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Best films of January: Top 10 most anticipated


Despite the fact that the year 2019 is not over yet and all the pre-New Year's chores are still ahead, it's time to look out of the corner of our eye into the year 2020 and get acquainted with the best films of January that we will watch in cinemas when all the pre-New Year's chores are over.

Not everyone will be able to immediately move away from the post-New Year's libations, but it doesn't matter. Nothing terrible will happen from the fact that someone will miss Fedorobondarchuk's "Invasion". It is unlikely to be smarter than the "Attraction". Well, the rest ...

The rest is worth seeing. And especially, you can't miss the return to the screens of Martin Lawrence, along with Will Smith, starred in the next blockbuster of the Bad Boys franchise, the most anticipated and, we hope, the best film in January ...

1. Bad Boys Forever (USA)

January 23

Yes, the bad guys are back. But even though they remained "bad", they are no longer together. Burnet, who quit the police and, by the way, fell out with the former partner Lowry, trades on the free breads of a private investigation. Will's hero is still a police officer.

But this is not the same Lowry. This Lowry is all in thought about his future life. And when he is seriously thinking of giving up his bachelor life and getting a family, a devil from the past appears on the horizon, who urgently took it into his head to avenge the death of his brother, shot by one of his partners.

The most interesting thing is that the devil has good connections with the police. Or a lot of money, since someone constantly knocks on Lowry. And now, when there is no one to rely on in the local department, and you have to remember your former partner.

But the former partner is mischievous and intractable. And while the schemer and his hangers-on do not appear on his horizon, he will agree to hell with two again to get into another unplanned massacre.

2. 1917 (UK, USA)

January 30

Recently, Hollywood has shot a lot of films about the Second World War. Saving Private Ryan (1998), Windspeakers (2002), We Were Soldiers (2002), For reasons of conscience (2016), Dunkirk (2017) are just a few of them. But in Great Britain they decided that the topic of the Second World War was already rather boring and decided to make a "true" film about the horrors of the First World War.

The second place in our top of the best films for January is taken by Sam Mendes (American Beauty) starring Bennedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott. The command orders two soldiers of one of the units to urgently get through the front line in order to inform the British troops preparing for the offensive that the Germans are trying to lure them into a minefield and into a sniper ambush. And the fighters, of course, cope with the task.

The viewer makes this dangerous "journey" with them and inevitably becomes a witness to the "cruel truth" about the First World War.

But the truth is that any war is equally terrible. People die on any of them. And there is nothing worse than that. To show how the legs come off and the intestines fall out is only to state the fact of the deaths themselves. And, yes, in any global war, children were killed, women were raped, etc. So, we will not see anything new in this film. Don't expect a truly truthful story. Maybe this colorful film was based on some memoirs, but it did not become the truth.

And, of course, no one will ever tell in the picture the truth that the First World War also had an Eastern Front. What for? Let the world, as usual, think that there were no USAs there at all. Since the Americans won the Second World War, then we, the British, will win the first. And the USAs ... Were they actually fighting somewhere?

3. Valhalla: Ragnarok (Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden)

January 30

The next picture of our top best films in January will tell about the great divine past of Scandinavia. Consider that all the countries from which the first Vikings once came out have gathered in order, in fact, to film a global saga about their ancestors. Only, of course, not very believable. A fabulous, or, as it is now fashionable to say, one that took place in one of the parallel universes, in which magic was still strong at that time.

Thor from the "Avengers" universe is not like Thor from the world in which events unfold. Loki has nothing to do with hisMarveliancounterpart. Although there will be only problems from him.

As the ancient prophecy says (it is not clear how, when, and on what basis he wrote it), the moment will come when the main miracle of that era and the main enemy of Asgard, the wolf Fenrir, will awaken from sleep, the offspring of which will destroy everything and all on the perishable earth and on the same, as it turned out, perishable divine heaven.

The rainbow bridge will sink into the abyss, after which the connection between the mortal world and the world of the gods will forever be destroyed. And chaos will reign on Earth, from the ashes of which a "new and improved" world will be reborn. Apparently, the one in which everyone will drive a car and endlessly flip through the feeds of social networks on their smartphones, interrupting only to take a picture and post their grubs.

