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Alien Films: Top 100 Best. Part 2


Ask any science fiction fan: “What are your favorite science fiction films? About the end of the world, about aliens, about robots, about the future, about superpowers or something else? " And he will no doubt answer: "About all this at once!" We are glad to announce that the top best films about aliens, which we bring to your attention, contains the entire set of the above, so it will be interesting!

Well, let's start continuing, perhaps?

36. Cocoon (1985) 7.17

Old men from the local nursing home often go AWOL to swim in the pool of one of the neighboring mansions.


And little by little they begin to realize that they began to feel much better. Their chronic sores begin to disappear. They suspect something is wrong. But they cannot understand what the roots of their "rejuvenation" are.

And the dog rummaged side by side. A mysterious cocoon dangles in the pool, in which, as it turned out, the alien is. It is the miraculous shell of the cocoon that charges the water of the pool, and through it the old-men themselves, with sparkling energy and rejuvenates their senile bones.

But the secret services are hunting for the cocoon. Will the old men stand up to protect their acquaintance alien and his friends who flew after him?

37. The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) 7.16

The painting is based on the novel of the same name by American science fiction writer Walter Tevis.


An alien, who later identified himself as Thomas Newton, makes an emergency landing on our planet. Although, calling it emergency would be too mild. His ship just fell to pieces, and it is not entirely clear how he himself survived during such a catastrophic landing.

Be that as it may, this freak with eyes like a lizard has a goal - to get more water in order to save loved ones on his planet from drought. He patents here some technologies from his planet, becomes rich and plans to use the money to build a spaceship for his life-saving return.

He was the only one who did not suspect how exciting earthly life can be, and earthly special services disgusting.

38. Searching for the Galaxy (1999) 7.13

"In Search of the Galaxy" is a series that once thundered on TV screens. But nothing lasts forever under the moon. So interest in the series begins to wane until it actually closes.


Now the once famous actors who starred in the series are out of work, and the only place where anyone else remembers them is Comic Con, and even fewer and fewer people remember them there every year.

But once again, at the fantasy festival, our glorious heroes of the forgotten series will have to meet completely different fans who have arrived at Comic-Con from another solar system.

It turns out that the aliens who watched the series took it at face value and came to earth to ask the once famous crew for help.

39. War of the Worlds (2005) 7.07

Steven Spielberg was planning to film Wells' War of the Worlds for a long time, and now the moment has come. The script, however, was adapted for our time, and the main character no longer resembled the hero from the "War of the Worlds" by the famous author.

Here he is a harbor worker, and he has a couple of unbearable kids from a failed marriage, whom his mother just left him for the weekend. It is unclear who wrote this script, but he clearly had some kind of conflict with the younger generation. This is the only way to explain what kind of frostbitten degenerates he portrayed teenagers.

My daughter is a stupid fool who is always clever, even though she herself is dumb as a cork, and yells for any reason and for no reason. The son is a naive idiot who, before thinking, does it first, and without even going into what consequences his “actions” may have.

And these idiots will have to save the hero of Tom Cruise from the epicenter of the alien invasion. The horror is simple.

40. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005) 7.06

Few people know, but at the beginning of his career, the famous Bilbo Baggins from "The Hobbit" and Dr. Watson of their "Sherlock" Martin Freeman for a long time interrupted on second-rate roles in second-rate TV series and his participation in this film brought him real world fame.

So, in the continuation of our top best films about aliens, the story of an unlucky earthling who was the only one who managed to escape during the destruction of the planet.

The fact is that our planet was located at the site of the future interstellar "highway", and therefore was subject to "demolition" and because of which it, in fact, was "demolished", that is, blown up.

The hero of Martin Freeman - Arthur Dent was rescued by an alien disguised as an earthling, whom he once saved his life, preventing him from getting under the wheels of a car. From this moment, his long hitchhiking journey begins throughout the immense (at first glance) Milky Way.

41. Pandorum (2009) 7.06

Somewhere in space, a spaceship is holding its way. Why is everything so blurry? Because that is exactly how much information a member of the crew, Corporal Nolan Bauer, accidentally awakened by the ship's automation, has that much information.


Temporary amnesia is a side effect of cryosleep. And now he and another who has awakened - Officer Payton - will have to quickly remember everything, because on a huge, as it turned out, spacecraft, the reactor malfunctions, and there is no data why this is happening.

But, as it turned out, a faulty reactor is not so bad. The main threat comes from creatures that somehow appeared on the ship from somewhere.

