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All Marvel Movies Fought Infinity War


Marvel's full-scale invasion of the film industry began in 2008 with The Incredible Hulk. Tony Stark appears for the first time in the post-credits scene - and today they have become the hallmark of all Marvel films.

The films of the franchise are shot by different people, often in different ways (take at least the frankly comedic third part of "Thor"), but the scale of the plans is amazing. Just as once all the roads of a huge empire led to Rome, all films made about the Avenger eventually lead to Infinity War, clinging to one another. And, of course, none of them can be imagined without Stan Lee in the role of a cameo.

Captain America, Iron Man, Thor - alpha, beta and gamma of the Avengers universe

Steve Rogers' story, which begins during World War II in Brooklyn, culminates in Wakanda. It is there that vibranium is mined - the same one from which his famous shield is made. Having managed to be a national hero and a traitor, Rogers finds his old friend Bucky, so people have one more ally in the fight against Thanos.

The story of Tony Stark is a very important part of the franchise, not only because Iron Man is a brilliant brain and financial pillow for the team, but also because thanks to his activities, the bearer of the Vision infinity stone, as well as a charming and unique Man, appears in the team. spider, although both are not exactly in the films specifically about him, but this is no longer the essence.

Finally, the Thor trilogy shows the viewer two whole infinity stones - terakt and ether, and also introduces several important characters, including Loki, who interacts with Thanos after his fall from the Rainbow Bridge.

The story turns out to be quite branched and may even seem confusing when viewed from the outside. However, in reality, everything is really tightly connected and logically moving towards the ending, which promises to be enchanting - although the trailer released by Marvel is more hidden than shown.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” and Doctor Strange ”- nowhere without them

Star-Lord and his unusual team are also an important part of the overall story, which Marvel does not subtly hint at in the first part of Guardians of the Galaxy, when Peter Quill is so unsuccessfully trying to drive another infinity stone to the collector. Well, the daughters of Thanos, where can we go without them: first, Gamora joins the team, and then Nebula. They both hate their father so much that participation in Infinity War is almost a foregone conclusion.

Like the appearance of the magician Dr. Stephen Strange. Although he keeps aloof (in the first part only his story is told in general), and in the third "Torah" he tries in every possible way to disown the problems that do not concern him, it is he who is the keeper of another stone of infinity, and Thanos needs everything. In addition, Doctor Strange is the guardian of the human world, so in case of a threat he will definitely intervene.

Avengers One and Two: Team Gathering and Addition

In the first part, the viewers are shown both the action of the test act, and what the Chitauri army can do to the world, and the teamwork of those who will subsequently save the world. Two important characters also appear here - the Hulk, which this time is played not by Edward Norton, but by Mark Ruffalo, and the Black Widow.

The second part gives the Cinematic Universe the Scarlet Witch and the already mentioned Vision, and also reminds of what would happen if.

"Black Panther" - as close as possible

This film is the last of those released just before the first part of "War of Infinity", so the events in it directly lead to the very last line beyond which the ending will be. And the sadists from “Marvel” have already promised the audience a lot of tragic events.

Sacrifices for Art: Who Will Infinity War Be the Last Battle for?

Fans speculate about who will die in the last two MCU films.

  • Loki is the main candidate for “relegation,” especially since Tom Hiddleston himself said in an interview that he “has almost ceased to be a part of this MCU.”
  • Steve Rogers is the second most likely death row candidate. Despite the fact that he appears in the fourth part of "The Avengers", it is no longer a person, but a recreated memory.
  • It is also rumored that Iron Man may die - although most of these rumors are fueled by Robert Downey's words that he is tired of this role and would like to get rid of the Tony Stark mask. But there are rumors that his friend, the Warmaster, will die, which will give the confrontation between Iron Man and Thanos a personal character.

There is a fantastic theory (but what are comics, if not fantasy?) that the vision of Tony Stark from the second "Avengers" will come true, but most of the characters in the fourth part will be resurrected with the help of the same infinity stones.

As for the survivors, Tom Holland fans can breathe a sigh of relief: Spider-Man is definitely not in danger of death.

Before the release of not only the third, but also the fourth part, the audience can only guess what will happen to the heroes, as well as reflect on whether there is life after the "Avengers". So far, the world has just stood waiting.

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