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The best TV series of September 2020: Premieres


Someone is getting ready for school, someone for the new heating season, someone else for something. But without a doubt, everyone will not mind getting ready for the new film season. And this preparation will not be so effective and comprehensive, if you do not get acquainted with what the best TV series of September 2020 will be, those that will appear on the screens of our TVs, computers and smartphones for the first time in the first month of autumn.

There will be a huge number of such in September. But we tried to select the most worthwhile and expected from them, placing them in accordance with the schedule of their release.

Away (Netflix)

September 4, Friday

A sci-fi film dedicated to the first manned flight to Mars and all the ensuing consequences begins the list of the best TV series of September 2020.

The international crew of the ship, for the first time in the history of human civilization, going to the red planet, consists of five people (a USA and a Chinese woman, as expected, are present, otherwise it would be funny). They all have different fates, different lives, each has loved ones with whom they will have to say goodbye for three long years.

The main attention is expected to be paid to the American astronaut Emma Logan, who, among others, leaves the people most dear to her heart on Earth - her husband and daughter, with whom, as expected, some emergency will happen on her way to Mars. Malfunctions on the ship itself are also expected. After all, if you do not add drama and adventure to the film, what will be the interest in it?

Basically, the plot is, again, expected. Let's see what will be its content and execution. The trailer looks pretty impressive. We hope space fiction fans will not be disappointed.

Raised by Wolves (HBO Max)

September 4, Friday

Next in the list of September premieres is a tape worthy of our extended top 60 best TV series about the apocalypse and post-apocalypse . Unless, here post-apocalyptic events will unfold not on Earth, destroyed by a global war, but on another planet with an oxygen atmosphere.

In case of war or other global cataclysms, it was envisaged to send "human seed" into space to revive human civilization. The automated capsule landed safely on the target planet, after which the process of reproduction of "human individuals" was launched.

But just stamping babies is not enough. They need to be trained, otherwise the process may simply come to a standstill. But only educated children and adolescents can be taught, otherwise they will be a simple set of morons, capable only of picking their noses, and later - of sorting out relationships and sharing resources.

For educational purposes, a couple of androids were provided so as not to embarrass the kids - with a humanoid appearance. But as they grow up, the kids will inevitably begin to ask themselves where everything came from, and who created everything. And it is unlikely that someone will behave as some unfinished robot insists. Without the appropriate accent, of course.

Which, of course, was intended to be religion. The only problem is that every child, like humanity on the destroyed Earth, has its own concept of what God should be. It is clear to anyone that where a couple of competing religions are trying to manipulate the world, clashes and wars are inevitable.

Androids will have to make a lot of effort and go for very non-standard moves in order to drive all of humanity here under a single religious denominator.

Power in the night city. Book Two: The Ghost (2020)

September 6, Sunday

The next series on the schedule in September is more like a sequel to the spin-off of the show "Power in the Night City" that ended in winter 2020. It is not yet known whether Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson will be asked to record another song for the splash screen. But the fact that the rest of the prequel survivors and the cast will return in the sequel is as clear as day.

The series, as we are promised, will tell about the difficult legacy of the Ghost's son, Tariq, and how hard it will be for him to live in the shoes of the son of such a mafia father. We all remember how wildly and controversially this little goof was stupid in the series dedicated to the misadventures of his dad. We suspect that there will be no less illogicalities in the sequel.

But fans of the first show will still appreciate this creation. To the heap we will say that the narrative of the series, according to showrunners, will begin a few days after the finale of the previous "Power in the Night City". Enjoy your viewing!

Awakening (Hulu)

September 9, Wednesday

The next best TV series in September 2020 will tell us the story of Keefe, a dark-skinned creator of graphic novels or, more simply, "comic sketches", in which he talks about the difficult, but, most of all, funny life of the surrounding people in our complete confusion modern world.

His life is light and carefree. Drawing his squiggles and scribbles, he does not even suspect that all this glossy life has quite a matte and muddy inside out. But soon he will have to more than seize the reverse side of the glamorous gloss. By a "happy" coincidence, he was mistakenly arrested for subversive campaigning, which prompted him to rethink the surrounding reality.