42. Another Earth (2011) 7.04

People lived, lived, and suddenly - bam! In outer space a little further away from the Moon, contrary to all the laws of physics, another planet appeared - almost a double of the Earth itself.


The same outlines of the continents, the same seas and oceans. And later, after establishing a connection, it turned out that they were the same people. And the space research agency sends a team to it, which may include a simple layman among the specialists who will win the competition for “the best reason why you want to go to Earth-2”.

Former prisoner Rhoda thinks she should go there. Although, recently, she spends a good time here. In particular, she cleans the house of a man whose family she died in a car accident ...

43. Hidden (1987) 7.03

Basically, everyone knows Kyle McLocken from the TV series "Twin Peaks", in which he played one of the main roles. But in fact, such films as "Dune", which we will talk about a little later, because it is also present in our top of the best films about aliens, and "Hidden" brought him fame.


For those times, the film came out very cool, and the special effects in it were staged so skillfully that it still looks quite at the level. A reckless alien arrives on Earth, and when he takes over the bodies of people, he begins to do all kinds of lewdness.

FBI agent Lloyd Gallagher is investigating a series of mysterious murders, and a detective from the local police department, Tom Beck, is assigned as an assistant. And Tom every time more and more dislikes not only the complicated business they are doing, but also Agent Gallagher himself.

Something is wrong with this subject. He's too ... Alien!

44. Dune (1984) 6.99

As promised, in our top films about aliens there is another film with the participation of Kyle McLocken. It is based on the super popular novel of the same name by Frank Herbert in the late 1980s.

McLocken plays the young Prince Atreides, who, upon arriving on the planet Arrakis, known for producing a substance that is both an elixir of immortality and fuel for interstellar hyperjumping, becomes the leader of the local uprising.

How did it all come to this? Details in the film.

45. Signs (2002) 6.98

Mysterious giant circles and other figures in the fields, too regular and too large-scale to be "made" by the hands and feet of the locals, have long agitated the minds of ufologists.


And in this film, the curtain over the "damn letters" is lifted. It turns out that the aliens are to blame. But why are they painting this nonsense in the fields? And what do they, in fact, need from earthlings in general and from the family of Graham Hess - in particular?

As it turned out, the answers were simple to the point of banality.

By the way, along with Mel Gibson, the "Joker" Joaquin Phoenix took part in the film, although he is more than fifteen years younger than the present one. But this only makes everything more interesting!

46. My Favorite Martian (1999) 6.98

Tim O'Hara is not a bad reporter. But he is somehow unlucky with sensations. More and more he comes across some kind of beach contests for old fighters. In addition, he is madly in love with the boss's daughter. A notorious bitch, by the way. But love, as they say, has big eyes.


And so, when his career hangs in the balance, a living and real Martian literally falls on his head from Mars. With a ship and a spacesuit, everything is as expected.

Now Tim has a difficult task - which way to go? To secretly record a report about him from the Martian himself and show it on the evening air? Or, nevertheless, to spit on a damn career and stay with him in korefans?

Despite his addiction to ice cream and the habit of falling apart when depression sets in, the Martian turned out to be a very good ... friend.

47. Evolution (2001) 6.97

It is very symbolic that David Duchovny, who starred in a science fiction series about the paranormal and about aliens (the main plot is about them), starred in a comedy film dedicated to the same aliens.


Yes, it was the aliens that were the amino acids contained in the "belly" of the devils that came to us from where the comet was. And how they began, these amino acids, to multiply and multiply, evolving at such a speed that neither God nor Darwin dreamed of.

In the shortest possible time, in the cave, where the cosmic "alien" with life-giving filling, the evolution of species took place, which took a billion years for mother on Earth.

And now great apes are on their way, and the "local professor and his co-professor" cannot whistle samples for the Nobel Prize from the special services.

48. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) 6.96

This is the second attempt to stage a film based on the novel "Body Snatchers" by Jack Finney. The first was in 1955 and we talked about it in the first part of our top of the best films about aliens. We'll talk about the third in the next issue.


Despite the fact that the picture was filmed in the late 80s, the special effects in it are quite at the level, which makes the picture in demand today. Here everything is the same as in the case of the prequel. After a rain on Thursday, mysterious flowers grew on the plants, from which, in a short time, horror began to appear, replacing the bodies of people with "new and improved" ones, like King's Tomminokers.

But the hero of Donald Sutherland, as well as his girlfriend, do not really want such an alien "upgrade", and therefore the whole film is made from "new and improved" legs.

Will they be able to avoid "upgrading to version 2.0"? We learn from the movie itself.