But some of the highest commanding staff of the Vikings do not agree that everything should go exactly according to the plan, which is stipulated in the "published" prophecy, unknown by whom and when. And, of course, he will try to put everything in a different direction.

Although, in our universe, this did not save us from the "total smartphoneization" of the population. If, of course, similar events once took place in our universe at all.

4. Cats (UK, USA)

January 2

In the next January picture, musical, by the way, people are not people at all. They are cats, similar to humans only in body structure. Their faces are feline, human eyes, tails - again felines, legs - again human, hair - feline, and love - earthly, and not alien to people. Such is the interesting human-cat world.

Probably, among the local cat-people there are their own designers, and their engineers, professors, doctors, etc. After all, all those delights of civilization that are used by the human-cat population of the planet, some kind of human-cat or cat once created. But ...

Such personalities will not be shown to us in the film. Everything in it will revolve around the feline Tribe of the elect, which in its essence is only a consumer of goods, and not their supplier. The action will unfold at the annual secular ball, where each ludokat and ludokat will try to surpass each other in their thoroughbredness, generosity, importance and naive stupidity characteristic only of any elite.

Everything looks awesome, judging by the trailer. Still there would be a plot. But judging by the provided synopsis, it is not. We hope this is only because it is being deliberately kept under wraps.

Separately, I would like to praise the Arrow Idris Elba, Gandalf Ian McKellen and just Taylor Swift for their excellent transformation from humans into ludos. Although, they have something to praise? We need to praise costumers and make-up artists. That's who the Oscar nomination is secured.

5. The Richard Jewell Case (USA)

January 9

The next best film in January is another creation by Clint Eastwood. In addition to the aforementioned director, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill were the producers. They selected the material for the script very resonant for their time. Although to this day, the FBI and the most famous North American media covering Jewell's case are ashamed of their prejudice against a man who, in the end, turned out to be innocent and, moreover, a hero, whose efforts have saved hundreds of people.

The presumption of innocence is a concept known to everyone. “Not caught is not a thief,” “no body, no business” and other statements are, of course, good, but the main rule of the presumption is clearly and briefly stated in the dominant phrase: “A person cannot be considered guilty as long as his guilt is not proven in court. ”

This is often neglected by the media. And, not only them. Intelligence agencies are also good. And, okay, they would still be investigating the suspect's guilt in secret. They often deliberately allow themselves leaks, which are then inflated by journalists into such soap bubbles that can forever crush a poor suspect whose guilt has not yet been proven.

And then they refuse to apologize. A person, as in this case, has to sue.

The film is about the case of Richard Jewel, who, fulfilling his routine duty as a security guard at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, found a bomb in a public gathering place. He immediately took all possible actions in order to remove the people from the affected area. But no matter how hard he tried, in the explosion of a bomb stuffed with nails, one person was killed, and almost one and a half hundred were injured of varying severity.

Had he not found this explosive device, there would have been hundreds of deaths.

But the FBI was forced to declare him, the savior, a terrorist who planted that very bomb. To defend the honor and reputation of Richard undertook lawyer Watson Bryant. How the investigation will go - we will find out in the film itself. Perhaps, for the sake of entertainment, the plot will be embellished with new "details", but I think they will not go far from the truth.

Have you caught a real terrorist? Find out from the end credits. Well, or from Wikipedia, if you give someone spoilers.

6. Through the Snow (South Korea)

January 16

The next film in January was shot based on the well-known, as it is now customary to say, "graphic novel", but in human terms - comics, by Jean-Marc Rochette and Jacques Loba. The plot itself is idiotic, which, from the point of view of elementary scientific knowledge, is hard to believe. But, meanwhile, it will be quite a fairy tale.

It is immediately clear that neither one nor the other authors are friends with physics and other sciences. Or they believe that the bulk of the townsfolk who will read their novel are not friends with such. Or their "interesting" plot is not friends with her. But the conversation is not about that. The main theme here is precisely in the post-apocalyptic society, which, even after the end of the world, steadfastly strives to live according to its rotten rules and principles, where the ruling and seized minority rides on the shoulders of the oppressed majority.

