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2019 Dramas: Top 30 Best. Part 3


We continue our extended top drama 2019. A huge number of them appeared in the past year, and not only because this genre is considered the cheapest in cinematographic art. Every year, ordinary people are more and more drawn to make sure that life is not easy given not only to them. After all, nothing will warm the soul better than the realization that you are not the only one who has a lousy life.

A joke, of course. But the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others while watching drama films is worth a lot.

21. Peanut Falcon (USA) 7.43

The third part of the top of the best dramas of 2019 will start with the story of an unlucky would-be poacher named Tyler. He trades by cleaning up the crab traps of local fishermen, who have a license to fish crabs in the area. Once the owners of the crab catchers figure him out, kick him in the face and send him out, in revenge, Tyler burns all their tackle.

A grief poacher jumps into a boat and gives a fight. He manages to hide from his pursuers for a while, after which, catching his breath, under the tarpaulin of his boat, he discovers an overgrown toddler named Zach, who went on a journey in search of the wrestler Salty Rednock. Zach claims that he can teach him combat skills in the market - in general, and atomic throw - in particular.

Boy Zach is a patient in a local hospice that cares for the mentally ill. Suffering from Down syndrome, the guy does not calm down, and constantly escapes from under the supervision of doctors and orderlies in order to make a career as a wrestler.

The worthless loser Tyler spits on everything and decides to help Zach find Salty Rednock at the address the guy said. But they are constantly followed on their heels by the enraged crabbers, whose gear Tyler destroyed, and the worried nanny in charge of Zach.

I wonder who will get to their goal faster, Tyler and Zach, or the anglers with a nanny?

22. Pain and Glory (Spain) 7.38

Next in our top 30 best dramas is a heavy story about a former playwright. In old age, the once famous director Salvador Milo feels that the time has come to cast a glance back and summarize his earthly existence. Sores are also obliged to do so, which the doctor identifies in his mortal body in batches.

And although Milo is still a respected and honored person among the public, he himself is less and less sure of this. Once he gets an invitation to take part in the re-screening of one of his previous films, a complete remaster of which has been carried out to date. The director recalls that his former friend Federico starred in the lead role, with whom they quarreled in the trash at the end of filming. According to Milo, he played as badly as he could, and all due to the fact that throughout the filming he was constantly on drugs.

After watching the film today, Milo realized that he was unduly biased in his opinion. He decides to make up with Federico and invite him to re-view the painting with him.

Having turned up to a former friend, he apologizes and happily takes heroin, after which the problems of the present cease to worry him, because the drug plunges him into the past to the very top.

23. Dirt (USA) 7.38

The next on the list in our top-30 best drama-2019 is the biolic, filmed along the creative path of heavy, hard and glam metal group Motley Crue since the inception of its founder - Frank Carlton Feranna Jr. .

Frank endured the hardships of the family life of his dissolute mother for a long time, after which he decided to take a bold step. He left home and began to look for his dad to tell how difficult it was for him all these years without his father's love. But his dad, to his great chagrin, sent him away, after which Frank, abandoning his parents' surname, settled into Nikki Sixx.

Then, freed from the burden of family ties, he decided to create a metal band. And the first with whom he began to play tunes of new songs was his best friend at this time - a native of a well-to-do family, Tommy Lee. Later, they are joined by "caverist" with a sugary voice, blond Vince Neal, and a sick guitarist Mick Mars, who looks suspiciously like "Ramsey Bolton" from Game of Thrones.

All three of them became his new family for the following years and together with them he had to break through such thorns and get dirty in such dirt that mom did not grieve. And they had to take a sip of this substance - in full.

24. Dark Waters (US) 7.35

The next drama of 2019 will unveil the dangers behind every Teflon-coated pan. Few people know that fluoroplastic, better known to ordinary people under its patent name - "Teflon", when heated to 260 ° C, begins to emit toxic fumes. And if you heat it up to 400 ° C, it will begin to evaporate with even greater intensity, while releasing perfluoroisobutylene into the atmosphere around itself - an extremely poisonous substance, 10 times more dangerous than phosgene, which was once used in now prohibited bombs - chemical weapons of mass destruction.

Based on SUCH features of the product, it is not surprising that once someone should have been interested in whether the production of this substance is really so safe for the environment and the workers involved in its production, as the manufacturing company represents.

The most interesting thing is that the lawyer Robert Billot, a lawyer who worked for this very company, started digging dirt on the DuPont company, which owns the patent for the production and distribution of this material.

19 years ago, a man burst into his office claiming that he was his distant relative, who was slowly but surely being poisoned by the company for which he worked. At first Billot did not attach much importance to his words, but then, nevertheless, decided to visit his native land and make sure that the "relative" was telling the truth with his own eyes.

