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Films and TV series from 10 to 16 January


As you know, life does not end during the New Year holidays. Therefore, many will be interested in knowing in advance what the filmmakers will offer us after the post-New Year and post-Christmas passions have subsided?

Short lists of movie premieres of the second decade of January

Let's immediately pay attention to the fundamental difference between the New Year's schedule and the old New Year's one. In the old New Year, our selection of films will be almost twice as large, but USA films will be completely absent from the list of film premieres. What exactly are we going to look at in the second decade of January? In short, the list of movies looks like this:

  • Creed 2 (USA);
  • Start over (US);
  • 1 + 1 Hollywood Story (USA);
  • Black stripe (France, Belgium);
  • Dark Mirror (USA);
  • The Way Home (USA);
  • Monster Family Mystery (India, Mexico);
  • Chimera (USA);
  • Snow Races (Canada)

As we can see, in the current list of premieres there are as many as 9 films against New Year's 5. Indeed, for the old New Year we were, for some reason, much more fortunate with variety.

Schedule of new seasons of TV series

And what about TV shows? They, as you can see, have broken through since the New Year so that no one can plug the pipe. But, nevertheless, their flow is gradually starting to dry up, because against the previous week, in which the light saw the whole 17 new seasons of our favorite TV series, this week we have to check out only 13 significant starts of the seasons, of which 3 will be full-fledged premieres. This is how the list of franchises looks briefly, arranged by date:

  • 10.01. The Promised Neverland, Japan premiere;
  • 10.01. Untold Biology Season 2 (USA)
  • 10.01. Family, TV series premiere (USA);
  • 10.01. Brooklyn 9-9, Season 6 (USA);
  • 10.01. Death in Paradise Season 8 (England)
  • 11.01. Granchester, season 4 (England);
  • 11.01. Man from the Future Season 2 (USA);
  • 11.01. Friends from College Season 2 (USA)
  • 12.01. Virgin, Season 5 (USA);
  • 13.01. Victoria Season 3 (England)
  • 13.01. True Detective Season 3 (USA);
  • 15.01. Roswell, New Mexico, US premiere;
  • 15.01. Monsters Corporation Season 2 (USA)
  • 15.01. Drunken Story Season 6 (US)

So this week there will be a lot to see in theaters and on TV. And to make it easier for us to make a choice, let's go through the premieres in more detail.

Short mid-January movie premieres

As already mentioned, domestic films were not included in the list of films released on large screens since January 10. It consists of 7 movies and 2 full-length cartoons, and the main expectation of this week, of course, is the boxing drama "Creed 2". Let's start with her.

Creed 2. Rating IMDb 7.8, CP 6.9

Film campaigns: Metro- Goldwyn- Mayer, Warner Brothers Entertainment.

Genres: sports, drama.

Director: Stephen Capel Jr.

In chap. Starring: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Dolph Lundgren.

Sylvester Stallone and company do not want to believe in any way that the hen called "Rocky Balboa" is no longer able to lay the golden eggs.

And they are right. Although now these eggs are no longer borne by the hen "Rocky", but by her chicken named "Adonis Creed". No, Creed is not Rocky's son. He's just his good and talented student. But the former main rival of Balboa, the Soviet professional boxer Ivan Drago, as it turned out, has a son. And now Rocky's foster child - Creed must at all costs defeat this son. After all, by doing so, Balboa, as it were, will screw up Vanka Drago already in the second generation.

The intrigue is complicated by the fact that Vanka Drago once killed Adonis Creed's father in the ring. So, it will also be a righteous revenge for the father. How can you lose then? Well, since we know how everything will end, where to go to the movie?

Yes, as usual, there will be a lot of training, a little drama, memories of how Lundgren's hero killed his daddy. And, of course, a difficult duel, at the end of which, nevertheless, Creed will win. How could it be otherwise?

Start over. IMDb rating 5.9.

Film Campaign: STX Entertainment.

Genres: comedy, melodrama.

Director: Peter Segal.

In chap. Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Ann Hudgens, Treat Williams, Lea Remini.