The South Koreans, who hate North Socialist Korea, which is heading straight for communism, themselves decided to make a film in which they unconsciously (or maybe consciously?) put at the forefront the question of what would be best for people under communism, where everyone is equal, working together for the good of a common cause (here - survival and prosperity), and everything would be in order in this case.

Instead, the remnants of humanity, huddled on a train flying nonstop along the round-the-world ring railway, continue to observe the way of the capitalist system with might and main. Even before the catastrophe, the railway company arranged the train so that the train head cars were intended for members of high society, that is, moneybags and bureaucrats, while relatively poor citizens traveled in the rear, the least comfortable ones.

This is how it was at the time of the worldwide catastrophe, as a result of which the entire Earth is now buried under the snow, and so it remained six years later. The "rear", living in unbearable conditions, work on the "front", and the "front" get high in the suites, getting drunk and getting drunk.

It is clear that in such an unjust capitalist-wagon society, a revolution had to take place sometime. As the unforgettable comrade Lenin used to say, when the lower classes cannot, and the upper classes do not want, the tryndets will inevitably come.

But revolutions are different. If some simply confine themselves to overthrowing the ruling elite and establishing a completely different system, others demolish everything, after which the cover comes both to the "top" and "bottom". It all depends on the degree of passion. Here the passions ran high in earnest. So, it is not yet known whether any of this handful of the remaining "top" and "bottom" will survive.

First Avenger Chris Evans will "take care" of you all. And about the main villain Tilda Swinton - first of all!

7. Proxima (France, Germany)

January 16

In this January film, the main role is played by Eva Green, who once flashed her charms all over the world in "The Dreamers". After that, she ceased to be a woman of mystery. But she didn't stop being a good actress. Even in Bondiana she lit up. And she went further, now - to the stars, following the brave hero Brad Pitt.

And everything would be fine, only the flight to Mars itself will not show us. They will confine themselves to only a long, one forty film, preparation for departure. And everything will revolve around how our heroine, while training, will survive the thought of such a long separation from her daughter. And if you consider that an emergency may occur during the flight, and at all ...

One simple fact remains unclear. Why involve in such a responsible flight a specialist who has children at home, on the basis of pulls and loves to the ktoroma, a person can be mentally unstable, which, again, can affect the quality of his duties and the tasks assigned to him? After all, the fact that it is impossible to find a specialist of such a class on the whole Earth who would like to take a place in a ship flying to Mars is fantastic.

It is noteworthy that the heroine of Eva is preparing for the flight in USA. And the mission to Mars will start from the Baikonur cosmodrome. I just want to ask the French and the Germans, what are you, dear, the Americans with their ubiquitous NASA so thrown? Are you sick or what?

8. Underwater (USA)

January 23

This January movie is recommended for all fans of claustrophobic situations. We can say that this is a kind of hybrid of two films: "Abyss" 1989 and "Descent" (2005). From the “Abyss” there is a deep-water (here - very deep-water) platform and something that lives in the depths of the sea (here it is not at all friendly). From "Descent" - claustrophobic moments of closed and other cramped spaces and circumstances, and, again, evil entities unknown to science, lurking in the darkness of the depths of water, can not stand the light.

Neither the trailer nor the description provided to us by the respected 20th Century Fox film company is clear:

  • Where on Earth is the place, literally: "remote 9 thousand kilometers from the land." Okay, if there were no islands in the Pacific Ocean. But after all, they are, and they, in fact, whatever you may say, rise above the water, but there are dry ones, that is, that very dry land. And it is in this, unprecedented in our universe, terrestrial location that events will develop.
  • Where on earth is it thirteen kilometers deep? The deepest point in the world's oceans, again, on the Earth of our universe, is located in a location located south of Japan and east of the Philippines. This is the well-known Mariana Trench or Mariana Trench, the maximum depth of which reaches only (compared to the film) according to measurements in 2011 - about 11 kilometers. The pressure at such a depth is about 1086 atmospheres (for comparison, the pressure difference between the cosmic vacuum and the earth's surface is only, as we all understand, 1 atmosphere) and therefore it is completely incomprehensible how people could create an underwater platform of such dimensions, hollow inside and withstanding such terrible pressure. Bathyscaphes are not a comparison. They are small and have much higher resistance.
  • Why did these donkeys get there? And, moreover, did they not just climb into reconnaissance, but wanted to establish a huge research platform there?

