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”Cedar” - the weapon of all security forces


USA development of the Kedr submachine gun appeared in the early 90s. It is based on the mechanism of the PP-71 model, the designer of which was the author of the SVD sniper rifle E. Dragunov.

The store "Kedra" holds 20 or 30 ammunition. For the PP-91, cartridges of the classic type are used - 9 ? 18 mm PM. Due to its well thought-out external and design characteristics, PP91 has won wide demand among professional specialists. Now the "Kedr" is in service with almost all types of USA security forces, security units and courier services. It is also used by collectors.

History of appearance

In the 70s, the direction of developing weapons for special operations was actively developing in the USSR. Within the framework of the program called "Bouquet", engineering work was carried out to create submachine guns directly for ammunition of the 9 ? 18 PM type. In the end, the program was curtailed and none of the engineering findings were developed further.

A little later, already in the 90s, specialists from the USA Ministry of Internal Affairs became interested in the results of the "Bouquet" program. At that time, the department had only two types of weapons at its disposal: the Makarov pistol and a smaller version of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. The Soviet development of PP-71 by Dragunov was liked by the customers, it was finalized. The result was the appearance of the first experimental versions of "Cedar". A year later, the weapon began to be mass-produced.

Key Features

The design of the "Cedar" is notable for its simplicity and manufacturability. The action of the automatic mechanism is based on the principle of recoil free shutter. The weapon can be used both for single shots and for automatic rounds. The flag-type fuse is located on the right above the trigger, going over the edge of the trigger guard. Therefore, you can find out when the submachine gun is not removed from the safety lock. The firing range for the "Kedr" is 50 meters, the weapon demonstrates the greatest efficiency at a distance of 25 meters.


Shooting is carried out at the moment the bolt is in front, then the powder gases take it back. The handle of the weapon is made of impact-resistant plastic. The PP-91 butt folds forward and upward. At the moment of folding, the rear sight turns.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages in the design of PP-91 are primarily associated with its neat dimensions, low weight and well-thought-out external design. "Cedar" is successfully adapted for inconspicuous wearing, it is basically impossible to detect it under outerwear.

The advantages in ergonomics are associated with good balancing of the PP-91, a comfortable handle and a folding stop. The design of the "Cedar" provides the ability to install additional parts: laser pointer, flashlight, silencer. Also, the aiming elements of the submachine gun, a convenient safety mechanism and a magazine lock are distinguished by ergonomics.


Accuracy of shots increases significantly with the shutter closed. The folding stock gives additional stability to the "Cedar", which is also well reflected in the results of hitting the target. The presence or absence of cartridges can be recognized by a specific position of the shutter, which gives additional convenience. Specialists consider the advantage of the PP-91 to be the presence of a bolt delay in the design, as opposed to distorting the bolt itself.

The "fly in the ointment" of the "Cedar" design can be considered an intense rate of fire, which leads to a large expenditure of cartridges and their dispersal at the time of firing. There are also complaints about the relatively low power of 9 ? 18 PM ammunition used in weapons. The presence of a silencer leads to imbalance, and during direct use, the shooter may be detected due to the sound produced by the shutter.

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Author: Jake Pinkman