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Films and TV series from 21 to 27 February


This week's premiere will be much smaller than the previous one. In part, this depends on the competition that the other masterpieces of the week are threatened with in the cartoon How to Train Your Dragon 3 and the ponderous-looking movie Power. In part, providers, apparently, were overwhelmed by fear of a short flaw in February, and no one wants to start at its end. But, one way or another, for those who are racking their brains over the problem of what to see in cinemas at the end of winter, we will answer: there is still a choice, dear moviegoers.

The main thing is to take a closer look at our short reviews, and you certainly won't be mistaken with the option. Indeed, despite the small number of premieres, there are many genres here, and, moreover, for all the "colors of the rainbow".

Feature-length pictures

Since there are not many films released this week, we have not divided them into domestic and foreign ones, but we are launching all the hits in one section. Here, undoubtedly, the overseas cartoon "How to Train Your Dragon 3" and the domestic "Tobol" are the most heavyweights. But let's start with this year's Oscar-winning biographical thriller from Adam McKay ...

Power (USA) ( IMDb 7.1, KP 6.8)

Yes, indeed, the biographical drama with Christian Bale, who specially gained weight for filming in this picture, has as many as 8 Oscar nominations. But judging by the rating, the opinions of academicians do not always coincide with the opinions of ordinary viewers, that is, you and me.

From the above figures, it is clear that many people did not like the film, and not only in our country, where a huge number of viewers managed to watch it even before the premiere in cinemas, more than a thousand of whom were not too lazy to go to KinoPoisk and leave their voice.

So, no matter how the shrewd mind, resourcefulness, foresight and other outstanding qualities of Dick Cheney are presented in the masterpiece, the story about him touched the soul only of academics with dubious roots. Those who are going to go to a spectacular movie or a picture that will really touch the quick, it is better to bypass this blockbuster.

Disappearance (England) ( IMDb 5.8, CP 5.8)

The story is based on the real case of the disappearance of three lighthouse keepers, which occurred in 1900 on December 15 on one of the islands of the small archipelago of Flannan, just west of the isle of Lewis (Scotland).


Three men, namely Thomas Marshall, James Ducat and Donald MacArthur, suddenly took and disappeared from the island without a trace. Nobody can say anything about what happened there and where the three strong men disappeared.

The authors of the story make the assumption that these three found a treasure on the island, which caused their disappearance. Either the men themselves killed each other for him, or the owner suddenly appeared at the treasure. Unclear. It will become clearer after viewing.

Labyrinths of the past (Spain, France, Italy) ( IMDb 7.0, KP 6.2)

Half of the film is a kind of analogue of the national comedy "Bitter!" Everything around is so fun and cool that I simply could not have thought that such a daring kidnapping would take place in the middle of the wedding party.


In the midst of the wedding, the daughter of the bride's sister Laura, who, by the way, is played by Penelope Cruz in the film, was stolen from the bedroom. Later, the kidnappers called and demanded a ransom of 300,000 euros for the girl. Of course, none of the people gathered at the wedding had such money.

Except for one, as usual. This “one” turned out to be Paco (Javier Bardem), a former lover of Laura, who has been married for 16 years and lives her quiet and measured life in a marriage somewhere in Argentina.

Who can guess if Paco dares to sell his vineyard in order to save the life of his first former lover's daughter? And if you guessed right, why go to the movie?

Lost in Ice (Iceland) ( IMDb 7.3)

After the premiere in Cannes, the film was finished with a standing ovation for 10 minutes. Although, the Golden Palm was never given. But an adventure drama, meanwhile, is worth spending an hour and a half of your life on it.


The film is akin to the films about "Robinson Cruises" or "Life of Pi". Only here the wrecked helicopter pilot Overgard is not on the island, and not in the middle of the endless ocean, but lost in the ice of the Arctic.

But the gallant pilot is not discouraged. He creates a huge SOS inscription among the ice hummocks, catches fish and, in general, adapts a little to local conditions, although in these places the thermometer sometimes drops to below -60 ° C.

And now, when the strength of the body is already running out, the long-awaited helicopter is shown. But it's too early to rejoice. The helicopter also crashes, leaving a girl who survived in another crash in the care of the frostbitten hero ...

How will the two of them get out of this situation? Let's give a hint. Overgard found a map in the crashed rescue helicopter. But who will ride whom to the nearest settlement? We are watching a movie.

Omen: Rebirth (USA, Hong Kong) (IMDb 5.9)

It is not entirely clear what prompted our filmmakers to rename the film "The Prodigy" (that is, "Miracle") in "Omen: Rebirth". Probably the desire to weld on the sonorous word "Omen".


We dare to assure you, dear fans of the Omen horror films. The film has nothing to do with The Omen itself. It just got into the minds of the figures from the Exponent's provider office.

The film is rather weak. This is confirmed by foreign ratings, which will still fall after the premiere in the United States. So why not give it a twist by changing its name and including the well-known and respectable word "Omen"?

The plot is banal. The mother has a son who, as he grows up, begins to behave strangely. Anything constantly happens around him, and he himself begins to really scare. And now, when he is 8 years old, his mother decides to turn to the clergy for help. As you can imagine, further - nothing new either.

