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Alien Films: Top 100 Best. Part 3


In past episodes, we have reviewed the first 70 feeds of our top best alien films. It's time to finish what we started and get acquainted with the final thirty of our extensive thematic list.

We remind you that our top is based on the KinoPoisk rating, which is indicated immediately after the year the film was released worldwide. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the films included in the franchises such as "Avengers", "Phantasm", "Transformers", etc. are not on our list. We will give them our top.

Now let's continue where we left off in the last release.

71. Drop (1988) 6.67

Stephen King's"Kaleidoscope of Horrors"taught us that it is impossible to touch meteorites flying from space with bare hands in any case, in which he personally and perfectly played the stupid gas station owner Jordi Verill.


As in the case mentioned, one of the local idiots witnessed the fall of a meteorite, and finding it, some kind of devil got his hand into its cracked interior. It is clear that the alien substance immediately did not fail to dine on the onlooker who turned up.

And the more the protoplasm that descended from heaven eats animal flesh, the more it expands and grows. And now not only the Colorado town of Arborville is under threat of extermination, the entire globe is in danger.

After all, if you do not take action, in the near future the alien living and intelligent protoplasm will cover the entire planet with an even layer, from which not only people will disappear. All living things will be dissolved in the monotonous cosmic "bioliquid"!

72. Chronicle (2012) 6.67

In the continuation of the top of the best films about aliens, the story of a trinity of friends who accidentally found a cave “outside the village” in which something alien lurked.

In appearance, this "something" looked like ice, in which some dark streaks were moving (moving in the ice!). And, of course, one of the idiots decided to touch this "something" with his hands.

Nothing serious happened at first. All three idiots just acquired telekinesis abilities. But the further time passed, the more it became clear that something that had taken possession of them was taking over their minds, forcing the bodies and minds of their symbionts to do all sorts of lewdness.

For more details on what an alien creature can bring a person into his body, we will find out by looking at Josh Trunk's masterpiece in full.

73. Annihilation (2017) 6.67

The film seems to be copied from the Zone of the well-known inter-author cycle STALKER Only here the epicenter of the anomaly is not the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which has set the teeth on edge, but an ordinary lighthouse on the coast, into which a meteorite fell from the sky.

Meteorite, like the Zone in some novels, has its own strangely twisted mind. It changes reality and time around itself in such a way that it turns people's brains on one side.

When it becomes clear that the anomaly, which scientists have dubbed "Flicker", begins to slowly but surely expand in scale, the special services, in collaboration with professors, begin to make every effort to stop this harmful growth.

But to know how IT can be destroyed, you must first study IT. But up to this moment, the Flicker has easily devoured every single expedition sent to it. And so far the only person has managed to return - the husband of biologist Lina (Natalie Portman), who soon after his return still “made ends meet”, and in a very peculiar and spectacular way.

Now the next squad is going to the zone, in which, among other specialists, Lina herself is included. She was able to return, since the picture begins with her interrogation. But with what forces? And is it Lina at all? Could it be some kind of twin of her, created by Shimmer?

74. Dreamcatcher (2003) 6.65

In the next picture of our top of the best films about aliens, staged, by the way, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, we will talk about aliens capable of entering human bodies and very successfully "parody" their usual behavior.

By themselves, they resemble leeches with a longitudinal mouth, densely dotted with several rows of very sharp teeth. They multiply quickly, laying heaps of eggs and really want to infect the local pool of drinking water, so that all the local human brethren die to hell, leaving them a vast area of Mother Earth for further and happy living.

The action revolves around four childhood friends who decided to get together and celebrate the next anniversary of some event in a country house. By chance, they find themselves in the center of the area cordoned off by the special services, on which the alien ship landed or crashed (it is not clear).

And despite the fact that alien creatures have the gift of suggestion, the hero of Morgan Freeman - a colonel of the special rapid response service - they cannot be fooled. He will give the creatures a heat.

But isn't his actions too categorical? Some people think that it can be simpler ...

75. Something (1951) 6.64

In the first part, we have already reviewed one of the later and successful sequels to this masterpiece. And here in our list of the best films about aliens is the source itself. And despite the fact that it is already in 75th place and was released back in 1951, it still looks quite at its level.


The film, by the way, is called in the English version: "Something from another world."