The last serious full-length project in which Jennifer Lopez starred was "Leela and Eve" (2015). The story about two mothers who lost their sons in street shootings, desperate to wait for legal justice and personally went to war with thugs, took almost 5 million dollars. And collected on the territory of the United States was only 40 thousand dollars. How do you like this flight?

No wonder that in light of this, no one coveted Jay Lo's acting talents for three years. No, there were, of course, the voice acting of cartoons, but this is not the same. And now an ambitious comedy melodrama comes out on the screens, for which the producers did not spare as much as 16 million greens. And again failure. Since its world premiere on December 6, 2018, the tape has barely managed to recoup those costs. So, the further career of J.Lo in cinematography very much depends on how the people in USA come to the picture with her participation.

And the people will not tumble down. People not only in USA try not to go to films with an IMDb rating below 6. And rightly so. The tale of how Maya, who accidentally got a job in a well-known company, proves something to someone, is fundamentally uninteresting.

And why? Because the key word here is "random." Now, if the people on their own got out into the people, it is worth looking at it. And to get a place in the company "by chance", and after that prove something to someone ... Dear, what kind of naive and tasteless nonsense are you talking about? Who might be interested in this? You can come to the casino and watch how people accidentally win at roulette. Believe me, it will be even more interesting! And you don't need to shoot any film!

1 + 1 Hollywood Story. Rating IMDb 3.8

Film Campaigns : Lantern Entertainment, STX Entertainment ..

Genres: Comedy, Drama.

Director: Neil Burger.

In chap. Cast: Nicole Kidman, Kevin Hart, Julianne Margulies, Brian Cranston.

Believe it or not. The world premiere of the Hollywood rehash of the French "Untouchables" (our film was called "1 + 1") took place on September 8, 2017 at the Toronto Film Festival. And the masterpiece managed to be born at a time when the scandal around Weinstein's sexual harassment was only flaring up.

By all accounts, it was clear that if the movie, which was executive-produced by Harvey Weinstein, and which cost a lot of money, was released now, it would fail miserably. Therefore, he went under the cloth for 2 long years.

As a result, the painting was bought from The Weinstein Company for a song by STX Entertainment, which will have the honor to show it to the whole world. And although Weinstein's name was removed from the credits, the picture was already minus to less than 4 points on the IMDb scale. But we all know that the reason is not at all bad acting, right?

I wonder if it turned out that Einstein was a fan of grabbing women by the ass, would America give up the atomic bomb? ..

Black stripe. Rating IMDb 6.2

Film campaigns: Curiosa Films, Mars Films, France 2 Cinema.

Genres: thriller, drama, detective, crime.

Regis: r Eric Zonka.

In chap. Starring: Vincent Cassel, Romain Duris, Elodie Boucher, Sandrine Cyberlain.

For a long time we have not seen solid masterpieces with the participation of Vincent Cassel on the big screens. And this one, judging by the rating, also does not shine with skill. Although, for fans of muddled detective thrillers, the picture may be of some interest.

Kassel plays a detective, trying with might and main to find a teenager who disappeared overnight. When he starts to dig, then, as it turned out, any of the boy's entourage is such a strange and contradictory person that it may well become, at least, an accomplice in his disappearance ...

Dark mirror. Rating IMDb 6.2, KP 5.5

Film Campaigns : Primary Wave Entertainment, Dana Lustig Productions, Buffalo Gal Pictures.

Genre: Thriller.

Director: Asaf Bernstein.

In chap. starring: India Isley, Jason Isaacs, Penelope Mitchell, Mira Sorvino.

The tape was released worldwide three months ago and during this time it has already managed to come out in quality and acquire its own rating on KinoPoisk, which, by the way, does not even reach 6.

And therefore the question arises: is it worth going to the cinema for a wiped out masterpiece of average lousy, which, moreover, you can look at on torrents, or is it better to give preference to a more recent tape, which few people have seen yet? >

For those who seriously set their sights on watching this thriller, we will briefly tell that it is about the secret dark side of the soul of the loser Maria, who, in the end, takes over her bright side. And here, all who previously oppressed the girl hold on. She will now show everyone.

