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IBM showed a quantum computer for application use


IBM has unveiled a proprietary quantum computer enclosed in an original sealed case. The Q System One 20-qubit quantum computing device is a prototype and is being marketed as a model for research and commercial use.

Housed in a compact cube box, the IBM quantum computer combines standard computing technology with innovative components. The prototype contains the necessary details of control, power supply and system functioning, including the cooling system. The design of the case protects the mechanism from possible vibrations that can cause calculation errors.

These kinds of quantum mechanisms are different from the standard computing of a classical computer, which uses the standard bit calculus system. In contrast, the instruments of a quantum computer are not bits, but qubits, which are in other superpositions apart from the positions "1" and "0". At the time of designing quantum mechanisms, developers try to create a space where qubits are placed in a space of quantum entanglement, as a result of which one modified qubit affects its neighbors. In the long term, such a method provides enormous computational performance.


IBM did not dare to demonstrate a full-size quantum computer, instead of which it showed a reduced version of the fourth generation Q System One in a cubic case with a 2.75 m edge and no rear panel. The body is made of borosilicate glass, the choice of which is justified by the creation of the necessary parameters to ensure the operability of the system - about 10 millikelvin, which is close to absolute zero.

IBM plans to use quantum computing to perform complex design in the chemical industry, where the capabilities of classical computers are not enough to simulate the states of the simplest molecules. In the future, the company wants to use the technology to create models of complex molecules and chemical reactions.

The future of quantum computing is of interest to the world's IT giants. So, at the beginning of last year, Intel demonstrated a 49-qubit Tangle Lake processor, American scientists also created a simulator of a 53-qubit quantum computer. At the present stage of development, quantum technology is faced with the problem of correcting numerous errors that arise in the course of work.

The prospects for quantum technologies are quite extensive and cover various areas. Quantum computing is capable of processing large amounts of data using artificial intelligence. In addition to being used in the chemical industry and creating new medicines, quantum instruments can be successfully used to build complex logistics schemes. In the investment field, the possibilities of quantum technologies are applicable in modeling financial processes and reducing risk.

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Author: Jake Pinkman