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TOP 12 Best DLCs for Games


DLC burst into our lives about 12 years ago and immediately became the trend of the time. Almost all major projects could not do without DLC, continuing or complementing the plot. As you might guess, they often parasitized on the trend and the additional content continued the game for at least two hours [and not the best]. There were, of course, exceptions then and now. We decided to take a look at the best DLCs for games that really mean something.

Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den


When the second Bioshock came out, alas, it could not surpass the first part. However, if the story of the first Big Daddy did not catch you, then the story of the inventor of the supercomputer "The Thinker" Charles Porter should evoke an emotional response. It's funny that the add-on developers had more free hands, since the work on the DLC required much lower rates, and in case of an unsuccessful outcome, it would not be a failure for the studio. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the supplement is so good. The less you expect, the more likely you are to be surprised.

Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare


One of the best DLC we've come across. It turns a harsh game about how John Marston hunts his former comrades, and turns it into a circus with horses, or rather with zombies. The DLC takes place before the epilogue, as the dead rise from their graves to eat our flesh. Several new weapons are unlocked to combat them, including holy water and a musket.

The story is insanely good and comes with many elements, each of which plays on classic stories of the zombie apocalypse or ancient curses seen in games like the original Uncharted trilogy and movies like Indiana Jones.

The Witcher 3 - Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine


The DLC for The Witcher is probably the best example of what story additions should be. They not only add two great stories with their main and side quests, they also give us a significant chunk of gameplay. Both stories, about Olgerd von Eureka, and about the kingdom of Toussaint, are excellent and are not inferior to the plot of the third game. I would even say that Gunther o'Dim from "Hearts of Stone" with his charisma, strength and blowing danger, became the best antagonist in the series. I think enough has been said about these DLCs, and Heart Stone and Blood and Wine should just be played.

Fallout 3 - Point Lookout


Of all the DLCs Bethesda released for Fallout 3, Point Lookout was the most balanced and interesting in terms of quests and setting. No offense to the other four DLCs for the game, such as Operation Anchorage and Mothership Zeta, but they clearly had a number of flaws [personally, I hate Mothership Zeta at all]. On the other hand, Point Lookout had a good balance and sent us out to explore the dark swamps in Maryland, where we fought the crazy rednecks and other mutated marsh critters.

The Last of Us - Left Behind


The Last of Us is a dark post-apocalyptic story about a man named Joel and a girl named Ellie who travel across the country. The Left Behind DLC shows players the story that took place before Joel and Ellie met. She centers around Ellie and her friend Riley as they sneak into an abandoned shopping mall and try to escape the infected. We get to know Ellie's fate in the base game, but this DLC shows what happens to Riley and how it affects Ellie, giving players insight into how she became the character we know so well.

Mass Effect 3 - Citadel


Mass Effect 3's initial finale wasn't very popular with many players, leading to a lengthy online campaign asking the game's developers to change it. The Bioware team listened to all the complaints and made an expansion that fit neatly into the main plot and allowed gamers to spend more time with the characters they recognized from all three games. When Shepard confesses that his team is the best, it touches my heart.

TES V: Dawnguard and Dragonborn

Often in these tops of the best side campaigns for games, people only think of Dragonborn when it comes to Skyrim. And yes, I agree, the add-on hits the nostalgia well, allowing us to once again plunge into the atmosphere of Morrowind, which has now changed and decayed. This is one of the reasons Dragonborn is a great DLC, plus it tells the story of another dragonborn and officially ends our adventure.


That being said, I'm sorry that Dawnguard is so rarely mentioned - it's a great addition to the main campaign and an equally great story in itself. During the game we will be able to visit on both sides of the barricades, as vampire hunters, as well as the bloodsuckers themselves. We will also have the cutest companion in the entire series.

TES IV: Shivering Isles


The story of the kingdom of madness and the Daedra Sheogorath is simply brilliant. He is, as always, a witty character, whose quotes diverge into memes. The very content, comical dialogues and memorable quests - all this makes this DLC loved by many.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea

On the one hand, this is a terrific addition that not only ends the story of Bioshock Infinite, but generally ties the entire series together, opening the veil for new events that remained behind the scenes. But on the other hand, you can objectively throw a stone into the game, since you, in fact, are sold the real ending of the entire series of games separately. If you want to complete the game, buy the add-on.


But it's worth it. And although the first part of the add-on runs in an hour, the second gives us much more interesting gameplay and shows how Rapture was before it turned into an underwater prison for mutants.

Fallout: New Vegas - All DLCs


Absolutely all Fallout: New Vegas DLCs are great sequels. They reveal the world of the game to us in different ways, and throw us into completely new locations, with new quests, armor and weapons. I would call them a series in the game's setting. All these new story arcs before the climax, which is the battle of two couriers in the latest DLC. The outcome of the collision of the new and the old world. In addition, Lonesome Road events could impact the end of the main company.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey: The Fate of Atlantis

The Fate of Atlantis consists of three DLC episodes, and together they tell the story of the flooded city of Atlantis. Taken together, three episodes add up to over 30 hours of gameplay, longer than most full games! But the essence of this DLC is not the only reason for including it on our list.


Each episode takes us to a new zone, which is a new word in the beauty of level creation. And Atlantis itself is a masterpiece of art, allowing you to see the city that was described by Plato. Who would not say anything about Ubisoft, with all their major disadvantages, they know how to create beautiful worlds.

New quests, new achievements and new equipment will give players many hours of interesting gameplay. We also have a new story about Isu.

Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall & The Brigmore Witches

And finally, let's talk a little about the two-episode DLC for the legendary Dishonored. In both expansions, you play as the infamous Daoud, who killed the Empress and sent Corvo on a path of revenge.


Daud, who realized that he was deceived and forced to kill a good man, is trying to cope with the consequences of his act. These additions offer us a fresh look at the main antagonist of the game and see the full story, previously not shown to us.

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