49. John Carter (2012) 6.93

John Carter, once a civil war hero, is now engaged in lewdness like treasure hunting. And this does not suit some military leaders, who would very much like to see this specialist in their guard.

But Carter resists and in his eagerness to flee from the warriors has surpassed himself. He so wanted to get out of the jail in which he was imprisoned that he found himself on ... Mars itself!

True, Burroughs calls this planet "Barsum". And Burroughs himself turns out to be not just someone, but the nephew of John Carter, who would later describe first-hand all the adventures of his uncle on this very Barsum.

50. Through the Horizon (1997) 6.92

Disappeared seven years ago, the research ship "Event Horizon" (yes, that is what it is called in reality, and not "Through the horizon"), suddenly announced from nowhere in the zone of its originally planned "zero-transition".

Of course, a new research mission was immediately dispatched to him in order to find out what happened to the ship and to the crew itself, which does not respond to any inquiries. But the group that arrived at the scene regretted a hundred times that they had gone on this mission. After all, the research vessel, as it turned out, visited Hell itself!

Well, and, as expected, brought something infernal from there that drives mad anyone who finds himself dangerously close to him.

51. Sphere (1998) 6.91

Continuing the list of the best films about aliens - Barry Levinson's tape, based on the novel by Michael Crichton himself.


In this story, an alien nonsense was found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, although later it turned out that it came to us from the future. But how the descendants differ from the aliens, if you comprehend their invention, as well as the purpose of throwing it into the past, no one is able.

An invention is a sphere, once in which a person's brains move to one side. Just like in the previous case with the ship "Event Horizon".

52. A Space Odyssey 2010 (1984) 6.90

9 years have passed since the mysterious disappearance of the previous mission, which went to a giant extraterrestrial device, dubbed "Monolith". And scientists are preparing the next research mission, designed to find out what happened to the ship and the crew of the "Discovery".


The crew is assembled from Soviet and American astronauts and specialists, who in the future are forced to decide whether to exacerbate relations between them on board the ship, while the conflict between the USA and the USSR is escalating on Earth.

There are plenty of adventures here too. It will be interesting. Even because the famous Soviet comedian Savely Kramarov, who went to America back in 1981, starred in the tape. Although in a serious film he certainly does not look at all.

53. Soldier (1998) 6.90

The loser of the duel in the battle with the robotic model of Sergeant Todd is thrown into a landfill as unnecessary - in the truest sense of the word. The duel took place aboard a warship that unloaded its dumpsters at a nearby landfill planet. Sergeant Todd, who miraculously survived, was in one of these containers.


Fortunately for him, the planet was inhabited by local aborigines, who left him. But the sergeant, unadapted to life in society, left the settlement, since interaction in society was new to him.

At this time, the command of the navy, pleased with the results shown by the new combat units, decided to conduct exercises with their participation on the dump planet, the purpose of which was to clear the bridgehead from the enemy. The bridgehead, as you understand, turned out to be the local settlements, and the enemies themselves were the locals.

But they didn't take into account that Sergeant Todd survived ...

54. Arrival (1996) 6.86

Radioastron Zane Zaminski (Charlie Sheen) has had a hard time. Having learned that global warming is the result of the actions of aliens who have been among us for a long time, he must at all costs convey this truth to people.


But it is not easy to do this, because he, as an object with too much knowledge, is subject to urgent destruction. And the forces and means of the aliens, as it turned out, are very impressive. And the technology is completely incomparable.

Some "spinning bombs", sucking in everything and everything that is worth.

55. Alien (2002) 6.84

After the conflict with the aliens, everyone found out what kind of bastards they are. Moreover, in addition, they can pretend to be people one hundred percent. But people are also not bastard. They, with the help of specially developed technologies, are able to identify "spies" in their ranks.

But what, excuse me, the goofy intelligence services got to the bottom of Spencer Alham, the very clever guy who invented the type of weapon with which the aliens were kicked in the teeth?

Spencer himself knows that he is a real person. But go and prove it to the specialists hunting him ...

56. Seventh (2008) 6.84

The boy grows up in a slum hut with a hard-working father, who, for some reason, with all his zeal and hard work, cannot even earn money for a child's sneakers. The boy is always dirty, wears clothes from the landfill and all that.


But this is not about the fact that even with all your poverty, you can not be a slob. It's about an alien creature that a daddy finds in a junkyard and gives to his son. Now, after such a new acquisition, all enemies immediately become friends, and in general, the guy’s life becomes “new skis”.

Naive nonsense, but many people like it. It turns out that in order for things to work out, you just need to become the owner of some funny contraption. Well, what if not?