For us, the instant rebirth of the main character looks more than naive, and her revenge is more than impossible and unrealistic.

Path home . Rating IMDb 6.9

Film Campaigns : Bona Film Group, Columbia Pictures Corporation.

Genres: family, melodrama.

Director: Charles Martin Smith.

In chap. Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Ashley Judd, Alexandra Shipp, Barry Watson.

Slightly naive, as in principle, all films about human-thinking animals, but a very kind and interesting film for family viewing.

The story of a dog named Bella, who once, chasing a squirrel, got lost in this big world and for a long time tried to find her way home. Sometimes, she had a very hard time.

But, as it turned out, adaptation to the big world was successful and on her long journey she not only managed to find new friends, but also to accomplish a bunch of good deeds.

Khimera . Rating IMDb 6.4

Film Campaigns : Wandering Bard, Somnia Productions.

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Detective.

Director: Mitzi Peyrone.

In chap. Cast: Madeleine Brewer, Scott Cohen, Imogen Waterhouse, Sarah Hay.

This story is from the category "do not dig another grave, you yourself will fall into it." Two fraudsters, trying to rob the owner of an old mansion, have no idea what punishment they are subjecting themselves to.

And it will be terrible, bloody and inevitable. And it is not yet known whether at least one of the girls who decided on this "business" will survive. After all, there is no way out of the mysterious and scary labyrinth into which they managed to get.

Well, or at least it seems so ...

Snow racing. IMDb 7.1 rating

Film Campaign: CarpeDiem Film.

Genres: cartoon, comedy, adventure.

Directed by Benoit Godbut, Francois Brisson and Jean-Francois Poulet.

In one of the snowy Canadian villages, a winter racing tournament is held annually. And, of course, the more chances you have to win, the faster you run the entire track. And what will help to develop great speed on the track? Of course, super sleds, which each of the village racers makes for himself according to his own understanding.

But it happens that some people want to come to the finish line by the first deceitful ways. I wonder what? Then watch the cartoon! It will be fun!

The mystery of the monster family. Rating IMDb 4.9

Film Campaigns : Anima Estudios, Discreet Arts Productions.

Genres: Cartoon, Fantasy, Family, Comedy, Adventure

Director: Leopoldo Aguilar.

Figures from the provider counter "Kinologistika" continue to earn money on cheap sloppy films. This time their gaze fell on the rotten cartoon of two years ago from Indian filmmakers "The Mystery of the Family of Monsters".

Do not trust that when you discover the secret of this secret, you will experience the most powerful pleasure. Your kids will not experience it either, because the masterpiece was filmed clumsy and uninteresting. Therefore, it is better to take the children to the "Way Home". They will definitely like this product.

Analysis of new seasons of TV series

And what about the TV series? Are there any worthy ones among them? Of course, there are some. Chief among them is the heavyweight True Detective, whose long-awaited third season will be released on January 13th. The number, frankly speaking, is not very conducive to optimism, but we will rejoice that at least it is not Friday, but Thursday.

There will be three premieres here, by the way. But, first things first.

The Promised Neverland

Premiere. January 10, Monday.

TV Channel: Fuji TV.

Genres: anime, horror, sci-fi, detective, fantasy, thriller.

The anime series is based on a manga that is extremely popular not only in Japan, but around the world. We are talking about the orphans of the Grace Field House orphanage, which, in fact, is not an orphanage at all, but an office for conducting various kinds of experiments on children.

For many years, the guys were hatching an escape plan, and now the hour has come. Will the kids manage to escape from the place from which escape is impossible in principle? Let's see ...

NOT Fascinating Biology / Biology Course. IMDb rating 6.9, KP 6.5

Season 2. January 10, Monday.

TV Channel: NBC.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. Starring Glenn Howerton, Aparna Brielle, Nick Payne, Patton Oswalt.

There are good professors, there are bad ones, and there are other professors on their minds, such as Jack Griffin, who was kicked out of his favorite job. It was this circumstance that made him return to his home state in order to get a job as a biology teacher.

