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Top 10 Best Indian Films of the 70s


Now is the time to talk about the neglected Indian cinema. In the near future, we will try to discuss the most outstanding films of Indian filmmakers, dividing them by the top of the decades. Today we bring to the attention of fans of Bollywood cinema the top 10 best Indian films of the 70s.

But first, let's say a couple of introductory words.

Brief explanation

In most cases, we do not mention Indian films in our tops, since these tops are typeset based on general audience sympathy. But Bollywood fans have their own opinion about the quality of films, and therefore they invariably mold all Indian masterpieces in a row the same nines and tens, as a result of which half of the films in the tops would come from the Indian subcontinent.

We have nothing against the opinion of fans of Bollywood creativity, but, nevertheless, we consider such ratings unjustified, since the lion's share of cinema lovers will not watch Indian films, and therefore will not give them an assessment. That is why we decided to collect all Indian masterpieces with sky-high ratings into separate tops, aimed specifically at fans of Indian cinema.

And we'll start with the top 10 best Indian films of the 70s, the most successful of which, according to viewers, was the film ...

1. Revenge and the Law (1975) 7.68

Viru and Jai are a couple of provincial daredevils who make a living by petty robberies. But sooner or later, all the thieves are caught. This fate has not passed, and these two. The thief was arrested by police inspector Thakur, who accompanies them to the place of detention on the train.


But in a deserted place between stations, bandits attack the train. Thakur, who turned out to be the only "combat-ready" passenger, understands that he alone cannot cope with a well-armed squad of scoundrels. Viru and Jai understand this too. They swear to the police officer that they will not run away and offer their help.

Oddly enough, these two turned out to be not only seasoned fighters, but also people of honor. They really didn’t make legs, although there was still a possibility. This incident is deeply embedded in Thakuru's memory.

And therefore, at the moment when it got tight, he calls for help from this very couple. And the couple agree to help. And at the same time he finds in the local area and will give his heart.

2. Zita and Geeta (1972) 7.48

Another best Indian film of the 70s is considered a comedy-dramatic, full of romance, a story involving the fact that two twins are accidentally separated at birth. These twins, as everyone already understood, became Zita and Gita.


If the film is dramatic, and besides, it is Indian, then the contractions of a pregnant woman, of course, should begin in a stormy storm, at night and far from professional maternity hospitals. And, of course, local gypsy villagers come to the rescue, who, of course, squeeze one of the born same-sex twins from the rich couple. Those who are not aware that the lady was pregnant with twins, drive away in the morning, saying thank you too.

Both girls have grown up. One was brought up in luxury, the other - in poverty, speaking to the public on the street. But in the end, of course, they will meet. Moreover, at the very moment when they began to have an affair with boyfriends. It's funny, but the police are constantly trying to drag the sister of the poor to the house of the rich, while the rich sister accidentally ends up in the house of the poor.

As is usually the case with Bollywood masterpieces, there are no incidents, no dance songs, no action movie here.

3. Chess Players (1977) 7.31

Next in our top 10 best Indian films of the 70s is the tale of India in the mid-19th century. Passions are boiling outside the window, the situation is heating up, but not for two lovers of the game of chess, who do not need anything except to declare another check to their opponent. Well, of course, sharpen the fringes.


And the most urgent topics are discussed during the game. Not taking part in the daily life of their country in any way, would-be players know too much about the state of affairs. And what they don't know, they think up themselves.

Moreover, not noticing that the principality in which they are staying has long been taken by the soldiers of the East India Company.

4. Amar, Akbar, Anthony (1977) 7.27

As is usually the case in crowded towns, servants often drag out a term for their master. The hero of the film Kishanlal did not escape this fate. The family had a hard life, and the boss promised to take care of his family.


But when he is released, Kishanlal discovers that his family is languishing in poverty, literally dying of hunger. The enraged main character comes to the boss, where they only laughed at his claims. In revenge, a man steals a car from his boss, the trunk of which is full of gold, although he had no idea about this at the time.

Arriving home, he discovers a note that his wife, who is also sick with tuberculosis, left home so as not to be a burden, since a lot of money will have to go on medicines, while the family, represented by her husband and three small children, is already there there is nothing. Wandering along the road in bad weather, she falls under a fallen tree, as a result of which, from a blow to the head, she loses her sight.

Kishanlal, meanwhile, is trying to get rid of the thugs along with the rest of the family in a stolen car. Suspecting that the militants of the former boss will not spare either him or the children, he leaves his three sons in the park near the statue, and he himself tries to take the chase away from the children.

He, of course, escaped the pursuit. And, of course, he returned for the children. But, of course, by that time they had already been "disassembled" by passers-by and passers-by. While the eldest son, who rushed after his father's car, was lying on the road, hit by a car, the middle one went to find something to eat, leaving the smallest one alone. As a result, the youngest was taken by some Muslim passer-by, who had taken refuge on the doorstep of the church from the rain, the middle one was sheltered by a Christian, and the elder, hit by a car, was taken up by a policeman.

As a result, the entire family is, to put it mildly, "disconnected". The brothers grow up as completely different people, the father, thanks to the stolen gold, became the "boss" himself, But all five, of course, will eventually meet and find each other again.