30 crazy wishes (USA) ( IMDb 7.1, CP 6.9)

First of all, this film will be of interest to all fans of the actress who played the role of the most fighting daughter from the Stark family - Arya in Game of Thrones.

Here Maisie Williams will play the role of a life-loving girl named Sky, who will melt the heart of the local hypochondriac Calvin, and return him to all the pleasures of life. Despite the fact that both young people are completely different in character, they will discover something in common that will overpower everything else. And this common will, as you yourself understand, the attraction to each other.

And to find adventures on your own head, as it turns out later.

Tobol (USA)

The new USA historical drama will tell about the officer of the guard of Peter the Great Ivan Demarin, who was sent to the border Tobolsk to assess the current situation.

Here, our brave warrior from the elite unit will find everything. And the once-lost first love, and a bunch of problems on my head. And the problems, first of all, will creep up not only from the hordes of the warlike Dzungars, but from the local princes, who have conceived no matter what they want to make money on local gold mines.

How to Train Your Dragon 3 (USA) ( IMDb 8.1, CP 8.1)

The long-awaited continuation of the well-known franchise, for which this time the creators did not spare $ 129 million.

In this part, Toothless will be lucky enough to find his love. But unexpectedly, the happiness of the main characters, and of the whole neighborhood, will be in question when an invincible dragon hunter enters the main arena, who will stop at nothing as long as there is at least one living dragon on Earth.

Will Toothless, Hiccup and their new girlfriend be able to defend their rights to exist and end the dragon slayer before he ends them? We'll find out soon.

TV Show News

This week, in addition to the continuation of some of the old ones, we will see the premiere of three new series. With special impatience, the fans were waiting for the continuation of the crime thriller Subura and the dramatic franchise When the Heart Calls. But, we will be consistent and tell you about everything in order, in accordance with the release of new series on our TV screens.

Oath (IMDb 6.6, CP 6.2)

Feb 21. Season 2 premiere (Crackle, USA).

The tale of a policeman who is not actually a policeman continues.


The leader of a criminal gang imprisoned, who also worked in the police department, managed to break free. And now let the pitiful little souls of those who betrayed him tremble. The reckoning will be imminent and short.

Subura (IMDb 8.0, CP 7.0)

February 22. Season 2 premiere (Netflix, Italy).

As you know from a similar Italian TV series "Gomorrah", whose 4 seasons have been released since 2014, street crime is thriving not only in the United States, but also in Italy.

In particular, Rome has its own neighborhoods, which are better for outsiders not to visit, and locals are better off staying at home and not sticking out their nose. Each episode is an action game, and always begins with a chase or shooting, in a word, with a gangster showdown.

Therefore, we answer, it won't be boring.

When the heart calls (IMDb 8.5, CP 7.1)

February 24. Season 6 Premiere (Hallmark CHANNEL, USA).

When it becomes known that the young lady Elizabeth Thatcher (not to be confused with Margaret), who comes from a high society family, is assigned to go to a remote province in order to carry out teaching practice in the outback, the girl's relatives were simply shocked by this circumstance. p>


No one suspected that Elizabeth would have the strength to break away from her native nest and practice an occupation more suitable for some commoner.

But the main character turned out to be that stubborn girl. Moreover, having arrived at a new place, she found here not only new friends and girlfriends, but also her love ...

The Enemy Within

February 25th. Series premiere (NBC, USA).

Former CIA agent Erica Shepard, who is serving time for treason, was very surprised when they suddenly decided to release her.


But this freedom will become full only when it helps FBI agent Will Keaton to catch a dangerous criminal she knows from the distant past.

We think that for the sake of such an occasion Erica will strain how to give.


February 25th. Series premiere (Friday, USA).

The national comedy, which will be released soon on the Friday channel, is also expected to be good, and therefore we also did not fail to include it in the list of serial premieres next week.


We are talking about the idiot - the general director of one of the TV channels, who was appointed specifically in order to use his incompetence to bring down the shares of this TV channel in order to buy them up on the cheap.

But the idiot, played well by Sergei Burunov, turned out to be not a bastard. The new project launched by him, to the great regret of the scheming board of directors, turned out to be super successful.

But will smart business people stop there?

Cavalier Whiskey

February 27. TV series premiere (ABC, USA)

A spy thriller with comedy elements promises to be quite good. At least that's the impression one gets after watching the trailer, which can be seen by clicking on the title.


And the ABC channel itself, as you know, "does not knit brooms." We are talking here about a group of spies who daily confront the world's evil. The leading roles in the film are Whiskey Cavalier, who is actually an undercover FBI agent Will Chase, and Francesca Trowbridge (codename Fier Tribune), who will ceaselessly save not only the whole world, but also each other from evil.

It is noteworthy that the role of Fieri Tribune in the series was entrusted to play the late and moldy Lauren Cohan in The Walking Dead. So we ask all fans of the actress (and not only them) to watch!


This is the end of today's film premiere schedule. A new week is coming, which means there will be new films and series. But we will tell you what to watch in the movies or on TV at the beginning of the first month of spring next week. In the meantime, all the best to you and, as usual, more cool movies and TV shows!

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