In this version, the creature was not found by the Norwegians, and it was not frozen into the ice for many years. Here it was just a trivial UFO that crashed over Antarctica. Specialists who arrived in time to the scene of the accident, having ascertained the complete destruction of the extraterrestrial ship, found an ice floe with an entity frozen into it, somehow escaping the explosion, and pinned it to a local station.

After thawing, the entity began to hunt down the group members, killing them one by one in one way or another. Well, will anyone stay here this time?

76. My Stepmother Is An Alien (1988) 6.63

It's time for Kim Bessinger to play the alien. Her heroine was sent to Earth under the guise of a beauty who is supposed to fool the local nerd, who sent a signal into space that almost destroyed their home planet.


She needs, having gained confidence in him, to learn how it is possible to launch a signal of the opposite frequency there, so that he would correct the created catastrophic situation.

But the longer the heroine Kim remains in human form and the more she gets to know the scientist and his harmful but cool daughter, the less she wants to return.

But, nevertheless, will she manage to save her homeland? Or, having jumped out in marriage, she will not only stop eating batteries, but will completely forget about her sad countrymen?

77. Ender's Game (2013) 6.62

The following picture of our review of the best films about aliens tells the story of a little boy who, along with other teenagers, was long and persistently trained in space battles, preparing himself as a commander in chief.


The whole film in the picture shows idiotic training, hones the ridiculous interaction of members of even more ridiculous battles.

We certainly understand the rationale behind such tutorials. But this does not make the picture less absurd and naive. Only towards the end of the film the action will slightly “warm up”.

But this is already a prize for those who really mastered this colorful, but very boring masterpiece to the end.

78. Parasite: Part 1 (2014) 6.60

In this case, the aliens are some kind of centipedes, which, penetrating into people's homes and crawling into their ears, seize control over their bodies.


They make a number of genetic changes in the human body, generally leaving the captured body looking normal. The creatures begin to kill other people who are not carriers of alien creatures and devour them, and in general everything would be great for them.

But one such centipede managed to penetrate not into the head of one local boy, but into the hand, after which his right upper limb healed with its own life, acquired a mouth, an eye and its own limbs, and its development went differently than that of his compatriots , channel.

It was this creature that was destined to become a stumbling block for the next invasion of alien invaders on the mortal mother Earth. After all, she knows how to feel fake people, that is, her "compatriots" who have taken over the bodies of people at a distance. All that remains is to conduct impressive political information with her and win her over to your side.

79. Sea Battle (2012) 6.60

We are accustomed to the fact that aliens who invaded Earth constantly land on land. In the next picture of our top of the best films about aliens, the aliens did not land, but splashed down, because of which the entire battle with the alien invaders will take place at sea, or more precisely, in the ocean.


The technique of alien creatures is such that ours never dreamed of. But, meanwhile, our guns and ammunition are very capable of inflicting "injuries incompatible with functionality." If only to get there. And this, alas, is very difficult to do, since the goals are so nimble and imperceptible that they are just fantastic, forgive the pun. Then our people divide the "playing field" into squares and how can we hit them ...

In short, like in the game of the same name. It will be fun. Especially those who manage to survive.

80. Liquid Sky (1982) 6.59

Here the aliens who arrived on earth decided to infiltrate not into school classes, not into universities, not into factories and factories, not even into train stations, but into a punk crowd.


Why? As it turned out, they really like to feed on the endorphins of the goofs, which are often bombarded with drugs.

Somewhere we have already heard about aliens feeding on endorphins. Not like the previous episode, which dealt with the Angel of Darkness movie starring Dolph Ludgren?

81. The Astronaut's Wife (1999) 6.59

The next shuttle flight was in the normal mode. Two astronauts went into outer space to repair the satellite. And then it all happened. With the help of some kind of radiation that caused an explosion in orbit, disembodied extraterrestrial entities entered the bodies of the repairmen.

So from space to Earth instead of the pilot Spencer Armakost and his partner, aliens have returned. Meanwhile, they easily undergo a medical examination, and after being allowed to go home, they lead a completely normal life.

Only wives can't be fooled. If anyone can recognize a change in a husband, it is only that. And they, of course, notice them. And, as in any psychological thriller, no one believes them. What will cohabitation with a creature from outer space lead to?

Let's see - we'll see. But we don't promise a happy ending. Although, in this sense, the director worked with a bang. He played two whole endings, so it's enough for both yours and ours.

