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Top 30 Best Comedies of 2019: Part 1


Just make a reservation that we did not include all films in the description of which the genre "comedy" is included in our top 30 best comedies of 2019. For example, the film "Marriage Story", in our opinion, is not a comedy at all. There is nothing to laugh about. Rather, you need to cry. Therefore, in our selection he has nothing to do.

As well as there is nothing to do in it such "funny", but not "funny" films like "Two Dads", "A Rainy Day in New York" or "Incredible World through the Eyes of Enzo", which also funny - just a general "entourage", except that the dog is well versed in motor oils and knows what they are for. And we will start our today's selection with the absolute leader - another masterpiece by Guy Ritchie ...

1. Gentlemen (UK ...) 8.60

While working on the film, Richie again decided to return to his favorite style of Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction", in which the parts of the plot follow each other not quite chronologically and not quite in a "logical" sequence. At first, parts from the “life” of different characters are shown separately, in order to finally converge, making one big picture.

In the center of the plot of the best comedy of 2019 (exactly 2019, because unlike us, the film was released in America back in December) is Michael "Mickey" Pearson, who in childhood really dreamed of standing out from the gray crowd ... It was for this that he entered Oxford. But not in order to get an excellent education there, but in order to push the grass for the future pillars of society. Having built up an extensive "client base" among the powerful, becoming an influential person in their eyes and acquiring the necessary connections, he went further.

After graduating from Oxford, Mickey developed an excellent scheme for growing entire marijuana plantations under the noses of law enforcement. The fact is that Britain is full of nobles with estates, which, to their great regret, cannot afford, which is why they are forced to rent out their vast plots. Mickey developed his “underground”, in the literal sense of the word, activity among such nobles “on the brink of ruin”.

Having expanded production and sales network to an incredible size, at some point he began to think about how to tie this business and retire in order to live the rest of his life without a headache. He is looking for a seller who could "shake off" his "business" for a tidy sum, and his choice falls on the American businessman Matthew Berger.

While Berger ponders Mickey's $ 400 million offer, another "client" interested in acquiring Mickey's business is emerging. But unlike the first one, he decides that the business can not be bought out, but simply "squeezed out". I wonder which of the "buyers" will be more fortunate, and will they be lucky at all?

The most interesting thing is that both hold Mickey for some kind of sucker. But in vain.

2. Parasites (South Korea) 8.06

Next in our top 30 best comedies of 2019, is the story of how difficult life is for the common people in the capitalist world of South Korea. It turns out that despite the fact that the Samsung and Hyundai Koreans look quite decent to themselves, the people who created them often vegetate in slums that are much below the earth's surface.

It is in one of these "huts" that the Kithack family (mom, dad, daughter and son) lives. In their hut, even the toilet is higher than themselves. All of them are unemployed losers, interrupting on occasional covens. And somehow happiness came to my 18-year-old son. Having falsified his education documents, he got a job in the home of local wealthy people as an English teacher for the daughter of the moneybags there.

Well, having settled himself, he imposed on the gullible rich and his relatives. The sister got the role of a mentor in fine arts, the mother - the role of the governess, and the father - the role of the driver. Moreover, they all pretend that they do not know each other, so as not to arouse suspicion that they are all who they are, that is, swindlers.

And their paradise life went. The salary is excellent, you can already dream of a bright future. But about their "scam" was found out by the former governess, who had to survive from the house of the rich by deception. She intimidates the Kithack family with a shatnage, trying at all costs to get into the home of the previous owners.

After all, in a bomb shelter hidden deep under the house, her hungry husband, hiding from the collectors, languishes in secret ...

3. A Dog's Life 2 (USA, China, India, Hong Kong) 7.96

Next up are a couple of films that made it to theExtended Top 100 Best Comedy of the 2010s. Who watched the first part, he remembers that in the center of its plot was Bailey's dog, nicknamed "the dog-boss". Reincarnating after his short canine lives from one dog to another, and not necessarily of the same color, he managed to never forget his original owner, whom he found again at the end of this comedy-dramatic film. Aged, it is true, but the same - beloved and desired.

In this 2019 comedy, the dog's reincarnations continue. Only now, the constantly reincarnating dog must take care of the daughter of its old owner, who does not even suspect that the soul of Bailey lives in the various dogs that she meets throughout her life, that same grandfather St. Bernard who lived with her in the same house when she was still quite small and even once saved her life.

I wonder if she will finally know who her "guardian angel" was? And will Bailey meet again in his next incarnation with his old master?

4. Rabbit Jojo (New Zealand, USA, Czech Republic) 7.95

The next film on our top of the best comedies of 2019 is the New Zealand-Czech masterpiece, which won an Oscar in 2020 for Best Adapted Screenplay. The picture came out pretentiously "tragic-farcical", but you can certainly see it once.

