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Awaiting 2077: What to Read, Watch, and Play Before Cyberpunk 2077?


While waiting for the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, I plunged headlong into Westerns. I read Jack London's favorite stories, watched the dollar trilogy with Clint Eastwood, and played the first and last Call of Juarez. Everything in order to satiate your expectation for one of the best games of the decade. Already in November [unless of course the game is transferred again], the whole world will plunge headlong into Cyberpunk 2077. If you are like me, then you are already in anticipation and want to quickly plunge into the setting of an RPG about a dark future. We've compiled a list of what to read, watch, and play while waiting for Cyberpunk 2077. Inspired by Gamepressure, this compilation lists several books, movies and games in a cyberpunk setting.

What to read while waiting for Cyberpunk 2077?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? / Philip Dick

Alas, the author of this work did not live to see the first presentation of cyberpunk on the big screen in the form of an adaptation of his novel, known as Blade Runner. Although the book and the film are more different than similar, they both ask the same question: “What is the defining factor of humanity?”


Telling the story of the bounty hunter Rick Deckard, who must find 6 fugitive androids indistinguishable from humans, the hero is faced with the doubt whether he himself is human enough. Looking ahead, we recommend watching both "Blade Runner" itself and the sequel "Blade Runner 2049". Both films perfectly develop the main theme of the book and do not go into self-repetition. But more on that later. The book itself is recommended by a cyberpunk fan without fail.

Akira / Katsuhiro Otomo

Talking about cyberpunk, it is impossible not to look towards Japan, especially considering how the eastern representation of cyberpunk differs from the western one. And no other work demonstrates this better than the six-volume Akira manga by Katsuhiro Otomo.


Akira is set in the futuristic city of the future Neo-Tokyo, created after a devastating explosion 30 years ago. The plot tells about two thug friends Kanda and Tetsuo. Both of them are members of a teenage biker gang and are engaged in robbery on the city streets. The action takes place against the backdrop of widespread terrorist attacks, as well as revolutionary rallies of people against the unfair treatment of the government. Distinctive style, detailed environments and a thoughtful storyline highlight the pessimism and hopelessness of this bleak new world, conveying the loneliness and lack of purpose in the lives of young characters. It is a heavy, mature piece that has received an excellent adaptation. But of course, it can't be compared to manga in terms of content.

Neuromancer / William Gibson

Just as Blade Runner is widely regarded as the grandfather of cyberpunk in cinema, William Gibson's Neuromancer is undoubtedly the genre's ancestor in literature. The novel is far from being a perfect book - the somewhat chaotic style and mass of technological nomenclature may even scare off, but it is still the core of the genre. Elements in Gibson's novel are now persistent themes in the cyberpunk formula: corporations wielding power in a country, artificial intelligence infiltrating all walks of life, implants that alter human capabilities, dehumanization associated with loss of personality, and pervasive technology.


And in the midst of all this, the typical archetype of the protagonist of cyberpunk is a fraudster who acts simultaneously in his own favor, and on the other hand, against a system that enslaves society. It was completely groundbreaking work in 1984, and it is no surprise that Gibson was quick to write two sequels that, together with Neuromancer, formed the award-winning Cyberspace trilogy.

What to see while waiting for Cyberpunk 2077?

Ghost in the Shell

This Japanese science fiction is a complex and philosophical work that raises questions like Philip Dick's, but expands on them much more. As befits a representative of the genre, it has a metropolis that absorbs people.


This is a picture with a dark atmosphere, complemented by phenomenal choreographic shots and an incredible soundtrack. And at the same time, it's an interesting thriller that follows Major Motoko Kusanagi, an almost entirely robotic agent who chases a super hacker named Puppeteer. This work has greatly influenced many iconic paintings. In particular, the Wachowski Sisters acknowledge that it was this anime that inspired the Matrix.

Blade Runner [1982]

Before the release of Blade Runner, many novels or films used elements of this style, but none of them were as significant as in Ridley Scott's 1982 novel. Literally every frame of this film excites the imagination, and to this day serves as an inspiration for other works.


In any case, even despite its gigantic influence and the development of science fiction not only in cinema, it is simply a sensational film. It may seem a little slow today, but you will see the influence of classic noir in it. This is a very atmospheric film, bits of which can be found in many cyberpunk works today.

"Mr. Robot"

Sam Esmail's show ditches the typical cyberpunk aesthetic as it gives way to a neon city giving way to modern streets and empty space, emphasizing the loneliness of the characters. For the creators of Mister Robot, the most important issues are isolation in the Internet-connected world, corporate ubiquity and global conspiracies, excessive trust in digital reality, loss of one's own identity and manipulation of society. The protagonists are a group of hackers with a particularly shaky moral compass.


Better to say, this series depicts the beginning of the cyberpunk era. There is constant paranoia and noticeable references to real events in society. Compared to other members of the genre. This work can be called the most recent.

What to play?


While some Poles are making their own cyberpunk, other Poles from the Blooder studio have released an excellent cyberpunk game Observer for two years. In its gameplay, it cannot be called a revolutionary work. It's a relatively classic modern horror game that draws on a cyberpunk aesthetic: neon signs, dirty streets, and widespread fog. Another funny reference - the main character is voiced by Rupert Hauer, who played the replicant in Blade Runner.


Our job as an observer is to connect with other people's nervous systems and watch their worst nightmares.


CDPR isn't the first to play a cyberpunk board game. A few years before CD Projekt RED, Harebrained Schemes created Shadowrun, which was at its peak in the 1990s, and turned it into a classic turn-based RPG. All three titles released to date are solid titles that have a compelling storyline and unique atmosphere to compensate for the slightly linear gameplay.


However, the greatest strength of Shadowrun is its unique world, in which all lines between cyberpunk and classic fantasy are blurred. In this vision of the future, corporations operate almost entirely independently of government, cyberspace is constantly fused with reality, and implants are commonplace. At the same time, on the streets of the city you can always find, for example, a troll with a cybernetic hand and a shotgun. So, this universe takes on bright colors.

Deus Ex

Classic cyberpunk on PC. In terms of importance, he is the "Blade Runner" from the world of video games. The Deus Ex series builds its storyline on the possibilities and dangers of technology, while inscribing the secret organizations that control the world in history. Moreover, this is not only an atmospheric series, but also the best representative of immersive sim, stealth shooter and RPG.


Each part gives complete freedom in choosing the way of passing, and many options for the development of the main character, which, in turn, sharply distinguishes each passage.

Satellite Reign

Satellite Reign is a game made according to the rules of old school, which is called almost a remake of the classic Syndicate. As a result, we have an excellent strategy that breathes the Blade Runner atmosphere and the ability to complete missions in different ways.


Rain-drenched streets, puddles reflecting advertising lights, sinister corporations that unite everything and everyone together ... Getting into the alleys of this metropolis is a pleasure, even if there is nothing to do but complete missions.

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