82. Mars attacks! (1996) 6.58

What will be the aliens who are destined to get to our solar system? Will they be angry? Kind? Smart or dumb? High or low? Mammals or insects?


In the next picture of our top of the best films about aliens, it is argued that they will be vicious and insidious little ones with bulging eyes, an exaggeratedly large head and brains out.

While the earthlings decided to establish contact with them, as befits respectable and progressive inhabitants of the local universe, with all the honors and other things, these creatures opened fire on them and killed the lion's share of people who wanted to communicate with them.

Then they apologized and said that it happened by accident. But the next time it was repeated with an accuracy of one hundred percent. Apologies again.

I wonder if stupid earthlings will cut through that they are simply being led by the nose?

83. Space Eggs (1987) 6.58

This masterpiece is a parody of Star Wars and other science fiction films of the end of the last century. At one time he was as popular as Star Wars itself.


In the center of the plot are a couple of adventurers Lon Starr (local Skywalker and Solo in one person) and a chelobak (human-dog) named Blevok, whom the Druid king asked to save his daughter Vesla (the local princess Leia) from the tenacious paws of the future groom Valium - the last crown prince of the galaxy. He asked the king for nothing at all - a million cosmodollars, exactly as much as he owed the local mafia Pizza Hutt.

There is also Lord Helmet (local Darth Vader), who will stop at nothing to return the Oars to his dejected groom. He propels his super-long spaceship Spaceball 1 to an “insane speed”, which, as usual, is much higher than the speed of light and is catching up with adventurers.

But Starr and the petitioner are also not bastard. They will also show the damn spaceballs why now in a very, very, very, very distant galaxy a pound of dashing.

84. Invasion (2007) 6.57

Next in line is a kind of rehash of the "body snatchers" with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig in the lead roles. But here alien dregs from outer space do not replace people, but simply "remake".


It turns out that a change in the human body and the substitution of an alien personality (in simple words) occurs only during sleep, since a hormone produced by a person during the process of falling asleep acts as a catalyst in this complex process.

It follows from this that if you do not want your body to pass into “other hands”, you should never sleep. But on the street there are more and more suspiciously behaving people, and oh, how you want to sleep ...

85. Forgotten (2004) 6.55

People live and are completely unaware of the fact that the aliens have been here for a long time. And they need little from people, just learn the nature of the force that binds us to our loved ones, or, more precisely, a mother to her child.

That is why they steal her son from a poor woman over and over again, erasing her memory and hoping that she will never remember him again. Why would they?

This is a different matter.

86. Super 8 (2011) 6.53

It turns out that the UFO over the North American continent was shot down. But when transporting it to a "secluded place", it took, and even dumped out of the car, making a real train disaster.

In continuation of our list of the best films about aliens, the story is about the kids who became accidental witnesses of that terrible disaster. One of them got hold of an integral part of the mysterious "alien", consisting of a whole host of such.

And when she begins to behave strangely, the kids immediately begin to behave badly too. How bad, we learn from the picture itself.

87. Virus (1998) 6.53

Poor space station Mir. In what Hollywood scrapes she did not participate. It even served as a filling station for the Shuttles, going to stab the asteroid threatening the Earth in two.


And here she, too, was not destined to fulfill her term. It was destroyed as a result of the intervention of aliens, who, using a strange signal, managed to boot through the antenna of the research vessel into the main processor of the local computer.

Now the ship has turned into one continuous host of robots, reproducing each other from improvised means and parts. And it was this ship that the tractor team managed to stumble upon, which decided to hand over the huge ship to the owners who had lost it for a huge reward.

But will the mysterious mind from space allow them to live to this happy moment?

88. Alien Stew (1987) 6.51

In this film, aliens flew to earth for meat. Moreover, they were not going to buy it, but simply "chop" it. In this case, the inhabitants of one of the villages of the New Zealand hinterland were supposed to act as livestock.


A special task force from the "Defense Bureau for Space Investigations" acts to counter the alien lovers of the "free little man". And then the alien meat lovers will experience how future hamburgers and chops can resist.

There will be a sea of blood, mate and jokes below the belt. Not for the faint of heart.

89. War of the Worlds (1953) 6.50

In this rehash of the famous novel by H.G. Wells, the writers decided that the Martians would not look on tripods. And it was very difficult to implement such special effects at that time. And they decided that the aliens would be just "pilots".


