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VivoBook S13 laptop and flagship smartphone from Vivo


Let's talk about two new gadgets that have consonant markings. This is the ASUS-developed VivoBook S13 (S330) and the forthcoming Vivo NEX 2 smartphone.

Another frameless mini computer

The VivoBook S13 (S330) is a continuation of the S13 family, presented in August this year. It has a NanoEdge screen. In accordance with modern trends, it has no frames around the entire perimeter. Another distinctive feature of the product is its compactness, the gadget has a diagonal size of only 13.3 inches.


The NanoEdge design allowed the company's engineers to cram a 13-inch FHD display into an 11-inch enclosure.

The device is equipped with ASUS SonicMaster sound quality technology.

VivoBook has several configuration levels. Maximum implies equipping with an Intel Core i5 chipset. By the way, on this occasion, disputes broke out among specialists. They argued about the functionality of the processor. We came to the conclusion that for the size of the device its operating parameters will be sufficient.

8 GB of RAM work in tandem with the chip. The developers assure that this will be enough for optimal system performance.

As for the hard drive, it is equipped with 256 GB of memory. This is quite enough, although some will think that it is not enough by modern standards. To help such users, we provided the possibility of increasing this indicator using SD cards.

Also, the hardware filling of the laptop includes the Intel ultra-hd Graphics 620 graphics processor, Wi-Fi 802.11 and Bluetooth 4.2 are provided for communication.

The special pride of the company is the ErgoLift module. The keyboard is equipped with it, which can now be raised by an angle of 2.5 °. This will improve the ability to work with her. In addition, in this mode, the best ventilation of the VivoBook S13 (S330) case occurs due to the redistribution and circulation of air flows. Plus, the keyboard is full-sized and backlit.

Not so long ago, ASUS started to implement many technologies in computer gadgets that were previously available only to smartphones.

One of these functionalities is a fingerprint scanner, which until recently were used only in expensive flagship smartphones. Pessimists may ask about the advisability of using it in such a device. It's simple. It is needed to provide safe and secure access. This is assisted by the Windows Hello feature, which ensures logins and blocks any interest from outsiders.

The flagship Vivo will have two displays

Vivo was the first to remove the camera from the panel of its smartphone. In the Vivo NEX device, it is hidden and appears only if necessary and the user wants it.

Insiders are actively spreading rumors about the development of the Vivo NEX 2. It is interesting that there will be no front camera at all.


Most likely, the developers will follow the path of their colleagues who created the Nubia X. This device uses a second display located on the back for taking selfies.

Thanks to the Chinese Weibo network, some information about the functionality and hardware of the Vivo NEX 2 has been obtained. The front panel will house a 6.4-inch OLED display. It will have FHD + resolution. The same display, but smaller, was placed on the back of the device. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor will be in charge.

Most likely the rear of the smartphone will be equipped with two or even three sensors with LED flash.

The idea of using a second display instead of the front camera has a reasonable explanation. You can use the capabilities of the main cameras for any kind of shooting. In addition, the additional screen offers a number of advantages. For example, both displays are good to use for simultaneous viewing of any video information by two users. It's also possible to make wallpaper changes to improve the look of your smartphone.

The challenge is likely to be the creation of a decent case for this type of product. He will also need a powerful battery, since a regular one will not cope with the load.

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