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Top 100 best foreign comedies of the 80s. Part 2


Let's not waste it on a long introduction, let's just say that today's list is a direct continuation of the first part of the top best comedies of the eighties. Let's just start where we left off last time.

36. Umbrella prick (1980) 7.61

In this story, another idiot hero Pierre Richard confused the doors at the hotel and instead of screen tests showed up to the mafiosi, and, thinking that this was all a staging, took an order for murder instead of the killer, whom he accidentally turned over a bucket of paint on his head on the way.


When the hero Richard realizes that all this is not a game, and the killer, whose order he so impudently intercepted, is constantly walking in his footsteps, the poor actor almost lost his mind from fear.

There is nowhere to go. If you do not fulfill the order, the mafia will get you out of the ground. If you do it, the killer will sew it. What to do? Horror, and nothing else.

37. The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985) 7.61

Gil Shepperd played Tom Baxter so excellently in The Purple Rose of Cairo that his character stuck on the screen. And if in other cinemas Tom Baxter simply forgot his words, then in the Jewel cinema he left the screen and into the auditorium to meet the lady who went to the movie with him ten times a day.


The rest of the characters in the movie are shocked. Nobody wants to play further, because one of the main characters took, and dumped. Moreover, the audience is also shocked. Everyone's gone off their feet looking for the bloody Tom Baxter, even the actor himself, Gil Shepherd. And he, meanwhile, lights up with his married aunt and is not going to return.

Hilarious, and only.

38. Major League (1989) 7.61

In order to squeeze money out of management and move to Miami, the owner of the baseball team "Indians" needs nothing more than to be in the Major League in last place.


To do this, she collects a motley team, consisting of all sorts of garbage. Famous actors are countless here - Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Rene Russo, Wesley Snipes, etc., and each hero is a player with his own "deviations from perfection." One throws hard, but misses, the second hits perfectly, but only upwards, and so on.

But will they end up losing is the question.

39. Gendarme and gendarmetes (1982) 7.60

By the way, this is the last of the famous films about the gendarme - Lieutenant Cruchot.


In general, there are 5 more films in the series besides him:

  • Gendarme of Saint-Tropez (1964) 7.95.
  • Gendarme in New York (1965) 7.69.
  • Gendarme marries (1968) 7.78.
  • Gendarme on vacation (1970) 7.70.
  • The Gendarme and the Aliens (1978) 7.63.

You can laugh pretty well with every movie. But this masterpiece, in which a mad nun flew on a nag without brakes and rear wheels, sunk into the souls of moviegoers the most.

Trainees of girls come to the team of gendarmes. And from that moment on, our gendarmes are completely blown away. In this connection, such things are beginning to happen in the territory under their control that nothing can be said in a fairy tale!

40. Ace of aces (1982) 7.60

This time Jean-Paul Belmondo himself wedged himself into our list of films. Here he plays an ace pilot who participated in the First World War and shot down a bunch of German planes.


But events are already developing back in 1936, during the Olympics in Berlin. The hero Belmondo brought a boxing team to the German capital, but suddenly he has no time for sports. He must at all costs save a Jewish boy from the hands of the SS.

And he does it with the humor and hitch, peculiar only to him.

41. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) 7.59

This comedy will appeal only to those who are over 30. And even better - over 40. Only those whose childhood passed without play stations, smartphones, Internet and cellular communications will understand these jokes.


The film describes one day in the life of a high school student who decided to take out of class. That says it all. He pricks both parents and teachers and does it with sophisticated humor and boundless arrogance.

I wonder if they burn him in the end?

42. Young Master (1980) 7.57

A film about wushu with Jackie Chan. Again.


The action takes place in some ancient Chinese times, at least everything says about it. The fighting skills are honed, it looks good from the outside, but sometimes it gets boring to wait for someone to finally fall from the next blow.

They beat, beat, but things are still there. And the humor is still as flat as neglected flat feetIII degree.

43. Evil Dead 2 (1987) 7.57

The second part of the acclaimed trilogy about the adventures of Ash Williams performed by Bruce Campbell. And, despite the fact that the first part of the franchise was more or less serious, starting with the second part of the entire sequel, including the famous series "Ash vs. Evil Dead", Sam Raimi, the creator of the trilogy, turned into a comedy mainstream.


