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Bad guys don't say goodbye

Image For a long 17 years, partners Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett were absent from the big screens, but Sony was persistent in their attempts, and viewers can finally watch the third part of the Bad Boys franchise. Triquel was positioned by the major as the last mission of Lowry and Burnett, but, as it turned out, the Sony bosses were cunning: the fourth film in the series went to work.

And although only a day has passed since the premiere of the blockbuster in the US, the studio is understandable, since Bad Boys Forever received mostly positive reviews in the press and have already managed to update the January record for collecting in preview format. Even in the absence of Michael Bay, who created the franchise, the new "Bad Boys" manage to keep their mark, and much credit for this belongs, of course, to the duet of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, so the quadriquel will probably not do without them.

The script of the fourth part will be taken up by Chris Bremner, who was a member of the author group of the third film, but the situation with the director is not yet clear. Bad Boys Forever was directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilal Falla, but it is not known whether Sony's management will want to continue working with the directors.


The third Bad Boys will open in USA cinemas next week.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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