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Sega has announced Team Sonic Racing


Sega and Sumo Digital have released the first trailer for Team Sonic Racing, a thrilling and emotional race featuring the heroes of the Sonic series. The title will debut this winter on PC and PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The other day Sonic fans heard about Team Sonic Racing - a fresh race with familiar characters in the person of a blue hedgehog and company. The "hero of the occasion" was the American retail chain Walmart, which prematurely placed the title in its offer.

However, this was not a surprise - in March, Sega presented material that left no doubt about the release of the next races in the Sonic universe. We can now enjoy the first trailer for the game along with screenshots from the publisher.

What is Team Sonic Racing?

The description states that Team Sonic Racing will offer a rivalry based on speed and agility. There are 15 Sonic characters to choose from, matching one of three styles: Power, Speed and Technique.

Players will be able to change the appearance of their hero using skins, as well as customize the selected car according to their preferences. It is not yet known whether the vehicles will transform into boats, planes and other objects from Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed, released in 2012.

Co-op races like unexpected

Co-op will be an important element of the gameplay. Players will be able to share the bonuses collected on the track, as well as perform special team maneuvers. There will be plenty of multiplayer modes: for example, time trial (Time Trial), story mode of team adventure (Team Adventure - multiplayer analogue of singleplayer mode) or Grand Prix - competition on four tracks, where victory will be determined by the number of points received for the taken place on each from routes.

Team Sonic Racing will offer many options for playing with real people - both online (up to 12 people) and split screen (up to 4 players). Of course, fans of singleplayer will not be left without anything - they will be able to play the extensive Adventure campaign, which will act as a training ground for mastering the basics.

More information will be available soon - probably at the upcoming E3 2018.

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Author: Jake Pinkman