Watching how over and over again the book Necronomicon Ex Mortis sends more and more troubles to poor Ash, including, by the way, a throw into the distant past, in some places it is very funny. Before Campbell himself played with enthusiasm.

44. By plane, train, car (1987) 7.55

The very presence of Steve Martin in the film is already conducive to viewing. The entire film of his character Neil Page, hurrying home across the country for Thanksgiving, was driven by obnoxious fellow traveler Del Griffith performed by John Candy.


The patience of the protagonist can only be envied. And no matter how he tried to stay away from the annoying complete idiot, evil fate pushed him against him again and again.

Poor, poor Neil Page ...

45. Breakthrough (1986) 7.55

A couple of young lovers are terribly lucky. They managed to acquire a luxurious mansion for almost nothing. But later it turns out that everything in this mansion is breathing on fire.


The staircase to the second floor collapses, the floor falls underfoot, only rust flows from the sink. And even then, not for long. I wonder if the relationship between Walter (Tom Hanks) and Anna (Shelley Long) will survive the protracted overhaul?

46. Without a Single Evidence (1988) 7.54

It turns out that in the legendary duet, the great detective was not Sherlock Holmes, but Dr. Watson. At least that's what screenwriters Gary Murphy and Larry Strother claim.


While Watson is busy working on solving the next cases, Holmes thumps and plays, getting into fabulous debts. And Watson needs it only for formality.

In general, funny, and only.

47. Fantozzi Against All (1980) 7.54

It so happened that out of 10 films about Fantozzi, the third has the highest rating. Each picture about the idiot of an office worker (accountant) is a masterpiece of humor in its own way. Therefore, you can safely watch them all in a row.


This series describes how not to leave work after the end of the working day, how not to go on vacation, how not to watch adult films without a wife, and how you don't need to do much more.

48. The Radio Era (1987) 7.54

A collection of short funny stories in which radio appears in one way or another. Either someone called the studio, then someone else heard something on the radio, in general, one way or another, the plot is tied to radio or radio air.


Representatives of the younger generation who are accustomed to the Internet may not understand some of the jokes, but, in general, everyone should like the film.

49. Chances Are (1989) 7.53

It will be interesting for some young fans of the Avengers universe to learn that Robert Downey Jr. was not always the formidable Iron Man.


Here, for example, he plays just a young guy, in whose body the soul of an untimely deceased lover named Louis was reincarnated.

It is very funny to watch how a green youth sticks with love memories to a dumbfounded woman in years who suits him as a mother.

50. Robbery (1985) 7.53

Belmondo had little last release. He decided to take another risk and this time the game went big. He and his company lathered up to bomb the largest bank in Montreal.


We will not tell whether he succeeded or not, we will only say that they took it with such impudence, humor and enthusiasm that neither the police nor the audience were ready for.

51. Big Business (1988) 7.51

A whole bunch of films and TV shows have been filmed on the topic of confused twins. But this masterpiece was one of the first, and one of the most successful.


In the whole world, perhaps, one cannot find people who are no longer alike than the actresses Bette Miller and Lily Tomlin. It fell to them to play twins, mixed up immediately after birth.

And if you consider that their heroines also have opposite characters, anyone will understand that the absurdity is complete. Because of what it came out very funny.

52. Airplane (1980) 7.50

One of the first films by Leslie Nielsen in his long and successful career as a comedian. And, as the rating shows, one of the most successful.


The Zucker brothers, in collaboration with Jim Abrahams, made comedies that made the bellies burst in the then spectators. Now, of course, this humor is no longer perceived like that, but, nevertheless, there is still something to laugh at in the film. Not only is the comedy a parody of the most famous films of the time, but the autopilot alone is worth it.

Who looked - he will understand what we are talking about here.

53. I see nothing, hear nothing (1989) 7.43

There is nothing funnier than bringing a blind and deaf person into a duet who can read lips. Moreover, there is nothing more fun than watching a blind man come to be hired by a deaf person in his store as a salesman.


And it so happened that at that moment in the office they sewed one fraer, who managed to throw a deaf coin worth a fortune into the cash register. This is where it all started.

