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PaintTool SAI - professional graphics editor for Windows

PaintTool SAI is an advanced graphics editor from SYSTEMAX. It is aimed at illustrators and artists, and is most suitable for drawing. PaintTool SAI has a number of highly flexible drawing tools.

Options and Tools

In terms of the number of options and tools, the PaintTool SAI package is not inferior even to other analogues. There are many universal modules (for example, pencils and brushes) and a full-fledged palette, in addition to supporting traditional functions, capable of mixing all sorts of colors realistically.

The integrated paint tool has many options. By asking them, you can immediately achieve an amazing effect or result. Like professional graphics packages, PaintTool SAI can interact with layers. It allows you to create, remove, distribute and move the desired layers.

Any canvas can be easily moved, rotated and scaled. For this, special keys are implemented, but with the help of the "hot" buttons all manipulations are done really quickly, while maintaining a creative mood.

Since PaintTool SAI is designed specifically for illustrators and artists, it supports current types of graphic tablets. By the way, the application easily reacts to pen tilt and pressure, including other components for full drawing.

Supported formats


PaintTool SAI package works with all graphics (in sai, png, psd, tga, bmp and jpg files). Support for the psd format guarantees the export and import of the required image between third-party editors (in particular, Photoshop). And this will definitely expand the possibilities just when drawing.

PaintTool SAI has earned worldwide recognition from numerous artists. It is reliable in operation and comes with versatile tools suitable only for hobbyists and seasoned professionals.

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Author: Jake Pinkman