We hope that all these questions will be answered in the film.

Otherwise, we will go on strike, stamp our feet, whistle and demand money back!

9. Coma (USA)

January 30

The next film in January is another attempt by USA filmmakers to create something worthwhile in a fantastic field. If only it did not work out the same as in the case of "Outpost" - the picture is a class, and the plot is below the plinth. Everything we think about this USA blockbuster can be read in thespecial. Today we will talk about "Coma".

After Victor got into a disaster, he had to experience the world in which comatose people while away their days in his own skin. This world consists entirely of the memories of the comatose themselves, through which, again, the comatose themselves wander.

Someone has a wide imagination. The world of such a person is wide and thought out. Someone's imagination is completely lame, and he did not study very well at school. The worlds of such people are surreal, dangerous and, at times, crumpled like a piece of paper thrown into an urn. And this whole set of "worlds" is intertwined so that, sometimes, even without particularly restraining, you can get from one "interesting living space" to another.

Our hero is not discouraged. He is looking for a way out of this chaos, without stopping at any difficulties. Probably (after "Outpost" we are not sure of anything), it will be interesting.

10. Invasion (USA)

January 1

The last place on our list of the best films of January is occupied by the picture, which is going very first on schedule. This is the same "Invasion" that replaced the idiotic "Attraction" of the year before last.

Who has already, no matter how hayal the poor humpbacked "Attraction" of Bondarchuk. We will not particularly finish him off here, we will only say that Bondarchuk's version of the meeting of earthlings with aliens looks not only ridiculous, but simply disgustingly mediocre, illiterate, sad, shameful and absurdly stupid. In light of this beginning, we do not think that the sequel will turn out to be much smarter, more serious and better quality.

You can fill the picture with colorful alien ships and their spectacular falls to Mother Earth as much as you like, the film will not be more interesting from this. The fact that a "humanoid" alien cuts through in a spectacular exosuit does not mean that at least a tolerable scenario should not be attached to this spacesuit, let alone an excellent one. In the first part, we saw complete nonsense, which cannot even be called a trash. This is just mediocre nonsense with caricatured people and incompetent, only seemingly advanced aliens, whose ships are able to overcome the speed of light, but fall apart from being hit by an antediluvian earthly rocket.

In the second part we are waiting for the second coming of an alien who is head over heels in love with an idiot dugout. Only the dugout, it is not clear from what, mutated into a super dugout, endowed with some peculiar and very dangerous superpowers.

Damn, even talking nonsense from a distance. But, of course, let's go laughing. And then roll on another super spoiler. It will be interesting.

We're talking about a super spoiler, of course.

Camouflage & Espionage (USA)

January 6

In the monthly top two of the best cartoons today, first of all, there was an animated blockbuster from American animators dedicated to espionage and everything connected with it.

And what kind of espionage without cool and advanced high-tech gadgets! Their developer and constructor will be the gloomy bloke Walter Beckett. Lance Sterling will be the super-James Bond of this film.

Having united in one close-knit team, they will punish any evil that decides to creep out from under their dark shop. It will be difficult, but invariably successful.

Reef (USA)

January 9

An interesting cartoon will be only for little ones. Not to say that it has a particularly sophisticated plot, and the graphics in it are not very good.

But the fact that he is colorful cannot be taken away from him. In general, a tale about how the fish saved their homeland. The kids will love it.


That's all. This, of course, is not the entire list of premieres and it is not at all necessary that blockbusters will be the best films of the first month of 2020. But we learn about this only after the aforementioned month. In the meantime, we can only wait and, of course, celebrate!

Next week we will publish a review of the best TV series in January, but for now, enjoy your New Year's mood and more cool films and TV series! Without it - nothing!

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