The location of the landing of the Martians has also changed. According to the 1953 remake, they landed in long-suffering California, near the town of Linda Rosa. From there they began to burn everyone to the right and to the left, surfing the California coast far and wide on their flying saucers.

And while bacteria and viruses do not kill these terrible creatures, which even the atomic bomb turned out to be uneasy about, we will have to see enough of the suffering of the local population by the very least.

90. Live (2017) 6.49

In the next film of our top of the best films about aliens, the events unfold on the ISS. Moreover, the events are very catastrophic.

The probe, which flew from Mars, brought with it not only soil samples. They contained some kind of unicellular devilry, which, under favorable conditions, began to multiply and grow wildly.

Well, since this something is growing, it means that food is vital for it. And of course, it could not wish for a better delicacy than the crew members.

The aforementioned members will have to run (or rather, fly) from this creature, which neither protective glasses nor other obstacles can keep. Only lack of oxygen can put her to sleep.

But the lack of oxygen has a detrimental effect on people's health, isn't it? And what is the solution then?

91. Something (2011) 6.41

The film is not a "rehash" of the previous pictures of the same name. According to the creators, the picture describes the events preceding what happened in the 1982 film with Kurt Russell in the title role.

Everyone remembers that the 1982 film began with the Norwegian polar explorers chasing one of the sled dogs in a helicopter. And here it will be told what actually happened to the Norwegians who found the essence from space in the ice, and how everything came to this end.

Fans of the 1982 version will love the film. Though nothing new and original in the picture, the creators could not show the audience.

92. Puppeteers (1994) 6.38

Another picture in our list of the best films about aliens, vaguely similar in plot to "Hidden" and "Body Snatchers". Only here the alien creature that captures the human body is not inside him, and does not replace his body with a double grown for this. She simply clings to his back, launches her tentacles into a person's brain and controls his body and mind. Hence the name - "Puppeteers".


And here the creature flew to earth not in the singular, as in the "Hidden". There are many of them, and they all conceived a bad idea - to penetrate the power structures and help the further "development" of human bodies by symbiotic parasites.

And what would happen to us now, if not for the next saving Earth disease caused by the causative agents of encephalitis ...

But there is still a long way to a happy ending. Our heroes will have to special agent Sam and his girlfriend Mary to run thoroughly and sleep each other. And even in the very hive of space aliens to visit.

This will be creepy.

93. Crossroads of Worlds (1996) 6.38

Everything is like in "The Chronicles of Narnia". No, there is no portal-type closet, or a closet-type portal in this fantasy story. But there is a certain artifact owned by one of the American students - Joe Talbot. It is he who allows the operator to instantly transfer from world to world throughout our vast universe.


And Talbot would have lived for himself - he would not have grieved if a young beauty and, in combination, a princess of some kingdom from some distant galaxy had not appeared in his life. And how can he save her from mysterious militants. But where can he cope with extraterrestrial fighters alone and unprepared? Here you need a specially trained person with a specially designed staff, played by a specially designed Rutger Hauer.

This trio will have to run around the worlds. And in addition to save the Universe. How do you like this?

94. Guest (2013) 6.38

Again in our top films dedicated to aliens, a tape about the capture of the bodies of earthlings by aliens. Although, rather, this tape is not about the capture of bodies, but about ousting the souls of earthlings from them and replacing them with their own relatives.

In the center of the plot is a girl named Melanie, in which, by a happy coincidence, someone else's soul, the Guest, and the personal soul of Melanie herself, could get along. Now the whole point is whether Melanie can lure the enemy and spy Guest to her side.

If not, we are all gone!

95. Cocoon 2: The Return (1988) 6.37

Continuation of the adventures of the old fart, who went at the end of the first part to live out their days with the aliens. Yes, the old people returned to Earth, rejuvenated and refreshed.


You ask - why? Well, yes, they missed their old nursing homemates. But meeting friends is not the main goal of the mission, but only a side one. The main thing is to help out the cocoon that accidentally remained on Earth at that time.

But the secret services were the first to reach the cocoon, which, as usually happens, with joy and zeal began to put their terrible experiments on the alien. Now the old people have a sickly adventure - as in Spielberg's "Alien" to save an alien from the tenacious clutches of torturers in order to send him to his home planet.

