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The best secrets and easter eggs in Assassins Creed Odyssey


Video game creators have a good tradition of adding secret references to popular media works, be they games, literature or movies, into their projects. The new "Assassin" was no exception, the world of which Ubisoft is literally teeming with surprises. And in this article, we tried to collect the best secrets and easter eggs of Assassins Creed Odyssey. Some of them can be easily found even by an inattentive player, but there are some that will have to work hard to find.

Circle of stones from The Legend of Thelda Breath of the Wild

The first reference will be to one of the most highly rated games in history and also the main exclusive for the Nintendo Switch console. Finding it is very simple - we go to a location called "Pandora's Cave" and find a small peninsula in the shape of the letter "C". At the very top of the cliff, just beyond the sandy shore, you can see a circle of stones that looks identical to those found in The Legend of Thelda Breath of the Wild. In the Nintendo game, they were used to find Croc's seeds.

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Skeleton of Ophion

In Assassins Creed Odyssey, Greek mythology is perfectly worked out and in the story the player will be able to follow the example of Hercules: to deal with some of the mythical creatures with his own hands. In addition, at a location called "Snake Cave" is the skeleton of a huge ... yes, of course, a snake. The game does not have a direct explanation of the name of the dead creature, but when studying Greek mythology, the first thing that comes to mind is the thought of Ophion - a giant snake and the first ruler of Olympus. According to mythology, Ophion was struck down with great difficulty by the titan Kronos, so it may be for the best that we have just a dead skeleton that does not try to devour the protagonist.

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Battle from Black Panther

Among other secrets and easter eggs of Assassins Creed Odyssey, it is worth noting a reference to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and in particular to the Black Panther movie. We go to the location "Legacy of Minas" and find the largest waterfall on the island. At the top, right in the middle of a small pond, an epic (not really) battle between two people takes place under the applause of an enthusiastic audience. It is easy to guess that this scene parodies the fight between Killmonger and Black Panther from the film of the same name.

Sword of King Arthur

The Assassins Creed Odyssey Easter eggs parade continues with a reference to the legendary King Arthur and the sword Clarent, which he managed to pull out of the stone, and at the same time become the full heir to the English throne. To find the Easter egg, we sail to the "Village of Gythion" and pay attention to the highest mountain adjacent to the village. At the very top you will find the same sword in the stone, although you won't be able to get it and put it into your inventory.

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Great Ajax

As in all previous parts of the series, Assassins Creed Odyssey features some of the most important characters in the history of Ancient Greece. And not only alive, because if you go to the "Island of Salamis" and look into the "Tomb of Ajax" it is easy to find in one of the rooms the remains of that very Ajax (judging by the size - the Great). Among his exploits - participation in the Battle of Troy, as well as victory in the fight and discus throw at the games in honor of Patroclus and Achilles, respectively.

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"It's a Trap!"

The real expanse of Easter eggs can be found in the first location in the modern world. After getting out of the Animus, we explore a small room and find a laptop. If you turn it on and search a little by correspondence, in one of the messages there will be a phrase enclosed in quotation marks "It's a Trap" or "This is a trap" if you play Assassins Creed Odyssey in USA. This expression is a direct reference to a popular meme among movie buffs "Star Wars". By the way, on the same computer you can find the biography of Juno, one of the most popular characters in the Assassins Creed series.

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Sam Fisher's Night Vision Device

For fans of Ubisoft products, the next easter egg, which can be found in the same room near the Animus, will be especially enjoyable. One of the boxes bears the same "three-eyed" night vision device that Sam Fisher always used in the Splinter Cell series. And if you combine this Assassins Creed Odyssey Easter egg with the recent statement of one of the creators of Ubisoft that the developers have not forgotten about Splinter Cell, then it becomes very good at heart. Who knows, maybe Sam Fisher will be back on our monitors much faster than we think.

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Raving Rabbids Crazy Rabbit

Another meaningful reference that can be found near the Animus when playing as Leila Hassan. A figurine of a rabbit from the Raving Rabbids series flaunts on the shelf.

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Twins Fry from Syndicate

And the last Easter egg in the same room can be found by interacting with one of the windows. When Layla looks out the window and sees Big Ben, she will remember the Fry twins - the main characters of one of the previous installments of the series.

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This concludes the review of the main Easter eggs and secrets of Assassins Creed Odyssey, but it should be said that this is not the whole list of game surprises. It is worth noting separately the skin of a pegasus and a unicorn for a horse, members of the ship's crew who dress like characters from previous parts of the series (a Medjai suit or a cloak from Unity, for example), as well as an image of the Kraken on the map, it's a pity that its live version has not yet been found .

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