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What to See from the Movies Saturday Night: Spencer's Justice (2020)


Again in our heading of what to watch from movies at the weekend, a movie masterpiece from the streaming service Netflix. This time it is a fresh crime detective with elements of an action movie, in which Mark Wahlberg himself starred. The filming of the masterpiece was entrusted to Mark's friend, director Peter Berg, who has extensive experience working with Wahlberg.

His three most recent films - Deep Sea Horizon (2016), Patriot Day (2016) and 22 Miles (2018) - were filmed with Mark in the lead role.

Corrupt Cops Theme

Currently, no action movie can do without corrupt cops. In almost every action movie, one, or even a whole gang of corrupt cops appears in one way or another, who, in fact, turn out to be worse than any average gangster.

It's not hard to see why a cop is worse. If an ordinary villain, even one who has sewn on another imperfection, is caught, then he can hope for a mitigation of punishment on one point or another, just as in a jail he will be a simple prisoner, no better and no worse than others. If a cop is caught red-handed, then he, as one who swore an oath to serve and protect, will be slapped in full. And in prison, he will not be sweet at all, unless, of course, he is sent to a special correctional institution for former cops, which does not happen often.

Therefore, the cop, pinned to the wall, will be ready for anything, just not to fall into the clutches of justice. He will go to the last, and will be much for any vile moves. And if you consider that he does not work alone, but in a group in which everyone is covering for each other, then it will be almost impossible to take such a person. On their side, all the police powers, and often the higher authorities, which also fall under.

So, alas, to the great disappointment of liberal upstarts, in America (and in any other rule of law), corruption in the authorities is no better, and maybe even worse than in USA, about which the citizens of these countries themselves testify openly and unbiasedly, inserting bundles of corrupt cops into their criminal fighters.

What Spencer's Justice Is About

The theme is the same here. The film tells the story of a former police officer named Spencer, who is on duty. came home to the chief and smashed his face. Spencer was trying to figure out the murder of a local activist, the strings of which led him to the captain, whom he smacked and smashed. Watching the trailer.

Maybe Spencer would have restrained himself, but he caught sight of the boss's wife, whom he had just put a black eye under his eye. It was then that he flew off the coils, starting to mutuz him so that he could have killed if he had not been pulled away from the captain by his partner.

At the trial, Spencer admitted his guilt and did not repent of anything, which is why he had to serve in the slammer for five whole years for a seemingly simple scuffle, even if on execution. From the scars on his face, you can see that the former cop among ordinary convicts had a hard time. And on the last day they wanted to set him up at all by organizing an attack on him in the library. But Spence brushed aside, and the fight was recognized as self-defense, so he was released on time.

Having settled with his former boxing coach, old man Henry Simoli, he is trying with might and main to accept the fact that he no longer has a life here and sets himself up to fulfill a new dream in which he will become a trucker and will calmly travel around the country for wagons, not remembering the bloody past of a policeman.


But the events that took place in the town the day after its release (or rather, on the same night), make the thoughts about the dream put aside. Someone killed the same filthy captain, because of whose beating he was locked up for five years, and a police officer whom Spence knew very well was accused of murdering. He was also found in his car with a bullet through his head and with a pistol in his hand, from which it was concluded that he first sapped the captain, and then committed suicide.


By all accounts, the poor cop was simply set up. Spencer meets with his wife, who tells him that they had a search, and drugs were found in the apartment in a cache. Judging by the fact that during the search the bloodhounds immediately went straight to the hiding place and first of all found the drugs, Spence realized that this was not without a setup. Spencer is bursting with indignation. He promises to the wife of the substituted cop that he will definitely find the one who set up all this and lead everyone to clean water.

Well, in fact, he begins to dig, in which he is helped by the second tenant of the former boxing coach, the old man himself and partly his ex, an unbalanced person who is crazy about her dogs and Spencer at the same time.

Pros and cons

It can be seen that the producers, with a minimum investment, wanted to earn maximum finance from the film "Spencer's Justice". It is very bad when, having got a star for the film, the showrunners of the project calm down and believe that the tape will pay off on only one famous actor. This is why no one has bothered with the script properly. And the director cannot say that he was particularly stressed.

The result is a rather mediocre crime-thriller-detective, as expected, which will only be watched because of Mark Wahlberg. But out of ten, we gave the film a solid six, because at one time it came to us quite well.


With all that amount of third-rate nonsense that is now splashing out on us from the cinema and television screens, a relatively high-quality film like Spencer's Justice is well worth watching. In our opinion, although there are no super spectacular fights, chases and shootings in it, it will certainly be better and more serious than the frankly pop nonsense called Hobbs and Show.


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