What he witnessed, and gave rise to the beginning of one of the longest and most expensive processes in the history of earthly civilization. As it turned out, from the 60s of the last century to 2012, the company deliberately poisoned the environment and its employees in production.

What does "knowingly" mean? This means that she knew that the substance involved in the production process PFOA (in our opinion - PFOA - perfluorooctanoic acid) is harmful to health and the environment, but she was silent about this information, deliberately poisoning her workers and water bodies located near production facilities.

But nothing, stubborn Robert Billot will not fear evil and will punish everyone. Even if he has to ruin his career in the bud and turn his life into a solid hell.

25. Farewell (USA) 7.33

The next film of the drama genre from among the best for 2019 will tell about an elderly granny - the mother of a large family and her large family itself. Coughing, she goes to the doctor. The doctor, having taken all the necessary tests from her, finds out that the elderly woman has cancer. In China, it turns out, it is not forbidden that the patient is not informed of his own diagnosis. Therefore, the doctor with a pure heart sends Granny home, telling her that she had a minor cold, which will soon pass.

He himself quickly recruits the closest relative of his grandmother and informs him of his grandmother's illness. Then everything started to turn. Granny's children had gone all the way. Everyone already has their own family and children, and everyone, having learned about the incurable illness of the grandmother, wants to move in to say goodbye to the head of the family while she is still alive.

But, that's bad luck. Such an unexpected "pilgrimage" of relatives to their father's house will certainly arouse suspicion in my grandmother. But the cunning Chinese did not lose face here either. They quickly organize the wedding of one of Granny's grandchildren to make the global family convention seem understandable.

Surely this "farewell wedding" will look very touching. Especially with all the fact that Granny is not going to die so soon.

26. Jewels, Uncut (USA) 7.31

We haveseparate materialdevoted to this drama of 2019 under the heading "What to see from films on Sunday evening", so we will not dwell on it too much.

In short, this is a story about several days in the life of a Jewish gambling addict who tried to improve his financial affairs by reselling a piece of rock with natural opals soldered into it.

It came out so clumsily with him that at the time only to be amazed.

27. Downton Abbey (UK, USA) 7.30

The next film in our top of the best dramas for 2019 will be of interest only to those who are familiar with the series of the same name. It is clear that if the ratings of the masterpiece were put by outside citizens, those who are "not in the subject", the rating of the film would be much lower.

A picture tells about several days of the same abbey. All the same actors were invited to the main roles, and even those who dropped out of the series long before its "death".

The current king of Great Britain is going to visit Downton Abbey for a couple of days. Passage, if I may say so. He will tumble in there together with his retinue, with his cooks, butlers and other "lackey brethren." And when everyone in the abbey is already in anticipation of courting and serving his Majesty himself, they are suddenly replaced by regulars from the king's "guard", dooming to vegetation on the sidelines.

But the local "brigade" of servants is not bastard. They are devising a cunning plan to remove the impostors from their posts.

If only for all this mouse fuss not to miss the king himself, on whom some civilians are plotting a real attempt.

28. Lighthouse (Canada, USA) 7.30

Damn the day when Ephraim Winslow, a former lumberjack and future Batman Robert Pattison, agreed on an adventure to work as an assistant lighthouse keeper on one of the coastal islands of New England. And although at first nothing foreshadowed trouble, in the future all his watch went down the drain. Another 2019 drama with a horror slant is confirmation of this.

"Lighthouse attendant" Thomas Wake is an old fart and drunkard. He drove his orderly for household and other needs as best he could, himself, at the same time, without striking a finger. He only does what he drinks, but tries to hang poor Efraim on his ears in the form of the local gloomy tales.

The old man is very superstitious and gives his orderly a code of acceptance and rules, which must not be violated in any case. And Ephraim tries to keep within the limits until 4 months of his duty expire. The next day a launch with a "changing of the guard" should come, so why not send to the next world at least one of the disgusting insolent seagulls, which according to the "code of laws of Thomas Wake" are strictly forbidden to touch.

It would be better if he didn't. Literally on the same night, such a stormy weather reigned at sea that from now on there is no need to dream of any "changing of the guard". Where you can’t get lost in grief with an old fart. Well, where there is booze, there is squirrel. And where the squirrel is, there is sex with mermaids. And there it is already not far from the reels completely.

And the bad weather does not stop and does not stop. And more and more people hunt for the main "light" of the lighthouse. And the old fart won't let him and won't let him. In short, a complete ATAS!

