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How to beat off your fingers on a smartphone: The best fighting games on Android


Fighting games are not very popular on recent generations of game consoles, the same applies to arcades. For a long time, fighting games dominated the world of video games, becoming a battleground where gamers showed their skill by gathering with friends around the TV screen.

Fortunately, this genre is present on modern mobile devices, where there are both ports from earlier years and original games. Some of them will be described below.

Shadow Fight 3

The latest game in this series of fighting games for Android, it took a big step forward in terms of quality. That says a lot, since Shadow Fight 2 was already a great game.

The second part was a stylish work of 2D art, where you controlled the silhouette of a fighter, and the third brought with it high-detailed 3D arenas. The opponents are out of the shadows and look great.

Shadow Fight has always enjoyed smooth controls and animations, and the same is happening now. Physics remained in its place, powerful attacks at the right time with the help of a sword are able to knock the sword out of the hands of the enemy. There is a full-fledged campaign, where a rich selection of weapons, armor, special attacks and character appearance is given. There is no multiplayer mode, but it makes up for attractive graphics and smooth gameplay.

Best of all, the game is free to play, although there is in-game currency to purchase new weapons and other upgrades.


The King of Fighters 97

Hardcore fighting game fans know the name King of Fighters. Alongside Street Fighter, it is one of the most popular arcade games that have stood the test of time.

Before us is a full-fledged port from the Neo Geo home console, where there is support for Bluetooth controllers. You can choose from 34 characters in the original game and create a dream team to fight against computer opponents or with a friend over a local network.

There is a fairly wide range of settings for control, the gameplay is the same as you would expect from such a port. It's hard to recommend this game without a Bluetoot controller as the touchscreen controls are too complex.


Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X takes the action-packed action from a quality console game and squeezes it into an Android smartphone. There are all the familiar characters and a few new ones.

If you love brutal computer violence, this game has a lot to offer. Obviously, such a characteristic does not allow recommending it to children.

The game uses a touch screen for control, which does not interfere with directing characters. You will fight in 3v3 battles, so you can develop a strategy and set the order of the entry of fighters into a duel. The graphics here are at the console level, for which you will have to give 2 GB of disk space. Mortal Kombat fans will surely find a place for this game on their smartphones.


Injustice: Gods Among Us

This award-winning game brings you the mighty characters of the DC comics universe. You will meet Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Arrow, and villains like the Joker.

The touch screen is not very good for control, but you don't have to choose. Gestures and taps allow you to attack, you can combine blows. If this sounds like Mortal Kombat X, both games were developed by Warner Brothers, so it's like one game in different clothes for two different fan groups.

This is not to say that this is bad, but taking into account the file sizes of these games, it is better to choose one. In this case, the game is recommended for comic book fans.


Pixel Punchers

Remember the game Punch Out from the Dandy console? It was good, and now it looks like an updated version of the classic with great optimization for Android.

You need to click on the gloves to strike and on the arrows to dodge enemy attacks. In Career Mode, you will start at the bottom tier of the Boxers and work your way up to a duel against the champion. You can stand and practice your combinations in the initial rounds, but you need to learn to dodge and strategize to move up.

Each fight consists of four rounds of 30 seconds each and you have to try to impress the judges or break your opponent.


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