The poor assholes were pressed by the police and the bandits, and again by the police and the bandits, until the couple decided (out of despair) to investigate the case themselves ...

54. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) 7.43

A film was shot on a similar topic in the USSR, but they just dug more globally. Here we are offered just a comedy, in which the baron himself, who burst into the theater during the performance, begins to tell tales about his adventures.


We will not compare with the Soviet one. Let's just see. Although, now such humor, of course, no longer looks and is perceived with difficulty.

55. Abel (1986) 7.43

The tale of a family consisting of dumb dad and mom and an overgrown idiot who has not left the house for 10 years.


Moreover, it is impossible to pull a completely healthy, but mowing like a sick, moron out of the house with any admonitions and arguments. Neither psychiatrists nor other doctors can help with this. But, sooner or later, the moron will fly out of the house. Then the parents will try to shove him back with might and main. And dad will have to pull his son from his mistress.

It would be better if the moron sat at home and then tried to cut off the heads of the flies with scissors.

56. The Secret of My Success (1987) 7.41

Few have videos of Michael J. Fox in films other than Back to the Future. This is exactly the case.


Here Michael got the role of a guy trying to make a career in a big city from scratch. And although he says that he must achieve everything himself, he still got a job, even at the lowest level in the company, with the help of a distant relative. Anyway, everything is somehow too simple and unrealistic.

Comedy, and only ...

57. A Fish Called Wanda (1988) 7.41

A gang of robbers takes out of the bank a lot of diamonds, hides them in a safe in an abandoned building and disperses to lie down for a while.


But no one is going to go to the bottom. Everyone quietly begins to substitute each other, turn over to the police and, at the same time, visit the safe in order to pocket the treasures themselves.

But, it's bad when everyone in the gang is not quite a fool. It's such a confusing mess!

58. Special Features: Handsome (1983) 7.40

Another film with Celentano. This time the duet was composed by Fderica Moro. She plays the role of a young neighbor Mikaele, whom the womanizer of the ladies' man Matia - the hero of Celentano - passes off as his daughter.


Matia is irresistible, makes tricks with every worthy beauty, and when she gets bored with him, introduces her to her supposedly daughter, who rejects them all.

But who will reject Mikaele herself if she tries to play tricks with Matia?

59. Gremlins (1984) 7.40

People have such an essence, do everything across. If they tell you: "Don't look here!" - they will want to stare there with triple force. If they say: "Do not go!" - they start to climb. "Don't shout!" - shout even harder. Etc.


Therefore, it is no wonder that when a Chinese man told a lover of rare animals, selling him a gremlin, do not urine! - he immediately wetted it. Although, not he, but his punks are stupid, but this no longer counts. Now - hold on! Gremlins mutate and advance!

Who cares, this film has a sequel: "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" (1990). But her rating is already much lower - only 6.9.

60. Top secret! (1984) 7.39

A parody of spy action movies of the eighties, filmed by the same trio: Jim Abrahams, David and Jerry Zucker. The action takes place during the Cold War, which was still in full swing at the time.


Everything revolves around the rock singer Nick Polaris, who has fallen on the shoulders of the hard lot to save NATO ships from the harsh bomb, which Dr. Flamond is developing on the orders of the idiotic military resistance.

Of course, Vel Kilmer's character (he plays Rivers) won't let you down, even though he doesn't know it himself.

61. Beetlejuice (1988) 7.38

The spouse did not have time to move into her brand new mansion, when suddenly - bam! She died. The following describes the adventures of the spouses in the afterlife and their actions aimed at evicting regular uninvited settlers from their homes.


And when they see that all their efforts are going nowhere, they decide to turn to the local "bio-exorcist" named Beetlejuice, who drives people out of their homes.

It would be better not to apply ...

62. Sixteen Candles (1984) 7.38

How would you behave if your parents completely forgot to congratulate you on your 16th birthday? Throw a tantrum?


But Samantha is not like that. All day she strenuously restrained her offensive impulses. And, as life has shown, not in vain. It paid off in the end.

Some of the jokes in the film are very dull and naive. Like, for example, a joke with panties. Well, what normal woman would give her underwear to some idiot for such an idiotic excuse?

