Atari Hotel, sold by Plague Inc. jumped against the backdrop of the coronavirus epidemic - gaming news digest # 1.04 from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Atari Hotel, sold by Plague Inc. jumped against the backdrop of the coronavirus epidemic - gaming news digest # 1.04 from Cadelta. Part one


Also in the digest: an interview inside Watch Dogs Legion, Corey Barlog on the transfer of Cyberpunk 2077, Residents of Evil: Vigil.

Welcome to the hotel ... Atari?

Atari will open hotels for gamers in the USA Atari has been inactive lately, but so that you don't forget about their existence, they are going to open a hotel chain for gamers. In addition to the fact that the hotels have a famous brand, there will be appropriate entertainment for gamers of all stripes and ages inside, including platforms for VR and augmented reality. Some hotels will also have e-sports facilities.


Napoleon Smith III, partner at innovation agency GSD Group [they are working with Atari on hotels and hotel design], said this is a great opportunity to develop a completely new hotel concept and present nostalgic retro style in the modern era.

The first Atari hotel will open in Arizona, Phoenix, this year. Later, similar hotels will open in other US cities like Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, etc.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak in China, Plague Inc. have grown several times

In China, there has been an outbreak of infection with the new 2019-nCov virus, which is similar in symptoms to the common cold, but has a mutation that can lead to death. At the time of this writing, 2,761 sick people and several dozen dead have already been recorded. In addition to the fact that now the number of memes about the future, like in The Last of Us, has increased, the popularity of the simulator for creating a deadly infection Plague Inc. has increased


The BBC revealed that it has become the most downloaded game in the Chinese App Store over the past week. According to one of the visitors to the Chinese Wiebo, this is a kind of psychotherapy when people try to face fear.


This surge of interest in the game was responded by its developer studio Ndemic Creations. According to them, this situation is not new. Over the eight years of the game's existence, they have always seen a surge in popularity when a new disease appears in the world, as people use their simulator to learn about the epidemiology of diseases and see how they spread. For example, a similar case occurred during the outbreak of Ebola several years ago.

They initially made the game cognitive and realistic. However, players should remember that this is still a game, and not a scientific guide to the study of diseases and viruses. The developers cite the current outbreak as a very serious problem, so they advise getting real information from local health centers.

As a reminder, the game is available on Android, iOS and PC.

The journalist interviewed inside Watch Dogs Legion

If you think game journalism requires change and innovation, then you should check out how BBC Click journalist Mark Cheslack interviewed Watch Dogs Legion creative director Clint Hawking inside the game.

Cheslack came to Ubisoft Toronto, where his appearance was scanned and then transferred to the game model. After that, putting on a motion capture suit that tracks everything down to facial expressions and transfers it to the game model, I went to chat with Hawking. Their models were placed on the in-game square of central London's Piccadilly Circus.

There is nothing in the interview that we do not already know. Hawking talked about how London and Braxit, after which the game takes place, is the perfect place to tell a story similar to Watch Dogs Legion. And that the game itself explores this problem as well as other works of art.

"All games on consoles look bad and lag" - Corey Barlog about rumors regarding the postponement of Cyberpunk 2077. CD PR also hired a third-party studio to polish the project

Last time we wrote about the drain of Polish journalist Boris Nespelyak, who claimed that the release of the game was postponed, as it does not work well on consoles, in particular on XOne. This information was commented on by the creative director of the latest God Of War, Corey Barlog. He supported the Polish studio on his twitter.


According to him, all games are made this way, and there is no reason for panic. Game optimization always happens at the very last moment before the release. Usually, no one wants to talk about this, because it can be misunderstood and sound the alarm among gamers.

While he may not speak for the entire industry, and fellow developers may disagree with him if their experience is different, this is often how it happens. Games are scary, and they stay that way until the very last moment of development.

According to Barlog, it's all about the complexity of game development, and the confidence of the developers that their project, which is based on scotch tape and honesty, will turn into a masterpiece by the end of its creation, but often everything goes wrong. Whether the Poles from CD Projekt Red will be able to change this approach - we will find out on September 17th.

It was also reported that the studio has hired an outsourcing company to help them polish the game. She is the studio QLOC, which is also based in Poland. According to her, she will be engaged in testing the quality of the game and developing additional textures. As one of the CD PR developers told the forum, the game really needs polishing and bug-catching to bring it to perfection.

QLOC is often involved in the design, localization and testing of custom projects. They previously worked on Dark Souls Remastered, the PC version of Mortal Kombat 11, and were catching bugs in Metro: Exodus. It's a pretty good portfolio.

Residents of Evil: Vigil - a classic project in the style of the first REs

There is a Residents of Evil channel on You-Tube, which is dedicated to survival horror and the RE series in particular. Channel executives have teamed up with indie developer Moon Glint, who is creating a project that spiritually inherits the mechanics of the first three Resident Evil games. The team has released a trailer for their project.

The plot is set in 1984. Reconnaissance Operation Unit 3 [ROU3] investigates an incident in a mysterious forest and ends up in an abandoned Beechworth family estate, which is no less mysterious.

The game will have many authentic mechanics from the first REs, for example: a static camera, a mansion as a location, puzzles and tank controls. We are also promised a specific humor and a crooked voice acting, which is also characteristic of the first parts of the series.

At the moment, the game is called Residence of Evil: Vigil, however, knowing how Capcom treats fan projects that have anything to do with their games, it will soon be renamed Vigil: Prophecy of the Bestowed.

According to plans in 2018, when the project appeared, the game should be released on PC for free.

This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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