29. Portrait of a girl on fire (France) 7.30

The top 30 best dramas of 2019 continue with a story from the field of sugary foreign tolerance. There is nowhere to hide from lesbians. Even back in 1760.

Once during a lesson, the students asked their teacher of fine arts, and what, they say, there is a picture you have, which depicts a girl in the dark with a burning hem of her dress. The question prompted Marianne - that was the name of the teacher - to dive deep into memories of the day and hour when her foot first entered the small island of Brittany, where the estate of her then customer was located.

Upon arrival on the island, she was ordered to paint a portrait of a girl named Eloise, who refuses to pose. The fact is that they were going to marry her off to some unknown nobleman from Italy, and before that they decided to send him her portrait first, but as a bride he would not like him. Eloise is not too happy with this marriage, which is why she is harmful.

Marianne, disguised as a walking friend, has to walk with Eloise in order to paint her portrait from memory in her free time. When the portrait was completed, she suddenly realizes that she is drawn to Heloise, who, by the way, did not like the portrait.

With fervor, Marianne spoils the portrait and promises to the customer - mother Eloise, to draw another one. Mother permits, having learned that, it is not clear why, Eloise agrees to pose for the artist. The mother needs to leave for a few days, and these days our lesbians will spend with taste, alternating between having sex and painting a portrait with the help of a maid in her hard work to rid the womb of an unborn baby.

That's fun. But the people here like it.

30. Doctor Sleep (USA, UK, Canada) 7.26

In the final of our top best dramas of 2019, the next film adaptation of Stephen King. This time it will be a sequel to the well-known "The Shining", according to which in the distant 1980 Stanley Kubrick filmed the adaptation of the same name with Jack Nicholson in the title role.

The film "Doctor Sleep" will unfold in forty years. Danny is now under 50. He is still shining, but, at the same time, he also thumps soundly. Just like his daddy. But once his deceased friend from the past visits him - Overlook's cook Dick Halloran, who conducts such political information to him, from which Danny decides to reconsider his attitude to the bottle, and at the same time change his place of work. Now he works part-time at a local hospice, helping the local old men say goodbye to life.

But once another shining soul interferes with his sluggish life - the girl Abra, who witnessed the murder of the shining boy Bradley. She asks Danny for help. After all, the leader of the assassins who call themselves the "True Knot" can also shine, and she felt that the girl was aware of their "watering can".

By all accounts, it is clear that soon the nedovampires from the True Node will come for her too. But does Danny have enough gunpowder to defend the poor girl?


For those who did not have enough of the main list, we publish a special appendix to our top 30 best dramas of 2019:

  • 31 Chasing the Wind (Australia) 7.25 - the tale of being a jockey is not only about being able to quickly ride a horse, but also eating little, a lot train and win. Otherwise, why is all this?
  • 32 Mathias and Maxim (Canada) 7.25 - about how easy it is today, living in our tolerant world, to change your sexual orientation and become gay even with all that that you didn't even think about it until you were 25.
  • 33 Balkan frontier (USA, Serbia) 7.24 - about how difficult it is to restore the reputation of a soldier after in his hearts he threw a prisoner of war through the door of a flying helicopter.
  • 34 El Camino: Breaking Bad (USA) 7.23 - the final part of the well-known TV series, which tells about how to "escape from the laboratory for the production of meta" and " to gain freedom ”are two different things.
  • 35 Meters from each other (USA) 7.19 - a dramatic love story of the patients of the clinic, who, due to their illnesses, cannot approach each other more than one and a half meters.
  • 36 Chess player (France) 7.18 - that not all immigrants from Bangladesh are "utter bastards". Some of them are chess players worthy of the friendship of an ordinary Frenchman.
  • 37 Les Miserables (France) 7.14 - Paris and life in it are beautiful only for tourists. And all why? Because the life of its outskirts remains beyond their visibility. And there is something to see here. There is such drama and arbitrariness that ...
  • 38 The boy who bridled the wind (Great Britain, Malawi) 7.13 - about a kid from a poor Malawian village who built a wind turbine generator from batin foxes and made the whole area drink. Unfortunately, they did not say anything about where and to which ones they took a water pump and drilled a well. For rent, the water came from the generator itself.
  • 39 The Collini Case (Germany) 7.12 - about how to get rid of the slammer who does not want to excuse himself from the slammer and earn worldwide fame on this.
  • 40 King (Great Britain, Hungary, Australia) 7.10 - an original tale about the coming to power and the first years of the reign of Henry V. A thin little, but daring.

Now, with a pure heart, we can round off. See you next week for a roundup of the best fantasy movies of the past year. In the meantime - great mood for everyone and, as always, more cool films and TV series.

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