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Understanding why bitcoin is growing


Our in-house Bitcoin expert has finally paid off the foreign exchange mortgage and is ready to dive into analytics again.

It looks like bitcoin has left the black band. After the coin reached $ 20,000 in December, the growth stopped and the vector shifted to the other side. But recently, the main cryptocurrency began another rally. What's going on in the market? Quick answer: the launch of updates and the influx of large capital.

The Lighting Network's positive change and equally positive regulatory response have brought investors back.

The new asset class is officially recognized and is heading in the right direction with the arrival of the Rockefellers and the Soros Foundation. George Soros' company plans to use $ 26 billion in the auction. The Rockefellers have partnered with CoinFund, a cryptocurrency hedge fund, and also support startups that develop their own coins.

It is known that over fifty financial companies are preparing to enter the attractive market by the end of the third quarter. The inflow of funds and the high level of liquidity will lead to higher prices.

Moreover, entire states can return to bitcoin. The startups have sued the Reserve Bank of India, which banned the use of bitcoin in the country. China, which is still struggling with exchanges and initial offerings, holds the lead in blockchain technology development.

The cryptocurrency space has remained stable lately. Users are increasingly understanding the potential of technology. Confidence and optimism are growing from small and large investors.

What does this mean for ordinary investors?

Same as always. Bitcoin with a probability of 60% will rise, and 40% - will fall . We have been convinced more than once that it is almost impossible to predict anything according to the exchange rate. We advise you to look at the information of many sources before deciding on an investment. You can make good money on bitcoin. And these should be used

The Topic of Article: Understanding why bitcoin is growing.
Author: Jake Pinkman