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Fallout: New California Fan Mod To Debut In October


The original campaign with the author's script and full dubbing on a completely new map - isn't it intriguing?

The team working on the global modification of Fallout: New California announced that they are preparing for an official release this October. The fan-made creation is a prequel to Fallout: New Vegas and offers players an all-new campaign in which we play the role of a resident of " Vault 18 .

Fallout: New California is one of the oldest and still developing large conversion mods. The scope and ambition of the project amaze and delight many players. Work on it began over nine years ago, and contrary to skeptics' predictions, a group of dedicated fans have finally created a completely new adventure in the Fallout world that could rival the story from Bethesda or Obsidian. The developers have already released a new trailer for the modification, and also announced that the full version will premiere on October 23, 2018 . The project will be available to all Fallout: New Vegas owners.

Fallout: New California - what is it about? As a resident of Vault 18, we are exploring a brand new map of Cajon Pass in the vastness of Southern California. The project offers gamers an extensive campaign, the script of which includes 16,000 lines of dialogue.

The game will be filled with intrigue, opposing sides and difficult decisions that will eventually lead us to one of 12 endings. The mod will also get a brand new radio and full dubbing that was created from the ground up with community support.

The creators assure that the main campaign of Fallout: New California is almost ready, as well as the graphic elements (models, textures, etc.). All that remains is to eliminate minor bugs and shortcomings. The authors also plan to develop side quests and additional dialogues with characters. Therefore, the team still has to invest a lot of energy to implement the missing elements and make sure that they do not conflict with each other. In July, those who wish can register for closed testing of the modification.

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