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Top 30 best movies about robots and artificial intelligence. Part 2


Continuing our walkthrough on a list of the best science fiction films about robots and artificial intelligence. Here we are not talking about fantasy films such as "The Avengers", in which the same Vision appears, individual samples of Iron Man suits, "Paw-buggers" and a home computer, endowed with a kind of intelligence of its own. We will later devote our tops to such franchises. In our top we are talking about paintings that have nothing in common with fantasy.

We remind you that our top best films about robots and AI are compiled in accordance with the KinoPoisk rating. The rating of the picture is indicated immediately after the year of release.

16. The Secret of the Iron Door (1971) 7.44

In 1963, the Soviet writer Yuri Tomin wrote the magnificent story "A wizard walked through the city." Both the idea and the story turned out to be excellent.


The film, as it seemed to us, turned out to be far from "ice". Overestimated marks are given to him, most likely, undeservedly. The nostalgic adults are simply paying tribute to the films they were raised on. But the film itself is frankly weak. Young actors play terribly fake. The story is distorted, the robot looks completely unconvincing even for its time.

In general, this is the case when those who are under 40 years old, it would be better to pass by or just read a book. It is a hundred times more interesting.

17. Toy Soldiers (1998) 7.37

A cool movie in which one of the toy manufacturers decided to cram chips with artificial intelligence, developed for military purposes, into ... Children's toys!


Initially, the program in the toy paratroopers was sharpened to destroy the gargonites, a kind of toy aliens. But after they met with the resistance of civilians, whom they should initially have ignored, the brave soldiers started a full-length campaign to destroy everything and everyone that stands in their way.

The “civilians” to be destroyed turned out to be a simple guy who loves to play with soldiers, and a neighbor's girl, his girlfriend. It will be interesting not only for kids to see how the guys managed to repel the attacks of the toy airborne unit.

18. Dark City (1998) 7.36

Here, the city itself acts as a huge robot, where interesting events take place.

We will not go into details, so as not to pile up spoilers, let's just say that everything in this city is not as it should be. And only one single person, the police inspector Frank, began to think about this, who, as the time went on, the more he became convinced of the correctness of his suspicions. When he was personally convinced that there was no escape from this strange city, he ...

In general, we are watching a movie. We do not pay attention to the year. The special effects in the film are top notch!

19. Electroma (2006) 7.33

This film is the brainchild of French electronic music duo Daft Punk. As it turned out, not only music is their credo.


They turned out to be able to produce such interesting and original author's stories. In this case, it's about a couple of strange robots trying to become humans. To do this, they decide to subject their bodies to high-tech reconstruction, which, as it turned out, did not lead to anything good.

Being condemned by society, poor robots decide to retire away from everyone. We will find out what awaits them further by watching the picture to the end.

20. Forbidden Planet (1956) 7.32

Oddly enough, this fantastic tape is based on the work of Shakespeare himself.


Yes, the special effects, of course, in the film are not up to par. Robbie with his short limbs is especially enraged. I would especially like to ask the creators how he managed to fold so neatly the bottles of brandy made by order of the ship's coke with his stumps.

Well, okay. It is not the special effects that deserve attention, but the very meaning of the plot, revolving around the jealousy of the pope for his daughter. But to understand the consequences of such unbridled and unjustified jealousy, you should watch the film right up to the credits.

21. Interior Space (1987) 7.27

We thought for a long time whether to include this tape in our list of films about robots or not, and nevertheless decided to include it. It was embarrassing that robots here are not endowed with their own mind. They are simply machines that are operated by humans, that is, operators.

For those who are struggling with the dilemma of what to see from films, this picture will be an excellent choice. This is an action movie, a fantasy, and a sparkling comedy.

In one of the laboratories, scientists are experimenting with reducing objects. And so, when the hero of Dennis Quaid, the pilot Lieutenant Tuck Pendleton, was reduced to microscopic sizes in order to launch a rabbit into the circulatory system, terrorists burst into the laboratory, who decided to get a syringe with a reduced robotic bathyscaphe, inside which our hero pilot is located.

By chance, one of the assistants injects a solution with a reduced bathyscaphe into the ass of some local lass. Details of the consequences are in the film itself. It will be funny.

22. My girlfriend is a cyborg (2008) 7.24

Jiro just went nuts when from the future he himself sent (just like in "Terminator") a robot in a girl's guise so that she would save him in a random shootout in a cafe.


The salvation went well, but the tale does not end there. Jiro begins to fall in love with his robot, which demonstrates the ability to learn and develop. But if he knew where everything is going ...

Why do Japanese anime come out genuine, and almost all films - on the contrary, terribly faked? It is very interesting to think about this at your leisure. But the acting, alas, doesn't get any better. But you can certainly take a look.

23. Oblivion (2013) 7.20

As it turned out, in the future, cars will power the brains of not only Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, but also Tom Cruise in Oblivion.

Yes, there was a war. And, yes, humanity has won it. And soon they will all set off on the latest ships into the jungle of space in search of a new homeland, since the Earth, empty during the war with alien machines, is no longer suitable for habitation.

