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Best Arcade Far Cry Maps - Resident Evil 7, Metal Gear & Psychedelia


The state of Montana in Far Cry 5 is perhaps one of the best vacation spots. More than 150 side quests and many random encounters on the game's map will ensure that you spend thirty hours in Hope County with great pleasure. But what to do when every corner of the American hinterland has been studied, the quests are completed, and the appearance of the next sectarian is already starting to feel sick? Here arcade mode comes to the rescue of the gamer in Far Cry 5. With its help, you can go on such crazy journeys that even the scriptwriters of drug trips in the Far Cry series could not even dream of.

For you, we have made a selection of the most interesting maps for arcade mode, in which there is a place for both unique locations and copies of maps from other popular games.

The Drift

We begin our selection with one of the strangest maps that clearly shows what Arcade mode is capable of in Far Cry 5. To fully complete the level you are given only 210 seconds, in which you have to get out of a psychedelic dream and go through a sophisticated obstacle course. The creators of the map have taken great care to ensure that you never get bored during the passage, as evidenced by the reduced gravity and carefully placed explosive barrels near enemies.

Welcome to Elk Jaw Lodge

One of the best maps for Far Cry 5, in which the player will have to clear a small village full of cultists. Yes, the idea of the map is unremarkable, but the main thing here is the execution of the location. The blood-red palette and the fog enveloping the city reduces visibility and makes opponents suddenly appear, so be sure to stock up on diapers before passing. And so that life does not seem like honey to you at all, the level of health of enemies has significantly increased, so do not be surprised when you have to spend ten shots from a shotgun at close range on the next fanatic.

Safe Haven

Immediately after the release of Far Cry 5, Safe Haven became the most popular map in arcade mode and has held that title ever since. The secret to success is very simple. Firstly, it was created by Ubisoft itself, so it looks not as shabby as 95% of the maps created by the gaming community. And secondly, the very utopian atmosphere of the map, in which you can feel the influence of Crysis 2.

Upside Down

How about making a horror movie like Amnesia out of Far Cry 5? Ubisoft at Upside Down, apparently, decided to put an end to this issue and, frankly, it turned out quite well. On the map, you will have to find a way out of a mysterious mansion in which mystical devilry is taking place. Flying furniture, upside-down rooms, giant clocks and frightening background sounds - Upside Down looks like another drug trip of Vera Sid, but in a more interesting setting.


Another map authored by Ubisoft, which in no case should be missed by fans of the multiplayer mode Deathmatch in Far Cry 5. The special feature of the map is the emphasis on melee and bow, all in the best traditions of the Middle Ages, no firearms! Another feature is the ability to release fireballs directly from your hands to the basic mechanics of Far Cry 5. Separately, it is worth noting a giant dragon, which hung threateningly in the air. The only pity is that he is just a decoration and does not devour the hated cheaters.

Shadow Moses

Fans of Metal Gear Solid decided not to miss the new Ubisoft shooter and recreated in Far Cry Arcade the starting location from the very first part of the cult series. Graphics aside, Shadow Moses in Far Cry looks almost identical to the original 1998 game, which is of course a great compliment to the creators of the map. Why, even the placement of opponents and their patrol zone completely repeats MGS.

Resident Evil 7 V3

As it turned out, the modern community is strong not only among MGS fans, but also among fans of another cult Japanese series of games - Resident Evil. User Adrijosefabi was not lazy and exactly repeated the first two floors of the Baker family mansion from Resident Evil 7. We recommend playing this map for Far Cry Arcade in co-op, as all the rooms of the mansion are filled with an army of mad cultists with shovels.

The Looper

Quite an interesting map for Far Cry Arcade, which tries to stand out with a constant change of scenery. A prison, a snow-covered cave with a snow yeti, a gloomy valley with cultists and a Victorian England-style town are just a few of the locations that can be seen during this Far Cry 5 map.

Arcade Far Cry is an endless source of fun and one of the main reasons to download Far Cry 5. If you are really interested in arcade mode, but you have not yet decided on the purchase of the game, then we advise you to read our review of Far Cry 5, where we Let's talk about the main pros and cons of the game.

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