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New films and series. Premieres from 15 to 21 August


Not everyone has yet had time to check out Tarantino's new masterpiece Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood, and get scared by Guillermodeltor's "Scary Stories" based on the famous game of Finnish programmers "Angry Birds".

There is nothing more to highlight. Although, the choice of films this week will be more diverse than the previous one, almost in three.

New movies

Hollywood is laconic this week. In addition to the cartoon blockbuster "Angry Birds 2 in the Cinema", which we will talk about a little below, distributors were not afraid to throw on the big screens of our country only one feature film, to which the Americans had a hand. And even then, only, really, "attached", because the masterpiece was filmed by the Australians.

The rest of this week's film premieres were shot in third countries. There is also a USA film in this list of films, although it was released back in 1988. But let's be consistent and start, as usual, with the Americans.

My angel (USA, Australia)

You live a normal life. You have children, and in particular, a little daughter. But suddenly, out of nowhere, some kind of babency that has been escaping on the whole head appears and begins to "haunt" your daughter, trying with might and main to "beat her off" from you. How do you like this alignment? It is clear that you would have resisted this.


One of the heroines of the film decided to do the same. Claire lived a normal family life until Lizzie, who lost her daughter seven years ago in a fire, began to force herself into this measured life. In the wake of the insanity caused by the loss of her beloved child, she imagined that Claire's daughter Lola was just her daughter.

Little by little, an obsessive psychosis with a seemingly normal Lizzie begins to annoy the child's mother. And after she confesses to her idiotic "conclusions", Claire did not at all allow the abnormal woman to approach her daughter.

Just how will baby Lola herself react to this?

Death and Life of John F. Donovan (Canada, UK) IMDb 6.30

This film is equipped with Oscar-winning actresses like a tin can of sprats. It's no joke, in one film the casting specialists have collected as many as three owners of the golden statuette (Natalie Portman, Susan Sarandon, Katie Bates) and one nominee for it (Jessica Chastain). Plus, Jon Snow himself - Kit Harington - was filmed in the picture. Therefore, the film will certainly not be uninteresting and low-quality.

And it will talk about the difficult fate of Kevin Spacey, whose career and life suddenly flew down the drain due to the fact that he was convicted of molesting ... In general, this story is on Wikipedia, anyone interested can read.

The local "Kevin Spacey" is the TV star and idol of everyone and everything, John F. Donovan, whose life and further fate was quickly trampled into the mud and leveled with the landscape by the same fans who once loved him very much. Not without help, of course, the media and tolerant competitors.

He and his cockroaches in the head was full. And then there are the complications thrown up at the suggestion of the former "unfriend". Cheerful porridge brewed, there is nothing to say. It would only be possible to disentangle it.

Blue Abyss 2 (UK)

The first part of the underwater adventures of two sisters, stuck at a depth of 47 meters in a cage that fell off the hook, designed for a safe view of the underwater beauty, is in ourtop 20 about survival in extreme conditions in the water20 th place. Let's see what success this part can achieve.

By the way, the first film was not called "Blue Abyss", but "At a depth of 47 meters." The true name of the second translates as "At a depth of 47 meters: Without a cage." Here, three unlucky tourists, eager to gaze at the ruins of the flooded city, will go “scuba diving” without any cages, just donning diving suits.

But hungry sharks somehow found out about this, and they will not allow our beauties to enjoy the beauty in a normal way. Will any of them survive, or will they all successfully feed the sharks with their tender bodies?

Go to the movies and find out.

Handsome Bandit (France) IMDb 6.10

One of the local thieves trades in the theft of paintings with "daubs", or, as they are called avant-garde - "abstractions." At least, it was precisely the theft of the "daub" that prevented retired police commissioner Mars Beffroys from retiring without five minutes.


Before leaving, he was forced by all means to catch the kidnapper of the "daub", an elegant thief and, as some dubbed him, "a handsome bandit" Francois Albaniac (aka Bertrand and Antoine). The pursuit of this will be filled with a lot of funny twists that turn the film into a comedy.

At least the creators of the picture promise us this. The foreign public rated the French masterpiece 6.10 out of 10, which is very good for a comedy. But we, if we are faced with the choice "either - or", will in any way choose the second part of "Angry Birds" as a comedy.

Which is what we advise you in every possible way.

7 Sociopaths (Spain) IMDb 7.10

Another 7 short meters squeezed into one collection for the sake of showing in cinemas. This time - Spanish.

Each story is a creation like the above-described avant-garde "daub", in which it will be explained to you for certain that everyone on the opposite side in this world can have a grudge against you. Why? Because everyone around is sick sociopaths, although they themselves do not even know about it.

How, in principle, you do not even know about it ...

Voices from Beyond (Brazil) IMDb 6.00

The current providers and, in particular, the Prestige-Kino company, liked to distribute South American films on the screens of the CIS. What? They are much cheaper than even the third-rate and last year's European paintings. But they are fresh. And some are even interesting.


Like, for example, the Argentine picture "The Mousetrap", which is now going on, in which the moron-robber managed to close himself in an armored SUV.

Here the story is even more trenchant. The main character of the picture is a guy named Stenio who works in a morgue. Predictably, he hears what the recently deceased say to him. It is unpredictable that the film portrays the victims of gang violence "unabashedly gracefully." But this is not the main thing.

The main thing is that the dead, one fine moment, will talk about his relatives. And the fact that they will tell him about them will be a big surprise.

Igla (USA) KP 7.51

USA filmmakers, looking at the success of the restored old Western films, also decided to try to create something similar. And the famous "Igloo" by Tsoi decided to re-run.


