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Which superhero will die in Avengers: Infinity War?


Most fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of this blockbuster. The announcement of the head of Marvel that one of the characters will die in the movie caused a lot of discussion among fans of the film. I would like to figure out which superhero can die.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Director James Gunn is scheduled to shoot 3 parts of the adventures of the super-powerful team, and the continuation of the story will largely be determined by the outcome of the movie "Avengers: Infinity War".


Therefore, new filming is slightly delayed. Gamora, Drax and Nebula have their own reasons for revenge on Thanos, they can try to kill him, and this can lead to the death of the characters. In one scene, Drak recklessly charges Thanos when the team finds him in the Collector's quarters.

Captain America

This hero was forced to step over the law in order to act correctly. He became a political criminal. In the blockbuster, his character will come to its natural ending, and Steve Rogers will no longer be Captain America. He will likely have a different nickname and costume.


Steve Rogers will probably die a heroic death, and Bucky Barnes will be the new Captain or not.

Iron Man


Actor Robert Downey Jr. has repeatedly stated that the role of a superhero has tired him, and he is ready to complete work on the character. The heroic death of Iron Man in the film will be an excellent chance for a handsome departure of the actor.

Black Widow

Previously, directors Joe and Anthony Russo said that they would like to make a movie about the Black Widow. She has the opportunity to get her own separate film history, you just need to designate her place in the cinematic universe. Although, according to the head of Marvel, this character works best as a team member, and for this reason there is no need to make a solo film about her.


Perhaps the directors are filming a movie about the common mission of Hawkeye and the Black Widow? These superheroes had little screen time, so their deaths in the blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War won't cause a lot of upset among fans. The directors did not reveal these roles as much as the rest of the characters.


This character suffered significant damage in Captain America: Civil War, so it is not known if he will be able to join the ranks. One of the posters depicts James Rhodes in armor, but this does not mean that he will act as a hero at the beginning of the blockbuster. In the trailer, the Warmaster was in line with the other Avengers.


Perhaps, when Tony Stark gathers the Avengers to fight the Black Order (before Thanos appears), James Rhodes will want to put on his costume and take part in the common cause. His death in battle is very possible, because it will deal a big blow to Tony Stark and make the plot more dramatic.

In the trailer, there is a shot of Tony staring in shock at one of the slain allies.

Bucky Barnes and the Falcon

The winter soldier in the blockbuster must come out of the freeze state. Actor Sebastian Stan has signed a contract with the studio to take part in the filming of 9 films, and the film "Avengers: Infinity War" is the fourth film with his participation. If Steve Rogers dies, and Bucky Barnes takes part in protecting the Earth from an alien threat, then this will rehabilitate the character in the eyes of the viewer and he will be the new Captain America.


For this reason, the Falcon's chances of survival are minimal. In the comics, he already had the title of Captain America when the character received a shield from Steve Rogers. But it's hard to believe that Falcon will soon become the new Captain America in the cinematic universe.

His death could have had an impact on the Winter Soldier - helping him to pull himself together to thwart Thanos.

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