But before that, you will have to endure an hour and a half of screen time, enjoying an unnatural and naive, but very heartbreaking drama.

5. Favorite Raja (1972) 7.26

A dramatic story worthy of the Disney cartoon "Anastasia".


12 years ago, under tragic circumstances, the local principality lost both the prince and the princess, and their little daughter, who is the only heir, disappeared.

Since then, the grandmother has been grief-stricken, still hoping that Princess Ratna will appear safe and sound. And the greedy first minister weaves intrigues in order to get his hands on the heiress, with the help of which he is going to "manipulate and manipulate" both power and public money.

He instructs a local named Raju to find a girl who looks like an heiress in the village. And he finds one. She turns out to be a street dancer named Shanno who ran away from home, who even has a similar birthmark, moreover, in the same place as Ratna.

Next, an hour and a half of song and dance drama awaits us again, during which the first minister puts the false princess on the "throne", and hides all the witnesses in prison.

But the truth, of course, will come out. Moreover, it will be such that everyone will like it, except for the first minister.

6. My name is Clown (1970) 7.23

A four-hour story of the dramatic life of a clown named Raju. When he has a premonition of impending death, he gives the last performance, to which he invites everyone who meant a lot in his life. In particular, he would like to see among the public three women whom at one time he loved very much, but with whom he could not build family happiness, and, for reasons beyond his control.


Conventionally, the film can be divided into three parts. The first will tell about his first love for the teacher Madame, who literally dreamed of him at night. The second tells about the second beloved woman in his life - the beautiful Marina, who came to India with a circus troupe on tour from the Soviet Union. The third tells about the artist's strong feelings for the homeless girl Mina, who disguises herself as a boy.

Each story is heartbreaking and quite serious. Will touch anyone's soul.

7. Bobby (1973) 7.22

Next in our top 10 best Indian films of the 70s is the film, which in popularity and attendance took 6th place among foreign films in the history of all-Union film distribution.


The plot of the film is rather simple and trivial. Raj is the son of a rich man. Bobby is the daughter of a poor fisherman. For obvious reasons, the parents of the first are categorically against such a "relationship". The matter is complicated by the fact that both lovers are of different religions. The Rajas are Hindu and Bobby's are Christians.

This is followed by two hours of dramatic showdown and millstones of prejudice, in which the love of young people will gradually grind.

8. The Adventures of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1979) 7.12

Next in our top of the best Indian films is a fantasy masterpiece co-produced by Bollywood and Uzbekfilm studio (USSR). The picture is another adaptation of the eponymous East Arab fairy tale.


The story tells about two brothers who could not share the gold plundered by the robbers. The robbers kept the treasure in a cave with magic doors, the password from which was accidentally overheard by a poor younger brother.

Penetrating into the cave, he collected a bag of gold, and bringing it home decided to weigh it, for which he borrowed the scales from a rich and greedy brother. With the help of a simple gadget, the relatives found out that the "load" was weighed on their scales, after which the older brother, having pinned the younger to the wall, forced him to tell him the whole truth, plus the password for the cave door.

The elder brother immediately went to the "storage" with a donkey, on which he planned to load bags of precious cargo. He shouldn't have started it. When he is a dumb man himself, and even there is no memory, it is better to sit at home and not stick out.

9. Eternal Love Tale (1977) 6.93

And again, rich and poor. In the next picture of our top 10 best Indian films of the 70s, she is again a rich woman, and besides, she is also a princess-princess, and he is a poor forest hunter. Fate decreed that the poor man saves the life of the princess, after which the grateful princess marries him.


But their happiness was short-lived. In a fight with a tiger, the hunter dies, leaving his pregnant wife-princess to suffer from grief. Again, the suffering was abruptly interrupted by another marriage with the prince of a neighboring principality.

Next, everything is as usual. The princess's two sons are separated at birth, and one of them, by a fabulous accident, ended up with his father, who, as it turned out, survived in a fight with a tiger.

The reunion of the brothers will be very thorny. And a separate respect to the trained eagle, trained to catch babies thrown out of the window of a high tower.

10. Lingering Retribution (1973) 6.73

Another Indian film in our top, this time - an action movie, which in the Soviet Union was known as the best of the best. It was watched by 37 million moviegoers. Not every Soviet military blockbuster could boast of such an audience.


In the center of the plot is the uncompromising lone policeman Vijay Khanna, whose parents were killed by the henchmen of the local crime boss as a child. The five-year-old boy remembered the bracelet on the killer's hand and years later he encountered this man, after which righteous revenge leaped in his soul.

It will only stretch out for a long time, since the money-filled mafia boss was able to arrange not only the dismissal of Vijay from the police, but also knock him out of prison. The adventures will be dramatic and dangerous, but the action movie would not have been Indian if in its finale the protagonist hadn't pissed off the main antagonist.

The picture has a fresh sequel from 2013, but in the ratings it is much lower than the prequel.


This concludes our top 10 best Indian films of the 70s. We will be back to Bollywood shortly to discuss the best Indian film masterpieces of the 80s. In the meantime, enjoy watching the selected films, and more cool films and TV series on the Internet!

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