And if not, keep getting slapped and rummaging around the landfill all your life!

57. Venom (2018) 6.79

Journalist and sensation hunter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) receives a tip from one of the employees of a local company that experiments on extraterrestrial creatures are being carried out in secret laboratories under the guise of ordinary and unremarkable activities.


Well, where can you restrain yourself so as not to climb into the territory of the company and not shoot picturesque material? Which is what Eddie does. Only, at some point, the essence from the capsule pounces on him and he, or rather, together, transforms into Venom, capable of gnawing off any head as there is nothing to do.

How will the Entity behave when it is attracted by a journalist, and how will a journalist who is attacked by an alien Entity behave? As you can see from the film, they both understand each other very well.

58. Bird box (2018) 6.78

The top best films about aliens is continued by the naive-horror film from the streaming service "Netflix" with Sandra Bullock in the title role.

Five years ago, from nowhere, terrible creatures appeared on earth, seeing which a skiff immediately comes to a person. Like inStephen King's Mobile,people suddenly start committing suicide in the most horrific ways.

Survival comes out only for those who act outside the premises blindfolded, that is, by touch. And all would be fine, but only "evil spirits" do not kill everyone. She turns some especially outstanding geeks into her "hands", who begin to hunt the smartest ones who dart around the shops blindfolded.

Come here, run away blind from the sighted ...

59. Lost in Space (1998) 6.78

In the not too distant future, mankind, which dirtied its planet for the most, will face an inglorious end. And the glory to this end can only be returned by the Robinson family, ready to fly to the distant planet Alpha Prime to set up a gate there through which humans can infiltrate it in order to smudge it safely in the future.


But a series of emergency situations calls the continuation and fulfillment of the mission into question, and the main “emergency situation” turns out to be an extremist spy who made his way onto the ship to destroy it, and accidentally started with it.

The crew will have a great adventure, and despite the fact that the film was filmed in 1988, the special effects in it are quite on the level. Looks with interest. Although, on the whole, and naively slightly.

60. Planet of the Apes (2001) 6.78

This adaptation of the well-known novel by Pierre Boulle is not associated with either the franchise of the 60s-70s, or with the modern trilogy. Here everything begins in one film and ends in one film.


It all starts with the fact that researchers at the space military research base "Oberon", conducting experiments on chimpanzees, send one such to the zone of the recently found anomaly. Captain Davidson (Mark Wahlberg) was initially against such a savage experience. Once in the special module, he goes to rescue the animal.

Having suffered a wreck, this naive idiot realizes that he is in some kind of phantasmagoric medieval world, where monkeys rule over people who have descended in all respects below the plinth.

There is nowhere to go. We'll have to assume the post of messiah, called upon to unite peoples (or rather, scientifically speaking, species) and put an end to strife once and for all.

61. Halo 4: Dawn Walker (2012) 6.77

Next in our top films about aliens is a mini-series, which was later combined into one feature film in the Blu-ray edition. A film based on the game of the same name was filmed and tells how the war with alien creatures began in the Halo universe.


The story is about a cadet of the military space school Laski, who, along with his comrades, is being trained on one of the planets of the alliance. One fine day, the film's snot-smearing narrative is disrupted by the invasion of the planet by strange creatures dressed in super suits and killing everyone and everything around.

Only a few cadets manage to escape, who managed to call for help a detachment of some strange fighters, the commander of which would later become the future Commander Laski.

62. Angel of Darkness (1989) 6.76

The hero of the film, policeman Jack Kane (Dolph Lundgren), was very unlucky. His partner was killed in some grisly firefight.


Later it turned out that the culprit was an alien who arrived on our planet, no matter how trite it may sound, with the aim of producing drugs. He kills a person, pumps earth heroin into him and extracts from him some kind of hormone, which for his compatriots is a stunned fool.

Under the pretext "I came in peace", he kills people one by one, until a brave cop Jack Kane and a not very brave FBI agent Smith are on his way.

63. Space Truckers (1996) 6.76

Space truckers receive a lucrative order to tow a mysterious cargo to the region of near-earth orbits, which, in the event of an emergency and an attempt to disconnect it from the space tractor, also began to shoot back.


Not having time to figure out what's what, the trinity of truckers are captured by space pirates, who are ready to find a worthy use for this valuable cargo. After all, the pirate ringleader himself had once dealt with this "cargo" and barely survived after this "case".

He knows firsthand what such a "load" is capable of and intends to quickly put it into action. And then all the crap. Unless, of course, truckers intervene.