Will the film show another flight of cyclists against the background of the moon? We urgently need to look!

96. Europe (2012) 6.35

The film is filmed in documentary style and tells about the scientific expedition of earthlings to the satellite of the planet Jupiter - Europe.

Europe, as has been proven by scientists, has an under-ice ocean, which may well have its own European, no matter how funny it sounds, life. The expedition was designed to find one.

The only thing that NASA experts did not take into account is that this European life can also be dangerous to health. Our crew will also have to find out and feel this.

Moreover, on my own skin.

97. Body Snatchers (1993) 6.32

So we got to the most successful, in our opinion, film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Jack Finney. Everyone is on top here. Directing, acting, and special effects. Moreover, although not computer, but still some realistic.


Let's not retell the plot again. In our review of the best alien films, we have already returned to it at least twice after the first mention ofin the start of the top.

Just plug it in and watch. It will be interesting.

98. Vikings vs. Aliens (2008) 6.32

Cowboys vs. Aliens in 2011 with its stellar cast and a lame script with a KinoPoisk rating of 5.93 (on IMDb, by the way, almost the same) did not make it to participate in our top 100 best films about aliens. On the other hand, Vikings vs. Aliens, filmed three years earlier, earned 98th place, though.


But, to tell the truth, even here the plot did not go far from "cowboy" in terms of stupidity. The picture was saved by a tolerable direction and more or less convincing play by James Caviezel. So the hunt for the alien creature turned out to be quite decent.

Stupid Vikings realized very late that they had caught the wrong one. And when it came, it was too late. Now they will have to significantly decrease their number.

99. Gantz (2011) 6.29

A strange crap named Gantz captures the souls of people and, by placing them in their miraculously reincarnated bodies, makes them fight in a personal war with some unknown alien enemy.


The goal of the war is vague, you have to fight a lot, and you give few points for it. Will there ever be a light at the end of the tunnel?

As Uncle Goblin would say: "Let's take a look."

100. The Last Star Fighter (1984) 6.28

At the end of our extended list of films about aliens, a story very similar to the now-on-hiatus series "Man from the Future", in which a young scumbag from our time becomes the protagonist in the battle for the future.


Only here the main character, unlike the hero Josh Hutchinson, will have to take part in hostilities in the very future, unlike the version of "Man of the Future", where the main character will have to correct the future from different times of the past.

Need to tie. And then from these "temporary intricacies" the head begins to burst.

Top 10 Best Off-Main Alien Movies

It may happen that some of the favorite films in our top by fans of science fiction have not been found. There is nothing to be done, it means that your favorite picture was underestimated by the bulk of cinema lovers. Just in case, here are 10 more films that follow immediately after the main hundred of the best films about aliens:

  • The fourth view (2009) 6.28 , in which Madame Jovovich is trying to understand the case of abduction of people by aliens.
  • Guyver (1991) 6.28 , in which the performer of the role of Jedi Skywalker, Jr. puts on an extraterrestrial suit capable of much.
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) 6.26 , in which the hero Keanu Reeves, who came from space, evaluating the situation on Earth as potentially dangerous for the galaxy, decides to destroy everything humanity away from sin.
  • Village of the Damned (1995) 6.26 , in which all the women were pregnant in an instant and gave birth to some suspicious children.
  • Terrestrial girls are easily accessible (1988) 6.23 , about how terrestrial girls are accessible even to aliens lost on Earth.
  • The Andromeda Nebula (1967) 6.21 , about the expedition to hell on the small streets, where the crew of the spacecraft safely ran out of gasoline.
  • Red Planet (2000) 6.21 , in which life was found on Mars, for once. But bringing the good news to earthlings about this is prevented by the robotic assistant who has gone crazy at the end.
  • Immortals: War of the Worlds (2004) 6.20 , in which so much is mixed that it will become clear only from the second or third viewing. Alien gods, the future, super technologies, psychics, in short, the devil will break his leg.
  • Alien Nation (1988) 6.17 - a story about a third of a million aliens trying in vain to assimilate into human society.
  • Dark Skies (2013) 6.14 , where aliens shamelessly spy on suburbanites, forcing them to scream "Do you need FAQ !?" go to the "deep underground".

That's all for today. Wait a week for a review of the best franchises about aliens, but for now, as always, all the best to you and more cool movies and TV series!

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