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Love, sex, robots: 9 weird sex partners in games


There is sex in many games, and we have finally reached the stage of technological development where sex scenes in games look adequate, and not awkward and crooked, as it was in the old days. But the developers are people too and they have a good sense of humor. While some David Cage is trying to make a cinematic sex scene, other developers do not hold back, and either for the sake of a joke, or because of frivolity, they insert strange sexual partners into the game. Today we will recall 9 such unusual characters from the games with whom you could have sex.

Beatrix Russell / Fallout: New Vegas

New post-apocalyptic world - new fetishes. It was this rule that [probably] motivated Obsidian during the design of the Atomic Tango quest. Its essence is to collect an exclusive set of escorts for the Atomic Cowboy bar / brothel. Beatrix Russell is one of the gems of this establishment - the choice for fetishists. What's the fetish? It's simple - she's a ghoul.


Beatrix was born before the war and survived it, turning into a ghoul under the influence of radiation. Now she loves two things: honest work and alcohol, so when you offer her a job in Atomic Cowboy on the condition that alcohol will be discounted for her as a worker, she agrees. Then, regardless of your gender, you can sleep with her. Basically, Obsidian gave you the opportunity to sleep with a rotting zombie, that's what I understand as an unusual sexual experience.

Fisto / Fallout New Vegas

Without straying far from New Vegas, in the same quest, you can find another amazing and strange sexual partner in the history of games - the robot Fisto. It so happened that in the world of Falaut there is a fetish for robots, and apparently very common. Before becoming Fisto, it was an ordinary security robot, which you reflash at the request of James Garrett in the same quest "Atomic Tango".


You can reprogram him in three different ways, after which the Courier will call him Fisto, apparently referring to fisting. The robot will immediately offer you to use its services in the firmware field, and the Courier himself will call it “quality control before transferring it to the employer.”

Cute Polly / Fable


Fable, despite its fabulousness, is not a game for children, and Bouardel in Darkshire is proof of this. A whole quest is associated with him, and you can also sleep with all the sex workers of this institution. It may seem that there should be a mistress who is conducting a BDSM session with you, but the most unusual sex partner in the game is Polly Cutie. She is the oldest employee of this establishment, but at the same time claims that her experience is worth every coin spent. We cannot name her exact age, but she looks at least 70 years old.

CID / Saints Row 4


CID was once a kind of alien life form, whose planet was enslaved at the time by Zinyak. His physical body died long ago, so he programmed his consciousness and placed it in a robot. After certain manipulations, he becomes a member of your gang and can be found on the ship. In fact, you can have sex with any character on your ship, but it is sex with Sid that puzzles even the Boss. Saints Row is a fun series of games, so I'm not surprised you were given a try.

Succubus / The Witcher 2

During his entire journey, Geralt had many sexual partners in the first game. In the second part, he began to lose ground a little and his positions diminished, in comparison with The Witcher and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

However, it was in The Witcher 2 that Geralt entered into perhaps the strangest sexual relationship of his life - with a succubus.


You meet her while investigating the deaths of men in Vergen. When Geralt goes on the trail of a succubus, he says that he did not kill anyone and this is all the work of a jealous lover. Geralt can keep the succubus alive and justify, after which he will reward him in the simplest way for a succubus. In any case, for Geralt, this may not be the most unusual connection, after all, in the first game he slept with the vampire Queen of the Night, the ancient goddess Lady of the Lake and a representative of the dryad race

Morren. Gilda Brosko / Fallout 4

And again Fallout, and again robots. Gilda Brosko was a famous actress even before the Great War. Now all that remains of her is a brain, and she lives with the other robotic brains in Vault 118. She is associated with a single quest, during which you can perform 5 eloquence checks and have sex with her. This is one of those things that is difficult to imagine, but the Wasteland is a harsh place where they have seen and not so.

Iron Bull / Dragon Age Inquisition


Qunari Mercenary Iron Bull is probably the most unusual character you can have an affair with in Dragon Age Inquisition. In fact, in BioWare games, sexual intercourse between members of different races is a common thing, which is fully confirmed by both the Dragon Age series and Mass Effect. And it may not be entirely correct to call Iron Bull the strangest sexual partner, but in my opinion this is rather unusual.

Alma / FEAR 2


But here everything is ambiguous, since Alma is not quite a character with whom you can have sex, because the developers have provided such an opportunity for laughter. The thing is, at the end of the second FEAR, Alma rapes you, and sexual abuse is a terrible thing. I doubted whether to insert it here or not, but I decided only because of the fact that I rarely saw this in games. Just be aware that there is a moment like this in gaming history.

Dr. Dala / Fallout: New Vegas: Old World Blues


And let's get back to the positive again. Fallout New Vegas again. Alas, it is not my fault that Obsidian has such a craving for robots. The Old World Blues add-on features a captivating no-sex sex scene. The fact is, Dr. Dala is so obsessed with people that her brain receives a large dose of hormones from watching you. As a result, you can provoke her and do various things that excite her neurons, if I may say so. In my opinion, this is nothing more than a kind of sexual contact. It reminded me of the movie "The Destroyer" and its strange sex scene.

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