This comedy film is set in Berlin during the end of World War II. The central character of the picture is 10-year-old boy Johannes "Jojo" Betzler, who lives with his mother (his father died at the front) and was brought up in the spirit of local "Nazi-Nazi" patriotism. Like all young guys, he is in the Jungfolk, a more youthful version of the Hitler Youth, and is 100% confident in the perfection of his nation and its superiority over others. He considers Jews to be monsters with horns, as befits any petty Nazi asshole.

He also considers himself to be the most worthy and ideal Nazi. But one day his faith in himself was noticeably shaken. At the training camp, the older boys made him prove that he was worthy of being in the ranks of Jungfolk, and offered him to finish off a live rabbit.

Instead of breaking the animal's neck, Jojo let go of it, for which he was laughed at, after which the stupid nickname "Jojo Rabbit" clung to him.

Having escaped into the forest and conferred with his imaginary friend Fuhrer, he returns to show the guys what a brave warrior he is. Snatching a training grenade from the hands of a mentor, he bravely throws it, but it, hitting a tree, falls right under his feet, after which Jojo is hospitalized for a long time.

No matter how hard the doctors tried, the scars on the boy's face after healing were very noticeable, and Jojo, in order not to endure the ridicule of his peers, decided to stay at home. It was then that he began to pay attention to some fuss in the walls of the room on the second floor. Armed with a tool, he poked out the panel and saw there a real young girl.

Having learned that the girl is also Jewish, he almost lost his voice, afraid that she would eat him. But the further, the more it was revealed to him that the Jews are no different from the Aryans.

Well, maybe only because they always have problems, some of which even lead to the death of loved ones.

5. Get Knives (USA) 7.83

Next in our top 30 best comedies of 2019 is a picture that threatens to swell into a multi-part detective franchise. At least the second film of the future series has already been announced and its production was entrusted to the same Ryan Johnson. Now we know who James Bond will be reincarnated as he retired. Detective Benoit Blanc.

The detective story revolves around the murder of the head of the family - the wealthy writer Harlan Trombie, who had a quarrel the day before with all his offspring. In his opinion, they are all unworthy scoundrels who are just waiting for his death, so as vultures to snatch a piece of his inheritance fatter.

But, it turns out, literally before his death, the cunning old man rewrote his entire fortune to his nurse. It was then that in a seemingly decent family, the hubbub began. All relatives tear and toss. Still would. Even the family mansion, in which they had just celebrated the birthday of the head of the family, this very head of the family gave to a stranger.

But still, who cut the poor old man's throat? This is exactly what the well-known in secular circles private detective Benoit Blanc will have to solve, who, by the way, did not even know who hired him for this investigation, since the "order" came anonymously.

We guarantee that even those who are not attracted by the detective genre, this detective-comedy film will go with a bang.

6. Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood (USA, China, UK) 7.59

In sixth place in our top 30 best comedies of 2019, a new masterpiece from Quentin Tarantino himself, telling about how difficult life was for Hollywood actors in the late 60s - early 70s of the last century. Certainly, at least for some of them.

One of these "some" is Rick Dalton, who made his way into the big cinema due to the main role in the acclaimed Western TV series of the 50s "The Law of the Hunt". And now, after 10 years, they want to write off him as an expense, because he is already too old for the main roles of blockbusters. After getting drunk in one of the bars, he pours out his soul to his friend and stunt double, Cliff Booth, who knows that if his friend's words are true, he will soon have to look for a new job.

Booth is struck by the memories of how he piled on Bruce Lee, and Dalton dreams of meeting Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate, who settled in the neighborhood. After Booth meets a charming teenage hitchhiker, whom he agrees to take to the ranch of a former friend, in which he discovers a whole horde of green hippies, with whom he comes into conflict.

Had he known under what circumstances he would have to meet these hippies later, he would have flunked them all right here. And how good it is that his friend Rick Dalton keeps a flamethrower at home!

7. Special (France, Belgium) 7.54

The next best comedy of 2019 will be delighted to all admirers of the work of the duet of French directors Olivier Nakasha and Eric Toledano. For those who, while watching films, do not pay attention to the names and surnames of their directors, let us explain that they were the ones who shot such a masterpiece of cinema as "1 + 1" (or "The Untouchables") in 2011.

This film is again about sick people and their nurses. The patients are people of different ages with mental and other deviations, congenital pathologies, etc., in general, all those for whom social life without outside help is simply impossible. Autistic people with Down syndrome, people with various types of associative and mental disorders do exist. And they are actually not as few as we think. But until that moment, none of us thought about who is watching them, and who is doing them.

And just about such disinterested and patient guys like Bruno and Malik are engaged in them. They have been working for 20 years in special non-profit organizations that help people with the above disorders to socialize and feel like people in our society, and not the garbage that everyone turned away from.

Often, in order to look after and take care of the sick, they attract young people from among disadvantaged adolescents who have been assigned social labor for misconduct by the court. In the process, many, sometimes funny, and sometimes - dramatic cases arise, which will be very interesting and instructive to observe.

