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Top 5 Minecraft Games for Android and iOS


Are you tired of Minecraft and the imitators of this game? This could happen if you played them too often. Fortunately, there are many other quality sandbox games to choose from. Some of them will be described below

The Escapists

Price: 299 rub. Available on Android and iOS.

Posted by Team17.

Could you escape from prison? Thanks to this game, you have the opportunity to check it out. The game was first released on personal computers and game consoles, after which it reached mobile devices. This is a full-fledged prison escape simulator.

The Escapists has gorgeous pixel graphics and extremely addictive gameplay that will keep you on your smartphone screen as you will constantly want to go a little further before resting your tired eyes.


This War of Mine

Price: Android - 699 rubles . iOS.- 1150 RUB .

Created by 11 bit studios.

From the comedic approach of the previous game, we are moving on to a darker, but still interesting. It is not your average war game. Here you will not be the hero who saves the world from the terrorist threat.

The action develops around a group of civilian survivors who are caught in a war zone, from where there is no exit and no one will come to the rescue. Difficult and sometimes dubious decisions must be made to keep the group alive in the war-torn city.


Mines of Mars

Price: Android - Free . iOS.- 350 rubles .

Posted by Crescent Moon Games.

Here you take on the role of a space miner who became the only survivor of a shipwreck. More precisely, the ship threw you to the surface and flew away, leaving you for certain death.

You have to wade through procedurally generated mines and collect materials to advance the story and find out that there is life on Mars.


Island Survival

Free for Android and iOS.

Posted by Matthew Tory.

The name of this game accurately conveys its essence. At the beginning of the game, you barely manage to escape from the shipwrecked ship, after which you find yourself on a deserted island, having time to grab a few belongings from the ship.

The description talks about randomly generated worlds, crafting, construction and resource extraction, you have to explore the world and change it for yourself. If you can tolerate the primitive graphics, it can be a great time here.


Junk Jack

Price: 379 rubles . on iOS.

Author: Pixbits.

The last game on this list is the most similar to Minecraft. It is even more similar to Terraria, thanks in large part to the 2D side-view gameplay. Despite the similarities to the two games, it cannot be called a clone due to the good level of design and elaboration.

Unlike Terraria, the emphasis is on building rather than adventure, so the pace of the game is calmer and slower. If Terraria is too chaotic for you, try Junk Jack. Unfortunately, it is not available on Android.


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