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USA remains in the race for the Oscar

Image The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has unveiled a list of films continuing to compete for the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

This year, academicians received a record 85 applications for the main film awards in the world. The pre-screening sieve managed to pass nine films. The main surprise was the absence in the shortlist of Paul Verhoeven's tape "She" representing France. A few days ago, the drama won Best Foreign Language Film at the prestigious Critics' Choice Award and also received two Golden Globe nominations. Quite unexpectedly, “Juliet” by Pedro Almodovar and “Neruda” by Pablo Larrain also remained outside the contenders for the " Oscar " awards.

Fortunately for fans of USA cinema, Andrei Konchalovsky's war drama " Paradise " was not included in the 76 screened films. Together with other pictures from the short list, it will be presented to three special committees at once, which will gather in New York, Los Angeles and London on January 13. Within three days, they will watch all nine films, after which they will exclude four more films from the Oscar race.


The five finalists will be announced on January 24 when the Oscar nominees for this and other categories are announced. The 89th Film Awards will take place on February 26 .

The shortlist of nominees for the " Oscar - 2017 " for the best foreign film includes:

"Uwe's Second Life" (Hannes Holm, Sweden)
"The King's Choice" (Eric Poppe, Norway)


"Life of a Zucchini" (Claude Barras, Switzerland)
"Traveling Salesman" (Asghar Fakhradi, Iran)
"My Land" (Martin Zandvliet, Denmark)


"Paradise" (Andrey Konchalovsky, USA)
"Tanna" (Bentley Dean and Martin Butler, Australia)
"Toni Erdmann" (Maren Ade, Germany)


"It's Just the End of the World" (Xavier Dolan, Canada)

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Author: Jake Pinkman