It turns out, according to idiot screenwriter Johnny Hughes, there are some. And, moreover, he considers them worthy of imitation.

63. Bernie's Weekend (1989) 7.37

Everyone dreamed of getting to Bernie's party. A luxury beachfront villa, pool, cool girls, tons of booze, weed and all that stuff.


A couple of imperfections, heroes of the film, would also very much like this. Moreover, they do end up at one of the fabulous parties. But the main movement started in the morning when the two found Bernie dead. Further, the entire film (and even two films, since three years later the sequel to "Weekend at Bernie's 2" 6.81 was released) our imperfections are forced to drag around with Bernie's corpse in an embrace, passing him off as a drunk.

It was very funny in places.

64. Nanny Adventures (1987) 7.37

Like the famous McFly Michael J. Fox, Elizabeth Shue has not only starred in Back to the Future. She made her main career on such unpretentious films as this cool comedy.


Here Elizabeth plays the role of a babysitter. And just that evening, when she had to sit with someone else's children, her best friend got into trouble. The nanny needs to rush to the airport by all means and help out her friend. And it just so happened that along with her she took other people's children.

As further showed, she shouldn't have done it.

65. Brewster's Millions (1985) 7.36

Richard Pryor and John Candy, already familiar to us from the films "I See Nothing, I Hear Nothing" and "Plane, Train, Car" respectively, will prove in this film that spending $ 30 million in a short time will not be so and an easy task as it seems.


And this is exactly what Pryor's hero needs to do during the next month, otherwise his rest of the legacy would cry. And it amounts to hundreds of millions!

66. Who Would Talk (1989) 7.36

In this film, all events are covered from the point of view of a child. Moreover, he began to think in an adult way ever since he was a sperm.


It is hinted in the film that all children think in this way and when they are born they know everything and everyone, they simply cannot speak, because they do not know any words or how to actually pronounce them.

But our main character still manages to think as aptly and brilliantly. No, let's face it - non-standard, and in some places - not at all childish.

67. The Naked Gun (1988) 7.35

The next creation of the "Zucker-Zucker-Abrahams" trinity. This time it turned out to be a parody of thrillers, detectives and action films that were released at the end of the 80s.


Frank Drebin is the wackiest cop of all wacky cops. But if you look at it, in this city he is not the only one with pribabakh. In this universe, everything is not of this world. In some places it was very funny to watch the action. But it will be funnier for those who are familiar with the blockbusters of the second half of the 80s.

Who cares, the film has a backstory - the series "Police Squad" and two equally interesting and funny sequels: "The Naked Gun 2 ?: The Smell of Fear" (1991) 7.23 and "The Naked Gun 3 1/3: The Last lunge "(1994) 7.15.

68. Blind Date (1987) 7.34

In the age of the Internet, blind dating cannot happen in principle. But in the 80s there was no Internet, and the lion's share of the first dates were from this category.


The hero of Bruce Willis - Walter decided to meet his friend's wife, Nadia (Kim Basinger). The only thing he knew about her was that she was not allowed to drink. But Walter decided to force her on a glass of champagne.

This is where all further adventures began ...

69. Eastwick Witches (1987) 7.33

The trinity of advanced witches trades in one of the American towns. But everything suddenly became somehow boring. Something is missing.


After some discussion, the heroines Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Susie Sarandon decided that they lacked a normal man.

No, there were a lot of men in the town. But they also wanted something to be super-duper, almost equal to themselves. So we got Nicholson in a devilish package, which quickly crushed them under himself!

70. Surveillance (1987) 7.33

The simplest and most boring police job is surveillance. It's even worse when you have to keep an eye on a young, lonely beauty who's tempted to meet.


And now one of the policemen can not stand it, and starts an affair with her secretly from the authorities. And when the former of our beauty who escaped from prison suddenly appears on the horizon (it was his appearance that the cops watching over the house expected), the entire underground novel of the protagonist flies into hell.

For those who like it, we recommend watching the sequel to "Surveillance 2: Ambush Again" (1993) 6.88. The film didn't come out much worse. Although that's another story.


This concludes the second part. The remaining thirty films on our list of the best comedies of the eighties will be discussed next week. In the meantime, all a good, pleasant mood, and more cool films and TV series!

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