64. Guyver 2: Dark Hero (1994) 6.76

Guyver is an alien special suit that allows you to resist alien weapons. Yes, indeed, it is something like "Venom", only it is not a biological symbiont, but a high-tech one.


The first part of the story will appear in our top of the best films about aliens only in the third issue. This is the rare case when the second part came out better than the first, although the Jedi of the light forces Skywalker himself - Mark Heimll - starred in it.

In the last part, student and, concurrently, karateka Max Reed, who became the random owners of an extraterrestrial suit, prevented extraterrestrial creatures from making humanity their new biological weapon. But this time the evil lurked already on our planet. Here it is represented by the Kronos company, trying to get hold of a ship full of guers for their evil purposes.

But, as usually happens in such films, there is a hero for every villain. And here he will be a young man named Sean, another happy owner of an extraterrestrial "spacesuit" who will be guided on the right path by prophetic dreams inspired by the same "spacesuit".

65. Village of the Damned (1960) 6.75

One of the villages of the English hinterland was visited by an attack of the most real catalepsy. For several hours everyone there suddenly became numb, but, having come out of a kind of "fit", continued to live as if nothing had happened.


And all would be fine, but only after a couple of weeks all the women in the area were pregnant. What's more, the offspring they gave birth turned out to be very, very strange.

Not to say creepy.

66. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) 6.73

Continuing the top of the best science fiction films about aliens - another unscientific fantasy film from Luc Besson, who tried to repeat his "feat" with "The Fifth Element".

Almost succeeded. The film came out colorful and very beautiful. But the overabundance of special effects and the muddled plot, drowned in these special effects, as well as the absence of a peculiar and attractive heroine, who at that time turned out to be Leela performed by Milla Jovovich, did not play into the director's hands.

The film, for all its beauty, turned out to be difficult and fully comprehensible only after repeated viewing. And, alas, not everyone likes this.

67. Quiet Place (2018) 6.73

Another version of the aliens. This time - to such an extent eared that they resemble, in fact, a walking set of conglomerate ears for any occasion.

The creepy creatures that came from outer space (although there is no exact data in the film about their "homeland") see nothing, but they hear very well. And people trying to survive in this post-apocalyptic world have to live, as they say, quietly.

But if an adult can be explained why it is impossible to yell and why you need to be quiet, then go and explain this to a newborn baby ...

68. Purple ball (1987) 6.70

Few people know, but in fact, Natalya Murashkevich appeared in the image of Alisa Selezneva two whole times. Everyone knows about the first one - "Guest from the Future". But few have heard of the Purple Ball.


And, in principle, lost a little. Despite the deep meaning put into the film, based on the novel of the same name by Bulychev, the film came out very cheap and tasteless.

Of course, the "oldies" will start yelling at the top of their voices: "Do not encroach!" But that is what it is. In our age of film adaptations of "Harry Potter", "The Lord of the Rings" and "I am robots" this creation does not look at all.

But, thanks for the votes on KinoPoisk. They are very misleading.

69. Mission to Mars (2000) 6.68

Sci-fi film made by people who know nothing about physics. So it will be interesting in places, but not very believable.


And this implausibility lies not only in physics, but also in the present state of affairs. For example, a terribly expensive project to send people to Mars will require a huge amount of manpower and resources, which is why, in the first place, the mission to Mars is constantly being postponed, and then somewhere in the shortest possible time funds were found to send a rescue (second in a row!) missions.

In general, a tale about how the first mission, consisting of four people, flew, three died, one, it seemed, survived, finding a way to send an "SOS", after which the second mission arrived, although everyone understood what to save there will already be no one there.

Or is there anyone?

70. Armageddian (2013) 6.68

Simon Pegg is lucky to shoot in parodies. But this time it is not a superfighter or a zombie apocalypse, but a real invasion from outer space.

The main character Harry King arrives in his hometown and immediately begins to suspect that the people in it have become different. And after a while he learns the terrible truth - New Haven is captured by aliens, and everything around is not people, but only their believable copies, as in "Body Snatchers".

And in the eerie dungeon of their favorite pub with the eloquent name "The End of the World" the main evil lurked, taking root throughout the district. With him, our main character will have to clash in the end.

And it's not clear yet who will take it.


Exactly two weeks later, we will find out what other films were included in our top 100 best films about aliens. In the meantime, we will "digest the eaten" and follow our news. We still have a lot of interesting and useful things next in line, but for now, as usual, all the best to you and, of course, more cool films and TV series!

1st part of the top: films from 1 to 35

3rd part of the top: films from 71 to 100

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