But, as it turned out, all this is a deception, deliberately driven into the brains of the personnel serving the drones. In order to get to the bottom of the truth, the hero of Tom Cruise will have to strain very hard.

24. A Robot Called Chappy (2015) 7.19

Dr. Deon is busy developing artificial intelligence. But when the firm denies him testing, he kidnaps one of the police robots intended for recycling and installs a chip with his intelligence.

But an emergency occurs, and the robot ends up in the hands of local gangsters. That was all that was needed. Having snatched out that the robot has brains like a baby, they begin to educate him in their own way. What came of this, we learn from the film. Kinushka is just super-duper. For those who are racking their brains over what to watch from fiction, we recommend this film first of all.

Neil Blockamp has another full-length masterpiece featuring robots. This is the painting "Elysium: Heaven not on Earth" (2013). But there they are not in the first roles, so we did not include this in our top. And he has a rating of only 6.6. Although the film is very decent, and in terms of special effects, it is just superb.

25. Out of the car (2014) 7.12

The protagonist, a programmer named Caleb, was chosen to test a representative of a new generation of robots with artificial intelligence.


Testing, developed by Turing, is designed to reveal the ability of a machine to self-learn and the manifestation of human feelings. But the car turned out to be so advanced that it was able to fall in love with Caleb, and then ...

Soup with a cat. We are watching a movie.

26. Simone (2002) 7.10

Al Pacino thought, thought, and decided: "Everyone is shooting in science fiction, but what am I?" And starred in science fiction.


The film turned out to be excellent, with meaning and great acting. Al Pacino plays the director with the experience of Victor Taranski, who faces an important dilemma, to hack down the project of filming the next film, since the main actress refused to shoot in it, or to shoot it with the participation of a real computer actress. In the end, he decides on the latter.

Everything went great, but complicated by the fact that people demanded to provide him with this actress. Now the hero of Pacino faces another dilemma, how to convey to the people that the main character is an artificial intelligence in a digital shell?

27. Screamers (1995) 7.08

End of the 21st century. The commonwealth (or it would be better to call it an army) of rebels, is fighting against the NEB - the New Economic Bloc, using on its side the latest scientific developments - robots of the "Screamer" series.


"Screamers" - unusually mobile and skillful in the destruction of any biological life forms robotic creatures. But no one would have thought that NEB would launch Screamers into the lineup, no different from an ordinary person ...

28. Prometheus (2012) 7.13

This picture also has a sequel to "Alien: Covenant" (2017) 5.96, which was not included in our top either for reasons of low rating, or for other reasons, which we will discuss some other time.


In this film, the first roles are played by artificial intelligence in the form of the robot David, who wets such horses that you can only wonder what kind of programmers they had and what kind of restrictive programs there were. Most likely, they did not exist at all. It's just that people created an AI, and decided: "And self-develop as you wish."

Here's a robot, overnight, and moved in its self-development a little in the wrong direction. Instead of being a protection for the crew of a ship flying to hell in search of the creators of humanity, it, on the contrary, became for them a huge stick in the wheels.

Although the crew itself was not stupid in the film in a childish way. It's a pity. The film is crammed with stunning special effects, but suffers from semantic idiocy. Ridley Scott has completely moved his brains in his old age.

29. My Favorite Martian (1999) 6.98

In this film, the role of a robot endowed with artificial intelligence is played by the suit of a Martian - Zunt.


It turns out that the Martians are still on Mars. It's just that they are very skillfully camouflaged from our telescopes and rovers. The ship of one such Martian, performed by Christopher Lloyd ("Back to the Future" all parts) is in distress in the western United States, and the poor Martian, having assumed a human form, is forced to assimilate with the local population in order to find spare parts for his spacecraft.

In this he is helped by his excessively talkative suit, from which you can tear your stomach.

30. Pacific Rim (2013) 6.96

The first masterpiece has a sequel: "Pacific Rim 2" (2018) 5.74. But judging by the rating, moviegoers did not like it at all.


If in the first film the idiocy with the creation of huge robots designed to fight (Ha!) with monsters that penetrate into our world from the parallel, someone else inserted, then the second film came out completely stupid. In it, all the same fights of giant robots with giant miracles again. No plot. Everything was built on spectacular effects.

The film is made for people who like to stare a lot and think a little. Judging by the rating of the second film, there are not many of them among us.


For those who did not have enough of the previous thirty films, we publish a short top of the next five. All of them are also quite good in their own way, and are worth watching. The appendix to our list of movies about robots looks like this:

  • Robot and Frank (2012) 6.95 an old man and his friend a robot, what could be more adorable;
  • His name was Robert (1967) 6.94 the story of the assimilation of the RB-235 robot in human society;
  • Surrogates (2009) 6.90 the problem of people who are mired in virtual machines and prefer to live life in the body of machines;
  • The Stepford Wives (1975) 6.86 sequel to The Stepford Wives (1975) 6.60;
  • Lost in Space (1998) 6.78 The 2018 Netflix series of the same name is the latest sequel.

That's all for today. Next week, we'll meet in our new Top, based on the Life of Pi movies, where the main characters are forced to hang out alone in the middle of the ocean for a long time. In the meantime, all the best to you and, of course, more cool movies and TV series

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