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Returning brand has developed an entry-level smartphone with a huge battery


The Gionee brand plans to launch a smartphone with a large battery at the base price level this year. A large Chinese manufacturer with an 18-year history after the bankruptcy of 2018 is gradually returning its positions in the market. A description of the new Gionee smartphone has appeared on the TENAA certification website. It does not yet have an official name, only the identification number 20200418 is known, indicating the date of entry into the database.

The most important feature of the entry-level device is the battery, which has a capacity of 10,000 mAh. In this regard, the Gionee smartphone can become a competitor to devices in the budget segment of other manufacturers, for example, the K10000 Pro and K13 Pro models from Oukitel, the battery capacity of which reaches 10100 and 11000 mAh, respectively.

Key Features

Despite the presence of a battery, the capacity of which exceeds the battery of many modern flagships, other specifications of the future novelty Gionee characterize it as a budget-class device. So, according to the technical description, a smartphone with a large battery is equipped with a 5.72-inch screen, limited by rather wide frames. The display supports the HD + resolution standard. The smartphone is powered by a processor overclocked to 2.0 GHz. The main camera on the back of the body received a single sensor with a resolution of 13 or 16 MP (depending on the configuration). The manufacturer has placed a fingerprint scanner next to it. The front camera sensor has a resolution of 2 or 8 MP (also depends on the assembly).

The announced smartphone with a large battery from Gionee has two slots for SIM cards, supports microSD cards, works in 4G networks. The device is planned for release in at least three configurations, differing in memory sizes. The youngest version will have 4/64 GB, it will be followed by an assembly with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, and the top version will receive 8 and 256 GB memory modules, respectively.


In the description, a budget smartphone with a large battery is presented running an outdated build of the operating system - Android 7.1.1 Nougat, released in 2016. The same version of the OS is announced for another device of the company - the Gionee K6 smartphone, which was announced back in the spring. However, Google's ban on Android below version 10 on 2020 smartphones may indicate a potential bug.

The cost of Gionee 20200418 has not yet been announced, however, the technical characteristics of the smartphone indicate that it belongs to the budget class.

Return of Gionee

The Gionee company started its activity in 2002, and today its experience is 18 years. In the first years, the manufacturer was actively growing, and ten years later, in 2012, it occupied a confident position in the Chinese market. In other countries, Gionee products were also presented, in particular, in the USA market, the gadgets of the Chinese manufacturer were officially sold under other brands, for example, Prestigio.

In 2017, the company started having problems related to debts to creditors and suppliers, as well as the ensuing risk of insolvency and the departure of many employees. At the end of 2018, Gionee was officially declared bankrupt, but its management has repeatedly hinted at a possible return of the brand. As a result, the company began to re-conquer the market. In 2019, Gionee has already released two budget smartphones and a classic clamshell cell phone, and in 2020 is preparing a whole series of new products, ranging from headphones and smart watches to several models of smartphones.

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