8. Peanut Falcon (USA) 7.45

The next comedy of 2019 is again from the field of congenital diseases. This time one of the main characters of the film has Down syndrome. But, first things first.

Tyler is a thief who "cleans" the crab catchers of local crab catchers, who have a license to catch crabs. Maybe Tyler would buy one for himself, but only the quota for such licenses in the region is limited. And he would hardly have scraped up the money for it. So it remains for him to steal from local fishermen in the hope of shaking off the stolen cheap wholesale.

But such a "free industry" could not last long, and at one point it shoots off local crab fishers - the brothers Duncan and Ratboy. In order to escape and in retaliation for the mental and physical damage inflicted, Tyler burns the tackle of the offenders and dumps them on his battered boat.

Imagine his amazement when a naked kid named Zach with Down syndrome is found under the tarpaulin in his boat, dreaming to go in search of the wrestler Salty Rednek, who must teach him the atomic throw.

It turns out that it is not the first time that he escapes from the orphanage, which greatly upsets his nurse Eleanor. But Tyler has it on his side. He is imbued with the desire of the boy and decides to do at least one useful and good thing in his worthless life. He agrees to take Zach to Salty Redneck.

But he did not take into account the fact that furious brothers were following him, whose tackle for 12 thousand dollars he burned to the ground. And in the footsteps of Zach is no less furious nurse Elenor, who by all means needs to return the sick guy to the hospital.

9. Dirt (USA) 7.39

The next best comedy of 2019 will have something to laugh at. After all, this is a real biolique of the well-known scandalous rock group Motley Crue. We have a separate material devoted to this comedy. Who would like to watch the movie online immediately, please visit theappropriate page.

If we consider that even the tour managers of the group had such a life that after intercourse with prostitutes they had solid Beavis and Butt-heads (see the full-length hilarious cartoon "Beavis and Butt-head are doing America" 1996), then what what happened to the "gang members" themselves?

And this is where it is shown. Moreover, the film begins right off the bat, snatching a piece from the most "dark colored" life of the group.

Then everything goes back to the beginning. To how future bass player and band leader Frank Carlton Ferrana Jr. snagged with his whore mother, until he left his father's house in search of daddy. He eventually found his dad, but he only sent him three letters, after which Frankie breaks up with his past to the extent that he changes his first and last name to new ones.

From now on, he is Nikki Sixx. Having accumulated material for the album, he begins to look for people for the group. The final composition of the group included:

  • Nikki Sixx himself;
  • drummer Tommy Lee comes from a well-to-do family;
  • ex-vocalist of a cover band, corny handsome Vince Neal;
  • the sick guitarist Mick Mars, whose position in the film was played by Iwan Rheon himself.

The film came out untethered and truthful, really similar to a rock band's bajolic. Not like the sugary "Bohemian Rhapsody" in which Queen was presented as a group of unsullied angels.

10. My name is Dolemite (USA) 6.93

This 2019 comedy from the streaming platform Netflix gave the famous Eddie Murphy a chance to get a second wind. Although in USA the film did not smile at many. And all because the humor of the Americans is too specific. And the style of presenting the "material" is too wooden. But this is only our opinion and it is not at all necessary to agree with it.

And the next comedy of our top tells about the life and creative path of the once famous stand-up artist Rudy Ray Moore. And he is famous, first of all, for the fact that he was the first to "promote to the masses" monologues, flavored with jokes below the belt, full of the most selective and fintibober curses.

The film does not highlight his entire "creative path", but only the fragment in which the former musician-loser, and now - the mediocre unfortunate stand-up, came to the conclusion that in order to "go to the king" in the field of stand-up , you need to create your own unique style and enlist jokes that will not only be "exclusive", but also somewhat peculiar.

Many, of course, are satisfied with the Comedy Club. But a courtyard anecdote on a bawdy topic, flavored with a three-story obscenity, will always be funnier. Rudy noticed the same thing. Knowing a couple of homeless people whose pockets are always empty, but fresh anecdotes and fables are always spinning on their lips, he pays them a visit and, turning on the recorder, records their "banter" on tape for a fee.

At home, having reworked and "structured" the material, he creates a couple of performances with which he goes to the public in a local bar. Adding a kind of flashy-catchy-artsy outfit, he begins to fill the ears of visitors with the banquet banter of homeless people in personal treatment and - voila! Despite the frank vulgarity, the people are completely delighted with his "advanced" program!

The only catch is that not a single self-respecting record company is in a hurry to put the blasphemous and vulgar banter of the newly made "Mr. Dolemite" on their vinyl.

But Ruddy got out of it. And how - see for yourself.


For now, let me take my leave. Let's meet in the sequel to our top 30 best comedies of 2019 next week, but for now we will study the existing list and enjoy what we have, since we have plenty of time for that. We have weekends this spring - a whole month.

We watch TV, playcomputer games, don't get sick, have a nice time and have more to all of us, at the same time, cool films and TV series!

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