The main thing is that even if the children don't need his biology, he, Jack Griffin, will really need children who will not need his biology. Such is the pun.

But one question remains open: why, in fact, will he need children? More about this in the series.


Premiere. January 10, Monday.

TV channel: CBS.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. Starring Blake Lee, Brendan Caleb Calton, Tisha French, Christina DeRosa.

A comedy series that lifts the curtain over how difficult it is to get along with each other blood relatives who are forced to live with each other under the same roof.

In the center of the plot is a dad and two adult daughters, one of whom lives separately, and the second is forced to flee to the first due to a quarrel with her father. But what should be done first? She has her own life, fiance, and then her sister fell on her head. Because of what her, at the end, dad also began to get it ...

In short, a complete mess and no privacy!

Brooklyn 9-9. IMDb rating 8.4, KP 8.3

Season 6. January 10, Monday.

TV Channel: NBC.

Genres: crime, comedy.

In chap. starring Andy Samberg, Andre Broger, Melissa Fumero, Terry Crews.

If earlier everyone, losing their sneakers, ran to watch "The Big Bang Theory", but now everyone is bursting to watch "Brooklyn 9-9". The story of how the ambitious captain Ray Holt is trying to make his police station better, faster, more efficient and more reactive took on its 6th season even after the former owner of the sitcom, FOX, decided to close it.

It didn't work. On the horizon, businessmen from theNBC channel immediately appeared, who not only bought the project from the creators, but also extended the next season to as many as 18 episodes! We'll see what they got for the sequel.

Death in paradise. Rating IMDb 7.9, KP 7.8

Season 8. January 10, Monday.

TV Channel: BBC One.

Genres: thriller, drama, detective, crime.

In chap. Starring Danny John-Jules, Elizabeth Burgin, Josephine Jobert, Don Warrington.

When a local police chief is murdered on one of the forgotten by God but not forgotten by the London Police Department islets of the Caribbean, a detective is sent from London to investigate the case.

This detective is an extraordinary personality. Accustomed to London fogs, gloomy and rainy weather, he can never get used to the paradise climate of the island of St. Marie. But, one way or another, he must take over the post of chief of police and lead the local precinct for the past 8 seasons.

By the way, for an island with such a small population, there is simply a huge number of crimes on it, which makes it in the eyes of outside observers a real breeding ground for crime and banditry, which, for some reason, does not look like it at all. / em>

Granchester. IMDb rating 8.0, KP 7.6

Season 4. January 11, Tuesday.

TV channel: TTV.

Genres: Drama, Crime, Detective.

In chap. Starring James Norton, Robson Green, Tessa Peak-Jones, Morwen Christie.

Another good detective series from England. The action in it takes place in the middle of the 20th century, and the local minister of the church, the vicar Sidney Chambers, who is superbly played for the 4th season by James Norton, who is familiar to us from the English adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace" (2016 ).

A man from the future. IMDb rating 7.9, KP 7.3

Season 2. January 11, Tuesday.

TV Channel: Hulu.

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Comedy.

In chap. Starring Josh Hutcherson, Derek Wilson, Glenn Headley, Eliza Coop.

Josh Futturman (Josh Hutcherson), a master of washing floors and cleaning toilets, is also an excellent gamer who has been struggling for a hell of a long time to complete an impenetrable computer game. And at that moment, when, having passed it, he decided from happiness to engage in masturbation, two super-fighters arrive from the future.

As it turned out, they are kind of surviving "special forces" from the past, the game is a test, and Josh himself is the savior of the world. The three of them will have to save the future from a universal anti-herp catastrophe. Only so far they are not doing very well ...

Friends from college. IMDb rating 6.6, KP 5.7

Season 3. January 11, Tuesday.

TV Channel: Netflix.

Genres: Comedy, Drama.

In chap. starring Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Savage, Annie Parris, Nat Faxon .

For the third season, the old farts are reminiscing about how excellent they were in college. To be honest, the sitcom is not very engaging, and its only good side is that Netflix releases all episodes of one series every year in one day.

So, get ready to eat another 8 episodes on Tuesday the eleventh. Well, or a little later, if anyone wants to wait for the translation.

