are tons of colorful special effects, a bunch of other embellishments, but the main storyline is 100% identical to the storyline of Episode VI.

A young, promising Jedi Rey (parallel with Luke Skywalker) trained very hard in order to fight in the finals with the sons of Solo and Leia, who switched to the dark side (parallel with Anaken Skywalker / Darth Vader), who will switch to the light side (just like Darth Vader) in order to save the same Rey at the cost of her life when she will fight the same Palpatine.

And at the end - the death of the first order fleet, suspiciously similar to the death of the Empire's fleet. And the celebration of the victory, of course. Where can we go without cute hugs.

Beaten, shabby and worn out. Why from film to film to shoot the same thing in a new way is not clear. We hope the next trio of films from the Galaxy Far, Far Away will come out more extravagant.

13. Happy New Day of Death (USA, Japan) 6.17

Already from the title it is clear that the next film of our top best science fiction films of 2019 will be a continuation of the "Happy Day of Death" sample of 2017. In this film, the creators decided to lift the veil over the mystery of the temporary combo of the main character of the film - Teresa "Trish" Gelbman.

Only here, together with Trish, her friends are experiencing combo packs. And the killer is not the same. And in general, many things in these "Groundhog Days" do not agree with the previous ones. But the meaning here is still the same - to avoid the paws of a maniac, and at the same time to interrupt a series of combo packs, which are launched by the once activated experimental reactor of local would-be physicists.

But how to do this, when there is not enough time for everything, and the dean hacked the project of would-be nerds in the bud in the morning?

14. Terminator: Dark Fate (USA, China) 6.12

The next film in our top best fantasy films of 2019 has the same problems as the film Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise". The third (exactly the third, since the author of the plot and the producer of the project James Cameron decided that this story would directly continue the events of the second film) part of the plot came out almost identical to the first or second combined.

Just as in the first part, a genetically modified warrior, Grace, was sent by people to protect one of the most important women for the future of human civilization - Danielle Ramos.

Why the choice fell on a woman, when a genetically modified man would be a hundred times more tenacious and more effective - a question for Western “tolerants”.

Just like in the first parts, to kill Danielle, an advanced robot was sent by machines - here - Rev-9. A soldier from the past, like the well-known Kyle from the first part, is designed to protect, and the Rev-9, like the T-800 and T-1000 from the previous parts, is called upon to kill.

In addition, the storyline included old fighters Sarah Connor, whose son was killed by another T-800 from the future back in 1998, and the T-800, who had aged with skin, but not iron, who killed that very John Connor.

This film was intended to give impetus to the restart of the franchise, but instead put a fatal cross on it. After all, now it became clear to everyone that nothing fundamentally new can be invented in this field.

You can see it once. But only out of respect for Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cameron with his idiotic plot does not command any respect here.

15. Wish Room (France, Luxembourg, Belgium) 6.10

The fifteenth in our roundup of the best fantasy films of 2019 is a story that is more claiming a place in the top fantasy films. But the wires and cables, which entangled the whole house, and through which the machine of the room of desires was driven, forced the creators in the information about the film to indicate the belonging of the picture to the fantastic genre. We have no right to argue with them. The owner is a master.

A couple of young people, as we understand them - newlyweds, move into a luxurious, but slightly dilapidated, country mansion. Having begun repairs, they find a walled up secret door in one of the walls of the house. Also, by a lucky chance, they came across a tricky key to her.

Having penetrated the secret room, they found nothing special inside. Just another empty room. But by typing, they found out that the room is able to fulfill any of their desires related to the materialization of various values and other things corresponding to the given geometric proportions (based on the parameters of the room). The room cannot stop wars all over the world, but to create a million bucks out of nothing or a Rembrandt painting, please.

The problem turned out to be that all the things produced in this room could exist only within the mansion. Carried out for the threshold, they began to age at a terrifying speed, turning into dust and decay before our eyes.

Unfortunately, the spouse received information about this too late. And upon another arrival at the mansion, he found out that his wife had already ordered a newborn baby from the room ...


On the fifteenth film, let's slow down for now. We will continue our review of the best films of the fantasy genre of 2019 next week, but for now let's relax, take a deep breath and take on further preparations for the meeting of the New, already, it's hard to believe, 2020. Enjoy the mood for this business, and in the evenings, as usual, more cool films and TV series!

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