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CPU mining: is it possible?


“Why buy an expensive video card if I already have a powerful processor? It cannot be that the computer does not have enough resources, ”beginner miners think. From the article, they will find out if their reasoning is correct.

Let's start with the basics

CPU is the central processing unit that all computers and laptops have. This device is designed to perform all sorts of operations that the user launches.

Its capabilities are large enough to cope with a huge number of simultaneously running processes, for example, working with Office software and an Internet browser.

At the very beginning of mining, coins could be mined using only the CPU. It was enough for the user to have only one computer, which at that time did not yet require specially optimized equipment. And all this was not so long ago - about 6-7 years ago. But now it's unrealistic.

Briefly about the essence of mining

Mining is a mathematically complex process of solving blocks by selecting a code. Having solved a block, the miner adds it to the chain of existing blocks and receives a monetary reward in the form of digital coins. The system is protected from all sorts of fraud, so block counterfeiting will be instantly revealed by the network itself.

Previously, for each resolved block, the user received 50 bitcoins, then 25. Now the amount of reward is 12.5 bitcoins. Every four years, the reward is halved: on June 15, 2020, the reward for a solved block will already leave 6.25 bitcoins.

Thousands of people are involved in mining, they pool the resources of their computers and share the income received. Their cooperation helps the system to hold on: all transactions are verified by users, this makes cryptocurrency savings reliably protected.

How to get started

The idea looks very attractive: just sit and watch how every lazy computer solves millions of problems, and money drips into the account by itself. A few years ago, almost anyone could start mining. But what is the situation now? Can you get at least a few Satoshi using your home computer? Not everything is as simple as it seems.

First, the miner needs to download and install the client , then join the pool. Only then can you start earning. Without a pool, it will be impossible to get a single satoshi. And in the pool there is a chance to mine at least a couple.

The earnings will be so small that it will not even be enough to pay the electricity bills. In general, the idea is absolutely unprofitable.

Why is everything so bad?

The inexpediency of mining on the CPU is as follows. The more computers, data centers with a large number of ASICs, geeks with powerful video cards and industrial mining centers are included in the process, the more energy the machine needs to spend in order to grab even a little bit of mining.

This leads enthusiasts to sweep the most expensive and powerful equipment off the shelves in order to improve the capabilities of their computer.

It is now impossible to make a fortune by mining on a regular personal PC. So using the CPU to mine coins is a pointless and hopeless idea.

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Author: Jake Pinkman