But when it turned out that his brains resist perceiving this rethinking, schizophrenia comes to the aid of this rethinking, operating with his own drawn characters.

And if you consider that in his "graphic novels" any thing-object-physical object could talk, up to garbage cans and fire hydrants, he will have a hard time in his "artistic schizophrenia".

Demnist: Warner TV

September 10, Thursday

Almost nothing is known about the next series in September. In this case, the TV people from Warner chose not to squander on trailers and lengthy descriptions of their new serial brainchild. The only thing they did was roll out this upside-down pentagram, which they presented as a poster on IMDb.


According to modest information posted on the same IMDb, the series will focus on hidden wars waged between two realities, into which the world was divided at the beginning of the creation. One reality is the reality of people, the one in which you and I supposedly live. The other is its direct opposite, inhabited by demons and other otherworldly creatures.

It is unknown who will fight for our world from our side and who will shed demonic blood on mystical fronts from opponents. The list of actors invited to the main roles so far includes only 11-year-old Dobromir Mashukov from Abakan, so, most likely, the premiere will be postponed altogether.

After all, there is no show without actors, as we all perfectly understand.

Julie and the Ghosts (Netflix)

September 10, Thursday

Once upon a time there were three guys in the world who decided to put together their own group. They called her "Phantoms" and looked into the water. It turned out that all three died, as it turned out, in order a quarter of a century later to rise from the dead again in order to achieve success in the music field, which they could not do during their lifetime.

No, they will rise not in the form of terrible zombies , but in the form of cute and quite dense ghosts of the same green youths who, as it turned out, had enough nothing at all, namely - firstly, to die, and secondly, to get close to a young girl with an angelic voice named Julia.

And their four will have happiness, joy and success!

We Are Who We Are (HBO)

September 13, Sunday

Interestingly, if you put a 14-year-old teenager on a military base where there are many men and few women, will he be able to recover from his overt homosexual inclinations? Fraser Wilson's parents thought, for some reason, yes. After all, this is how they, firstly, separated the guy from his boyfriend, and secondly, they thought to awaken the “man” in him.

But in fact, the idea was initially stupid. To place a young boy who is fond of men in a place where these men, and - for every taste and color, a dime a dozen? What is this idiocy? This is tantamount to pushing a heterosexual on an island with Amazons to be re-educated into a homosexual.

So the boy found himself a new boyfriend - a warrior named Jason. The main thing now is to understand how the warrior treats young guys.

Honestly, despite our rather pretentious description, this September miniseries will be the most serious one. But the problems of growing up and sexual self-education (after all, the Rodos, as we understand, in this sense have withdrawn themselves), heterosexuals do not touch much. Here it would be to understand their "non-romanticism". Yes, see something worthwhile in the evening. But, turning on your favorite channel, you again see another product of today's tolerance on the screen. Alas and ah.

Let's face it, the show isn't for everyone.

Day Three (HBO)

September 13, Sunday

The premiere of the next best TV series in September 2020 was supposed to take place back in May, but this was prevented by the coronavirus pandemic. This HBO project is mystical and not recommended for the faint of heart.

As we said in the spring, the show is a kind of cross between "Mysterious Forest" (2004) and "Solstice" (2019). It will be about a community cut off from the world, living and living on an island, where a man named Sam (Jude Law) who has lost a loved one arrives. Somewhere from someone he heard that Oseya Island is a great place to get away from the thoughts caused by the psychological trauma he had suffered. And at first it was.

But little by little, the local atmosphere begins to turn the brains of our protagonist even more sideways than they were before arriving at the place of the expected "relaxation". He begins to see some visions about some people, about what happened to them in this, as it turned out, not predisposed to “relaxation” place.

Seemingly absent-minded and busy with their own affairs, but in fact, what an observant, local "brotherhood" begins to notice that the "client" this time came to them a problematic one and decides to deal with him. I would have made a leg otsedovaya, but the road to the mainland sank under the water.