Virgin. IMDb rating 7.8, KP 6.8

Season 5. January 12, Wednesday.

TV Channel: The CW.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Yael Grobglas, Justin Baldoni.

A virgin is already, if you look, 5 seasons as not a virgin. And the child has already grown wow. But this is only from a biological point of view. From a mental point of view, our main character Jane has not changed in any way, and she is just as hammered and squeezed (where not necessary), as she was four years ago.

This is where the legs of all the jokes grow, which are oversaturated with everything she doesn’t touch.

Victoria. Rating IMDb 8.2, KP 7.7

Season 3. January 13, Thursday.

TV channel: TTV.

Genres: Drama, Biography, History.

In chap. Starring Jenna Coleman, Adrian Schiller, Daniela Holtz, Nell Hudson.

A kind of "Downton Abbey", transferred to the royal palace and flavored by courtiers, interstate and other intrigues. Particular attention is paid to intrigues among the service staff, which are also interesting to watch.

Personal development series are always interesting. And if this person is a young queen who has just ascended the throne, this is triple interesting. We meet season 3 and watch how things turn out further.

True detective. Rating IMDb 9.0, KP 8.7

Season 3. January 13, Thursday.

TV Channel: HBO.

Genres: detective, drama, crime, thriller.

In chap. starring Mahershala Ali, Stephen Dorff, Ray Fisher, Carmen Ejogo.

Traditionally, completely different personalities take part in each season. And the affairs around which the script of the film revolves are in no way related to each other.

In the third season, the action will take place in Missouri, in a special cultural and historical region called the Ozarks. The investigation will stretch over three whole time periods, united by one case - the disappearance of two children.

Roswell, New Mexico

Premiere. January 15, Saturday.

TV Channel: The CW.

Genres: fantasy, drama, melodrama.

In chap. Starring Heather Cyrus Hemmens, William Greeley, Stephanie Hill, Rosa Arredondo.

Since Roswell is mentioned in the title, then wait for fiction. And we really hope that the science fiction will be good. Everyone knows that The CW can create masterpieces. One long-lasting "Supernatural" is worth something.

And in this series it will be all about the same aliens who have adapted to life among people in such a way that you cannot distinguish them from ordinary inhabitants. The main character falls in love with one "such" on her head. How they will go next - we learn from the series, the premiere of the first episode of which is scheduled for January 15.

Corporation monsters. Rating IMDb 7.3, KP 7.0

Season 2. January 15, Saturday.

TV Channel: Comedy Central.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. Starring Matt Ingebretson, Jacques, Weissman, Adam Lustik, Anne Dudek.

A sitcom about the difficult everyday life of Matt and Jake, junior managers of a huge mega-corporation, headed by the most real frostbitten personalities. How can a series of the most idiotic cool cases not arise on this basis, from which their friend Grace, who works in the personnel department, helps friends get out.

A drunken story. Rating IMDb 7.8, KP 5.9

Season 6. January 15, Saturday.

TV Channel: Comedy Central.

Genres: history, comedy.

In chap. starring Derek Waters, Benny Arthur, Maria Blasucci, Craig Kowski.

Alkanaftas in the stage of alcoholic intoxication of a deep degree of severity are trying to tell about certain events that happened here or there with certain personalities then and then. And serious adult uncles and aunts, that is, actors, and, moreover, absolutely sober, trying to reproduce the deeds of the past days visually under this drunken voice acting.

It's funny in places. But the rating shows how much this project has failed in our country. And all why? Because our translation, alas, does not coincide with the opening of the actors' mouths.


On this historical and comedic note, we will complete our next premiere schedule. And although the New Year and Christmas holidays are over, the old New Year is still ahead, so there will be a reason to have fun again and go to the movies. Fortunately, cinemas with TVs will be bursting with movies and TV shows this week.

And we say goodbye to you until the new premiere schedule and wish you all the very best, and, in particular, that all your dreams in the New Year 2019 come true!

The Topic of Article: Films and TV series from 10 to 16 January.
Author: Jake Pinkman