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Bitcoin is taking off


The bitcoin rate, which showed a stable fall in 2018, decided to take revenge and went up. Its growth in one day was 25%, while the currency managed to reach $ 5,000, breaking it. Previously, such a value was fixed in November last year, after which Bitcoin showed systematic stagnation.

In general, the total capitalization of electronic currency is within 85 billion dollars, and the bitcoin rate for today remains at around $ 5000. Over the entire period of its existence, Bitcoin repeats its history and for the second time has shown rapid growth after a long fall. The last time an active rise in cryptocurrency prices occurred at the end of 2017. Then its cost increased by almost half, being within $ 15,000. Then the rate grew to $ 19,000, but in the spring of next year it dropped to $ 8,000.

Profile experts of the financial market, preparing the forecast for the bitcoin rate in October last year, initially assumed its subsequent growth. Its position had an expected impact on other representatives of the virtual market: for example, the Ethereum and Ripple cryptocurrencies managed to grow by 10% in one day.


The current growth of bitcoin is associated with the activity of Asian investors who decided to purchase cryptocurrency. Their number is unknown, but the direct market participant, one of the leaders of the BCB Group cryptocurrency company, Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, points to the only unknown buyer who purchased about 20 thousand Bitcoin units. According to him, this was one order, which was carried out according to a unified algorithm through the American and European exchanges.

2018 was not the most successful year for virtual money. Among the "victims" was the bitcoin rate, which also got a lot of problems. Its value was negatively affected by problems in the operation of exchanges, hacker activity and fraudulent ICOs. Over the past year, crypto exchanges have been hacked several times. The largest of them happened at the beginning of 2018, as a result of which the Japanese Coincheck lost more than $ 500,000,000. Six months later, two more South Korean platforms, Coinrail and Bithumb, were attacked. The Japanese Zaif has also been hacked. All these cases naturally resulted in a decrease in the value of bitcoin.

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Author: Jake Pinkman