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Marvel Eternals will have bollywood dancing


The movie adaptation of the Marvel comics "The Eternals" will feature traditional Indian dances, which can be seen with enviable regularity in Bollywood blockbusters. This is reported by the Collider edition, whose correspondents managed to visit the movie set.

Co-star Kumail Nanjiani confirmed that his character will be a star of Indian cinema. "Most of the movie takes place these days. My character thinks something like," Ok, we should try not to draw attention to ourselves so that they don't know about. Therefore, I will become a famous actor in Bollywood. This is my cover story. Imagine, we need to hide, and I will become a great Bollywood star, "he commented.

Recall that at the end of 2019, Fandango, the largest cinema ticket seller, presented a rating of the most anticipated movie projects in 2020. The adaptation of the comics "Eternals" was in the top three. "The Eternals", which tells the story of the creatures born as a result of the experiments of the immortal gods called Celestials, will be released worldwide in November 2020.

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Author: Jake Pinkman