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The Best RPGs of September - From Old School RPGs to JRPGs


For some, autumn is associated with study, rain, depression, leaves and longing for a past summer, but as video game fans know, it is much easier to get over parting with it, because they look at the calendar and understand that a whole bunch of juicy fall releases are coming soon. September of this year was no exception, and is full not only of new role-playing games, but also of rethinking the classics and, of course, of "Japanese " (where without it). Take out your calendars to prepare yourself for the best RPG games this September.

Dragon Quest IX: Echoes of Elusive Age

Release date: 4 September (PC/PS4)

Once upon a time, at the origins of ancient times, when the GRPG genre was just emerging, their ancestors was Dragon Quest, the 11th sequel of which will be seen on store shelves very soon. The gameplay features a classic Japanese RPG with turn-based combat, long dialogues and charismatic companions. On his majority, the main character learns that he is not just an aristocrat from a small town, but the reincarnation of an ancient war. This is the plot and will lead the plot, where you will reveal the secrets of the past, while collecting your faction.

Immortal: Uncained

Release date: 7 September (PC/PS4/ XOne )

You could say that Immortal: Uncained is smooth entertainment for the amateur, which can be said about any Dark Souls clone, but the devil is in the details. After the success of The Surge, the new brainchild from Toadman Interactive focuses on futurism and adds firearms to the already known combat scheme.


Release date: September 14 (PC)

A domestic developer will delight us this month with an RPG with an original setting that combines fantasy, techno magic, and steampunk. Plus, there is a nice art style in the spirit of The Banner Saga, tactical battles and leveling based on equipment.

The Bard's Tale 4: Barrows Deep

Release date: 18 September (PC)

In terms of its importance for developers, the game is inferior to Wasteland 2. In addition, dungeon crawlers is a rather peculiar genre in the industry, aimed more at aesthetes. However, since John Fargo managed to successfully revive nostalgic projects, it is likely that we will have a good continuation of the fun and ironic The Bard's Tale with a well-developed turn-based combat.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Release date: 25 September (PC / PS4 / XOne )

Like Dragon Quest, this Japanese project has already entered its homeland and is ready to break into the European market. You have a few weeks to go through the past three parts and get ready for a handful of tactical battles.

In general, a month rich in role-playing releases awaits us. But September will not be limited to RPG projects alone. There will be plenty to play this month for fans of both blockbuster adventure and racing games, read more in our roundup of the top games of September.

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Author: Jake Pinkman