We'll have to, apparently, find other ways out (or - "emerging") from the current situation.

Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp (Netflix)

September 14, Monday

Another new September TV series and another adventures on the island of Nublar (Foggy Island), where enterprising business activists known to everyone from the films of the franchise decided to play the zoo with cloned dinosaurs from the Jurassic period.

As befits any such "zoo", sooner or later some kind of emergency occurs on it, as a result of which the monstrous size of the lizards are free. From that moment on, the main characters who find themselves cut off from the safe zone (if one still exists!) Somewhere on the "tourist path" must themselves look for a way out of their current situation, trying to survive by all means and forces.

In this case, several teenagers who have gathered in a heap for a more successful "survival" in extreme conditions fall into the trap. Children will soon find out whether this kind of "cooperation" will help them. Yes, exactly - kids. After all, this time it's a real cartoon series.

South wind. Return (Start)

September 16, Wednesday

In 2018, a good Serbian film called "South Wind" about a professional car thief named Marash saw the light. Yes, indeed, you are not mistaken. It will be a series based on his "motives", consisting of as many as 14 episodes.

Marash is released from prison. But he only manages to live normally. By the will of circumstances, he is drawn into squabbles between local drug dealers, so that not only he and his future fate, but also the fate of his loved ones, is in danger again.

By the way, Milos Bikovich starred in the role of Marash, who is known to our audience for his leading role in the feature film "Kholop". And in 2021, the release of the second full-length film based on the now South Wind franchise is expected. It will probably be interesting.

Sister Ratched (Netflix)

September 18, Friday

Netflix's streaming service loads its clientele in every way. This time, the viewer will be presented with another project from the category of long-playing crime detective thrillers.

The story in this September TV series will focus on a young nurse in a mental hospital who looks like she could never be said to be a terrible monster.

For all those around her, she is a chorus girl. But for patients, Sister Ratched is a real monster, mocking the sick and keeping them in constant and terrible fear and horror.

Anyone who wants to watch the process of bullying, as well as everyone who likes psychological films in the style of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) and is not indifferent to the fate of poor mental patients, all here!

The Comedy Rule (Showtime)

September 27, Sunday

Brandon Gleeson, known to the general public for his role as private investigator Bill Hodges in the TV series "Mr. Mercedes", based on the three-volume of the same name Stephen King , will appear in this series as ... Donald Trump! This alone is capable of attracting very many film lovers to TV screens, and not only from across the ocean.

The series will be based on the book "The Highest Degree of Devotion" by James Comey, which is completely devoted to the race and presidential elections in the United States in 2016, in which, as we all know, Trump was elected president. Moreover, according to James Comey himself, who at that time was the director of the FBI, not without the help of the Kremlin.

There can be no particularly outstanding revelations here. It is clear as daylight that on the eve of the upcoming presidential elections, this petty project was ordered by petty Republicans. How will Showtime react to this creation? Probably negative. Of course, part of the electorate after watching this nonsense will go over to Biden's side.

Dear Komi can say in his work what he wants and provide what documents and arguments he wants, but the special commission investigating the case of interference in the 2016 elections of USA did not find any iron evidence that this interference actually took place .

But you can't explain anything to the common people. They believe what they saw on the screen. Trump in this case is a little sorry. Although, to be honest, we don't care. You, we think, too. But you can still watch the show.

I wonder what the retired memoir and honored FBI writer of All America Johnny Comey, who, by the way, was played by one of the duet "Dumb and Dumber" - Jeff Daniels, in his little book.


This concludes our roundup of the best TV shows of September 2020. Next in line is October with its "Mandalorian", "Warrior", "Discovery", etc. But we will talk about them in two weeks. First, after all, you need to wait at least partially for the above, which we will do with great pleasure.

In the meantime, let's also take a look at the rest of the materials devoted to the September movie announcements, the links to which we have conveniently placed for you just below. See you next month and have more cool movies and TV shows!

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