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Top 10 Best RPGs for Android and iOS


Smartphone manufacturers seem to be competing with each other with the number of processor cores, measured by the test results in Antutu, and everyone considers it their duty to declare the creation of a “real gaming smartphone”. But in the race for power, they do not answer the most important question: what to play on your smartphone? Today, on the vastness of Google Play and the App Store, finding really high-quality, large games for mobile devices is not much easier than finding a needle in a haystack. That is why we decided to save you time and are ready to present the top 10 best RPGs for smartphones.

The selection includes both the best free mobile RPGs and paid projects, which, nevertheless, fully justify their price. At the same time, Alice tried to collect games for fans of all types of role-playing games: from JRPGs to Hack-n-Slash and cult computer RPGs, which have been ported to mobile platforms at their best.

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Separately, we would like to highlight some more high-quality RPGs for Android iOS:

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is most easily described as a farming simulator. The game does not set a task of universal importance, but offers simple tasks: weed out weeds, grow an orchard, get married and later have children. Stardew Valley is a great virtual opportunity to fulfill three main goals of a man: build a house, plant a tree, and raise a son. Pixel analogue of The Sims and a game in which, even with a simple picture, you can live no less exciting than in large role-playing projects Bethesda.

Top 10 best RPGs on Android and iOS

Cat Quest

This is perhaps the most touching RPG in history. The developers from The Gentlebros know the most sore point of gamers and, having created an RPG about cats, they simply do not leave us a choice, forcing us to mention Cat Quest. And in fact, the most amazing thing is that in addition to the memorable appearance and fantasy setting with cats, Cat Quest is an extremely exciting role-playing game that ridicules all the canons of the genre. At the same time, there are no difficulties with pumping and plot, everything is as simple as possible even for those who have paws: three automatically pumping parameters and the task to slay 4 dragons to free the sister of our hero, the great Dovakot.

Top 10 best RPGs on Android and iOS

The Banner Saga Trilogy

When modern-day Bioware continues to experiment with the role-playing genre, not quite successfully, releasing Anthem, the ex-Bioware natives have organized their own studio and are true to the roots of role-playing games. Their series The Banner Saga is a real treat for fans of the genre: a hardcore, non-linear and brutal role-playing game where the fate of the heroes and the world depends only on the player in the face of powerful forces of evil.

Top 10 Best RPGs on Android and iOS

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