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Dragons and mistresses rule the box office in USA

Image Last weekend, the USA box office, as expected, showed not the best results: the total box office amounted to 829 million rubles, which is 32% less than the result of the previous week. On the weekend between the two holidays, theaters were relatively quiet in terms of viewers, although there was no shortage of new items. The good news is that all the debutants at least met the forecasts.

The top five for the weekend (February 28 - March 3) is as follows:

1. "How to Train Your Dragon 3"


Week at the box office: 2
Added: 350.4 million rubles.
Total fees: 1.19 billion rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-51%)

The cartoon is confidently at the top of the financial rating. Moreover, it has passed the important mark of 1 billion rubles. and bypassed the result of the second part of the franchise, which completed rental with the amount of 1.03 billion rubles. "How to Train Your Dragon 3" is in second place among all releases this year, second only to the military blockbuster "T-34". If we talk about the projects of the Dreamworks studio, then here the triquel has something to strive for. The Boss-Baby Sucker collected RUB 1.53 billion, Shrek Forever - RUB 1.58 billion, and Madagascar 3 - RUB 1.6 billion.

2. "Lovers"


Week at the box office: 1
Added: 113.9 million rubles.
Total fees: 113.9 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-)

The USA comedy with a stellar cast is off to a great start, and the next weekend of March 8 should be just as productive for The Lovers, despite the Captain Marvel premiere. Elena Khazanova's picture has collected significantly more domestic films such as Women against Men (81.1 million rubles), Seven Dinners (64.4 million rubles) and Life Ahead (59.1 million rubles) .

3. "Happy New Day of Death"


Week at the box office: 1
Added: 67.9 million rubles.
Total fees: 67.9 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-)

The sequel to the 2017 horror hit is, as expected, significantly inferior to its predecessor. "Happy Day of Death" started at 92.7 million rubles, and the sequel collected almost a third less on the debut weekend. The first part completed the rental at the level of 184.3 million rubles, and it is unlikely that "Happy New Day of Death" will surpass this result.

4. "Alita: Battle Angel"


Week at the box office: 3
Added: 54.2 million rubles.
Total fees: 774.7 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: -2 (-63.5%)

Robert Rodriguez's blockbuster has enjoyed a lack of direct competition in the genre over the past week, but has lost more than half of its viewers. In general, the overall result of "Alita" is not bad, and the result of last year's action "Ready Player One" (753.7 million rubles) has already surpassed the manga adaptation.

5. "Drug Courier"


Week at the box office: 1
Added: 43.3 million rubles.
Total fees: 43.3 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-)

Clint Eastwood's drama has proven that the director's creations are always in demand among moviegoers. "Narco Courier" earned twice as much as "Sniper", which started with 21 million rubles, but could not reach the debut figures of "Miracle on the Hudson" (64 million rubles).

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