At one time, the picture was a success, and what else. But the film is tailored precisely for that time and for those young people of the late 80s, who were not too cunning in many ways, and not particularly adept at watching good-quality action movies of that time, because not everyone in the Soviet Union had VCRs.

Despite the fact that many people listen and praise Tsoi to this day, his fans have diminished not even several times, but hundreds of times. Some of today's guys can't understand at all what is good in his songs (and in his work as a whole).

Why? Yes, because this picture is from the category of "time-bound". For example, Tarkovsky's "Solaris" or "Stalker" are not tied to time, since they touch upon issues that are topical both for the past and for the future of all mankind.

"Igla" is a product, in many respects tied to the end of the "perestroika" era of the USSR. That is why many will go to the film, but not many will leave it happy. Now THIS won't look anymore.

Is that those who were a teenager in the 80s. And even then, more like nostalgia for the past. For us - the current generation - this is no longer interesting. Although, when Metallica in Luzhniki performs the Blood Group in USA, it is, of course, still perceived as something with something!

Angry Birds 2 in cinema (USA, Finland)

The first part of the adventures of the angry birds grossed 350 million dollars worldwide with a budget of 70 million. Therefore, no one doubted that the sequel was coming.

This time, the action will revolve around the extravagant Zeta, who settled on one of the northern islands, where literally everything is enclosed in ice. And no, just by visiting their distant relatives from warm countries, and stay with them! Instead, she felt that each of these "heat-loving, pampered assholes" should take a sip of cold.

As a result, icing threatens to fall on the warm lands, the author of which is Zeta. Coping with such a large-scale emergency will be more difficult than with green pigs.

Although, as it turned out, it depends on which side to approach this problem ...

Mobile Warrior Gundam: Narrative (Japan) IMDb 6.40

The Raketa Releasing provider decided to roll on our big screens last year's anime feature film, which is a kind of sequel to the series and subsequent cartoons about “mechanized super armor” and everyone who is wearing them.


But it went with the Japanese this time with a creak. The series looked cool at one time, and therefore to this day on KinoPoisk it has a rating above 7. But the current short film somehow did not go to progressive anime fans. The IMDb rating of 6.40 for a full-length anime is very little. Usually, fans of the genre do not skimp on not overestimating Japanese hand-painted masterpieces.

But not this time. This means that the hackneyed topic, touched upon, in particular, in the films "Pacific Rim" and games like "Anthem" and "Crysis" are already fed up with the order even fans of the genre.

New from TV series

The main TV event of this week will be the start of a new project of the HBO channel, which is not in vain famous for itsseriesall over the world. Although they highlight the back-harsh side of American life, they are perceived with a bang not only by foreign audiences, but also by the Americans themselves.

But we will start, nevertheless, in the order of the release of the pictures on the screens. And the first on the list is also a new project ...

Why Women Kill (CBS)

August 15, Thursday, series premiere

Indeed, what can motivate the average woman to murder in our time? And who would she want to sew in the first place?

It is to these questions that the current project of the CBS television channel is designed to answer, which in a black-comedy manner will prove that if a woman is able to kill someone, then, of course, her beloved husband. Moreover, the project is proof that even the most balanced and not prone to violence of the fairer sex can go to murder in case of betrayal.

That's it, guys. From love to hate one step. Well, where there is hatred, there is anger, and insanity, and, in fact, murder. So, you have to be more careful. O-be careful ...

Sacred Games (Netflix)

August 15th, Thursday, Season 2

The detective adventures of the Mumbai policeman Sartaj Sinkh, whose bald head loves to sweat thoroughly under the heavy weight of the turban, continues.


In the first season, Sartage tried to save Mumbai from dirty cops and the threat made by one of India's most wanted assassins before dying in his strange telephone communique. What will happen in the second? Probably something interesting too.

Despite the fact that the series is Indian, (to the disappointment of the fans) there will not be an enchanting massacre in the style of "I'll blow everyone alone with one left." Don't expect dances with songs either. The movie was filmed by the streaming service "Netflix", which considered all these "traditional bells and whistles" to be childish babble for naive elderly housewives. Therefore, the project turned out to be quite watchable.

Mindhunter (Netflix)

Friday 16 August Season 2

The FBI is not a simple police-agent organization. It has so many different departments and subsections that the devil will break his leg. But once all this "branching" was just in its infancy.


A department was born in it that deals with negotiations with terrorists, maniacs and simply abnormal, in whom the cuckoo can turn on its back only in isolated cases.

The action of the first season took place in 1977, when young Holden Fort, after a failure in negotiations with one of these abnormal, hits psychiatry, and drags her with him to the FBI, which, in the person of agent Bill Trench, opposes this in every possible way.

In the second season, which will take place a couple of years after the events of the first, the partners who worked at the end of the first part will have to catch a maniac who kills children in Atlanta.

Righteous Jamestones (HBO)

August 18, Sunday, series premiere

The Jamestone family has hosted a religiously-themed television show for many years. As many as three generations of Jamestones have preached and brought basic Bible truths and values to the American population through television.

And now the moment has come when you need to open your eyes to the truth. Because of all this "preaching" nonsense, the Jamestones have become so ossified in their religious world that they do not accept the basic tenets of the modern world, in which not everything and not always, alas and unfortunately, follows the Bible.

This is very difficult to accept. But alas, they have to do it. And this process will be difficult, long, painful and, we hope, funny.


This is the end of today's list of movie premieres. There will be a new week, which will bring new films with it, and, first of all, the most long-awaited project from domestic filmmakers - "Wii 3D" and the most long-awaited television project in August - the final season of the TV series "Power in the Night City".

We say goodbye to you and, as always, we wish you a great time next weekend and more often get on cool films and TV shows!

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