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The government supported the law on the identification of e-mail owners


The USA government has approved bills related to the identification of mailbox owners. According to the new rules, blocking the user will become the responsibility of postmen and other messaging services in the event that they transmit prohibited information through these communication channels. Otherwise, if the requirements are not met, the organizers of the sites face a fine. Both bills were supported by the Government, but with the clarification that certain amendments and revisions should be made to the documents. After that, the initiatives will face the next stage of discussions, this time in the State Duma.

New legal initiatives are related to changes in individual articles of the Law "On Information" and the Code of Administrative Offenses. There are only two documents: the first contains the basic procedure for the operation of the bill, for example, if a user is blocked, then in what cases this happens and what information is considered prohibited for distribution. The second sets penalties for email and instant messengers.

The document assumes the introduction of a general concept for mailers and messengers, designating them as "organizers of the messaging service." If the new rules come into force, these platforms should organize work to identify users using their phone numbers. In addition, the new law obliges services to block mailboxes or accounts if messages transmitted through them contain prohibited content. When asked what the user is blocked means, the provisions of the bill give an unequivocal answer. This implies limiting the ability to communicate with other recipients and send messages to them. Blocking at the request of the supervisory authority must be performed within one day.

Prohibited content includes everything related to extremist and activities, the threat of terrorism, calls for illegal actions, incitement to riots, and ethnic provocations. In addition, this includes the dissemination of information about drugs, methods of committing crimes, illegal images of minors.


New bills prescribe the size of fines for postal and other services if they do not comply with the new requirements. The largest monetary punishment awaits legal entities. For them, the amount of the fine will be from 800,000 to 1,000,000 rubles. Individuals will get off with amounts from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles, officials - from 30,000 to 50,000 rubles.

The bill, which spells out the identification requirements and provides for blocking the user, in the fall of 2019 was rejected by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications. The relevant department refused to support the initiative of the authors of the document, considering that its provisions are technically impossible to implement.

The Topic of Article: The government supported the law on the identification of e-mail owners.
Author: Jake Pinkman